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ITT: Favorite Pokemon of each type.

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User Info: ecylis

4 years ago#1
Normal: Snorlax
Grass: Venusaur
Fire: Arcanine
Water: Lapras
Electric: Eelektross
Flying: Braviary
Psychic: Alakazam
Ice: Lapras
Dragon: Hydreigon
Rock: Gigalith
Ground: Excadrill
Steel: Excadrill
Poison: Gengar
Bug: Scizor
Dark: Hydreigon
Ghost: Gengar
Fighting: Heracross

Easy copy/paste:

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User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#2
Normal: Persian
Grass: Meganium
Fire: Houndoom
Water: Omastar
Electric: Ampharos
Flying: Togetic
Psychic: Reuniclus
Ice: Vanilluxe
Dragon: Tie between Dragonite, Hydreigon, and Altaria
Rock: Magcargo
Ground: Marowak
Steel: Magneton
Poison: Crobat
Bug: Ariados
Dark: Umbreon
Ghost: Misdreavus
Fighting: Conkeldurr
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User Info: konichiwa8e

4 years ago#3
Normal: snorlax
Grass: sceptile
Fire: arcanine
Water: gyarados
Electric: jolteon
Flying: skarmory
Psychic: mewtwo
Ice: weavile
Dragon: dialga
Rock: kabutops
Ground: nidoking+queen
Steel: steelix
Poison: gengar
Bug: scizor
Dark: absol
Ghost: giratina
Fighting: blaziken

User Info: Hero_Of_Rhyme

4 years ago#4
Normal: Chansey
Grass: Paras
Fire: Magmar
Water: Lanturn
Electric: Lanturn
Flying: Dodrio
Psychic: Abra
Ice: Jynx
Dragon: Flygon
Rock: Omastar
Ground: Rhydon
Steel: Skarmory
Poison: Croagunk
Bug: Pinsir
Dark: Unbreon
Ghost: Drifblim
Fighting: Primeape
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User Info: mralpha543

4 years ago#5
Too Lazy;
Didn't type
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#6
Normal: Eevee
Grass: Roserade
Fire: Magmortar
Water: Kingdra
Electric: Electivire
Flying: Articuno
Psychic: Gallade
Ice: Kyurem
Dragon: Dragonite
Rock: Tyranitar
Ground: Rypherior
Steel: Aggron
Poison: Drapion
Bug: Scizor
Dark: Tyranitar
Ghost: Mismagius
Fighting: Gallade

User Info: NumberXI

4 years ago#7
Normal: Pidgeot
Grass: Serperior
Fire: Charizard
Water: Gyarados
Electric: Electrode
Flying: Murkrow
Psychic: Gardevoir
Ice: Mamoswine
Dragon: Dragonite
Rock: Magcargo
Ground: Nidoking
Steel: Forretress
Poison: Drapion
Bug: Volcarona
Dark: Umbreon
Ghost: Gengar
Fighting: Scrafty

User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#8
Normal: Braviary
Grass: Leafeon/Ivysaur
Fire: Magmortar
Water: Slowbro
Electric: Luxray
Flying: Tornadus-T
Psychic: Reuniclus
Ice: Froslass
Dragon: Haxorus
Rock: Rampardos
Ground: Rhydon
Steel: Klingklang
Poison: Nidorino
Bug: Ariados/Crustle
Dark: Honchkrow
Ghost: Chandelure
Fighting: Meinshao
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User Info: Blazekicker27

4 years ago#9
Normal: Eevee
Fire: Blaziken
Water: Blastoise
Electric: Zekrom
Grass: Torterra
Ice: Mamoswine
Fighting: Gallade
Poison: Nidoking (extraneous text)
Ground: Krookodile
Flying: Salamence
Psychic: Mewtwo
Bug: Butterfree
Rock: Archeops
Ghost: Rotom
Dragon: Flygon
Dark: Houndoom
Steel: Aggron
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User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#10
Normal: Eevee (fav poke evar)
Grass: Smugleaf (coolest starter one could wish for)
Fire: Blaziken (Fun to solo the game with)
Water: Buizel (I want to play with one!)
Electric: Zekrom (Beast.)
Flying: Scyther (Cool poke)
Psychic:Metagross (2nd fav Pokémon)
Ice: Kyurem-W (Just look at that thing, it screams Special-attacking beast. How many Pokémon can make that claim?)
Dragon: Lati@s (Can't pick one! Latios is as cool as Latias is huggable.)
Rock: Aggron (toughie incarnate)
Steel: Metagross (fav poke fav type!)
Poison: Haunter (I like its design more than Gengar's, actually, though I'm not a fan of Poison)
Bug: Scizor (How can you not love Scizor? It's even cooler than Scyther!)
Dark: Umbreon (my fav Eeveelution)
Ghost: Chandelure (I don't really like ghosts for some reason, but Chandelure is neat)
Fighting: Heracross (cool and huggable)

What I got from doing this is that I like Gen IV a lot less than I thought, And I like Gen V and Bug-types a lot more than I thought.
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