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Pokemon: Type Islands.

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(message deleted)

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#32
The boat arrived.

Draxl: "Well, here I am!"

Draxl looked over and saw Fighting Island's boat arrive.

Luke: "Oh. Great. One of the Aggrons is here."

Draxl waltzed on up and headlocked Luke.

Draxl: "Relax, fellow Steel! I ain't gonna hurt ya! This little adventure will be fun!"

Draxl let go and triumphantly headed into the forest, singing.

Yo ho, an Aggron be me!
Bustin' up heads and taking ye names!
While we be rugged, we be quite fun,
So come on out, an Aggron has come!
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User Info: fox444f

4 years ago#33
Yes it works toast but i want to be able to understand you and vulpix. or vulpix at the very least. And only Fox and other pokemon can understand Vulpix.

As the boat begins to sail Fox begins grinning with anticipation.

Fox: Hey Vulpix. I wonder what kind of people and pokemon we'll meet anyone on ??? island. What do you think?

Vulpix: As long as it's someone who likes to battle and train, I'll be happy.

Fox: Yeah. Why don't you get Jabba? I think he's sleeping in the cabin. Maybe you two can train for awhile. The boat ride will take awhile so might as well get some practice in.

Vulpix: Great idea. Be right back.

How was that?
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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#34
The ship was docked at Normal Island, taking on passengers, human and Pokemon alike. One of the passengers boarding the ship said nothing to anybody. Even the sailor who welcomed him aboard got little more than a polite nod out of him. Flitting around the area of his shoulders all the while was a small, purple, blocky being. Mostly square in shape, and roughly twice the size of a Joltik, and it hovered in midair through means nobody could tell. It wasn't a Pokemon commonly seen, and strangely for someone who called Normal Island his home, it was not a Normal-type. Its type, Pokemaniac, wasn't officially recognized by the Pokemon League. The .4 flitted here and there as a Yanma would, making quiet yet excited gibbering noises. Apparently, the man .4 was accompanying could make some sort of sense of this gibbering, as he would occasionally give the Pokemon a smile, a nod, or even the occasional appreciative laugh.

A sailor approached the man when he was on board. "OK, I'll need your name," he said.

"Call me K," the man stated.

"Alright," shrugged the sailor. "And- wh- what is that thing?" he added, obviously surprised as he noticed .4.

"My Pokemon," K replied bluntly. "Problem?"

"I... I guess not," the sailor said, though obviously weirded out by the diminutive purple creature. As he walked away, .4 shouted a few angry gibbers after him.

"No need for that sort of language," K said to .4. "Not many know of your kind. Give it time."

These words seemed to calm .4 down. Satisfied, K continued onward until he was on the deck nearest the bow.

User Info: Frosted_Chortle

4 years ago#35
*damn you Writer's Block!!!!!!*
Alt of Throwback2780.
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User Info: DanTheMan49

4 years ago#36
After stepping off the boat and stretching a little Dan did the next logical thing any teenage boy would do. He fell. He looked up to see a hand pull him up. The boy looked about his height and had an umbreon by his side, probably from dark island.
Dan: Ha, thanks. I'm Dan. Looks like a lot of people are on the island now, wonder when we'll head out.
TableFlip: No problem. I'm TableFlip, and this is umbreon. Yeah, you're right, seems like pretty good variety of types.
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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#37
Luke: Ow... That hurt!

Isaac: Let's just run on ahead, okay?

Luke: Good idea.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#38
Draxl explored the forest.

Draxl: "Now THIS is an adventure fit for an Aggron!"

And old man walked up.

OM: "Hello there sonny! I just want to warn you, ??? Island is said to be home of Missingno. Here's a iron rod."
Draxl: "Don't you worry! No Glitchmon will beat ol' Draxl here! And thanks!"

Draxl headed for the beach to meet his other companions, eating the iron rod along the way.
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#39
Gubbey slumped on the throne, exhausted. Yesterday was an awful mishmash of hand shaking, awkward speeches, and meeting with the leaders of the other islands.

"I thought a coronation was a celebration, not these tiresome activities..."

Though the coronation was yesterday, the Elgyem was still fatigued, as it lasted well into the night.

But now Gubbey was waiting. No time for sleep, that can come tomorrow.

Then, a middle-aged man in a dapper longcoat entered the throne room.

"Your Serene Highness, the ship is ready," the man said. He had a Natu perched on his shoulder.

"D-do I really have to go to ??? island?" Gubbey asked nervously.

"But of course, Your Serene Highness. The matter of foreign policy is a great one indeed. By going to ??? island and mingling with the residents of the other islands, we may establish good will between us and them."

"I thought us Psychic-types are meant to be the smart ones..."

"Ah, worry not, Your Serene Highness. We will have armed guards protecting you at all times." The Dapper Old Gent looked at his pocket watch. "Goodness, would you look at the time? We must be off now, Your Serene Highness. Come this way."

The Dapper Old Gent led Gubbey to a large, regally adorned ship, filled with members of the aristocracy. "I must bid you farewell now, Your Serene Highness." The man headed back to the palace.

The extravagant ship sailed off to ??? island.

Soon, they reached the shores of ??? island. Gubbey observed the ships of the other islands, which looked shabby in comparison. The Ghost ship especially so, the thing looked broken and battered, as if it has capsized and sunk multiple times throught its life. Spectres whirled and danced around it.

The passengers of each ship disembarked. Gubbey then saw the huge variety of none Psychic-type Pokemon for the first time. Guided by his armed guards, he timidly approached a group of commoners conversing.
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#40
Omelette boards the ship to ??? island. He noticed everyone ignoring each other and decided to break the silence and climb to the crow's nest of the ship.

"Hey! Anyone want an eggselent joke?" -Omelette shouting for attention.
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