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Ninfia is a new type. Prove me wrong.

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User Info: Arie3797

4 years ago#71
Arie3797 posted...
Its a combonation of victini and eevee pull all three up an see the magic ... Sorta like kurium mixing w/ zekrom and reshriam

Heres a link to a crappy paint job

User Info: WilhuffTarkin

4 years ago#72
TC is right about it being a new type. That type will be called Sex Type.

From "Nymph" we get "Nymphet," a term used in Nabokov's "Lolita" to describe the titular character and other young, sexually precocious girls. Therefore, we may logically conclude that "Nympheon" is in fact a reference to young female sexual precocity.

Ninfia appearing to be strictly female plays into the idea well, because "female" is a kind of "sex." So you see, Sex Type works on a couple of different levels. When the male counterpart is revealed, it will only prove my point over again.

Also, think about this: Pokemon X and Y. Hello, it's all right there: X and Y. Like the chromosomes which give us our genders, or sexes. These games are perfect for introducing Sex Type. And, again, nymphets.

Sex Type confirmed.
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User Info: Arie3797

4 years ago#73
WilhuffTarkin posted...

Also, think about this: Pokemon X and Y. Hello, it's all right there: X and Y. Like the chromosomes which give us our genders, or sexes.

Kinda actually now i think about it instead of fusing victina and eevee ...YOU MATE THEM a reason for breeding a new way to obtain pokemon nintendo was running out of pokemon that just Appear so they made better breeding...or so i think

User Info: Shyvana

4 years ago#74
dat sylveon
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User Info: AmephEstMako

4 years ago#75
I won't prove you wrong but I'll certainly deny it!


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User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#76
I assume one of the following types

Fairy type
light type
holy type
magic type

although holy is the least possible one with all the religious backlash the Pokemon serious had to deal with all those years

fairy fits well with its name in all available languages
the attacks it used in the video are all magic related (stars, cards, creation of fire)

although fairy and magic are pretty much equivalent anyway. Fairies are all Oberon's Children and their main attribute is using magic.

User Info: robinhoek

4 years ago#77
JessCalabr posted...
If it was normal wouldn't it just evolve with a moon stone???

Or shiny stone

User Info: robinhoek

4 years ago#78
Pigwig345 posted...
Since lately they've added evee evos in pairs this is just one of a pair like umbreon and espeon. It looks fairly like some other normal types, as well as being fairly girly. Perhaps it is a normal type evolution only available to female evees, and a male one may be revealed in the future. Total speculation but there's not much else out there.

I'm hoping that if it comes in pairs again that the second one will be ghost type. Ghost and normal are ineffective against each other. Makes sense to me.

User Info: ZzRathzZ

4 years ago#79
I think there's every possibility that it's a bug type. Considering that the English name is Slyveon and the word or letters before -eon always deal with the type. Seeing as how Umbra means shadows, ESP refers to psychic abilities, and the other evolutions are obvious. The only words that start with Sylv that could be relevant refer to either inhabiting woods, trees, or some minerals, plus the dutch name is Feelinara. If you look at where the ribbons attach to the pokemon they kind of look like butterflies. Plus the bug types come in a variety of colors.

I'm not saying that they didn't create a new type, or that it's definitely a bug type, I just think that it could be.

User Info: Callista08

4 years ago#80
They are just going to end up throwing us a curve-ball and make it a normal/flying type.

Unless they are prepared to start adding more than just tornadus as the sole flying only type
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