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Theory about ninfia

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User Info: henriue

4 years ago#1
Ninfia is a part of 2 eeveelutions.

theory 1: when an eevee breeds, (Lays an egg at daycare) if it was female it turns to Ninfia if it was male it turns into another thing.

theory 2 : trading either holding prism scale or holding something else, or trading for a male eevee, when this happens the person who sent male gets ninfia, and the person who sends male gets something else.

here is why i do not think it is friendship: Eevee evolves through happiness by day or Night, if another evolution comes it would be a roulette too many things to consider.

it also looks normal type. it better not be a dragon.

User Info: AuroraSonicBeam

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Ambi3ntT3ch

4 years ago#3
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