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Magic-Type Confirmed

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User Info: ShiningRegice

4 years ago#41
Let us take a closer analysis here. Sylveon has the root Sylv in it. There is a butterfly called the Thymelicus SYLVestris. Look at the bowties..... BUTTERFLIES! Still not convinced? Take the Japanese name Ninfia and the french name Nymphalli. Notice the word NYMPH, a bug in development. Also there is a subgroup of butterfly called nymphallidae. SYLVEON IS A BUTTERFLY EEVEE THING! I think bug is a possible type. To disprove the point about trump card and swift, Eevee and it's other evolutions all learn those moves, so it was a placeholder in the commercial to keep the type SECRET. :D
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User Info: Verdika

4 years ago#42
SOLDIER_Bankai posted...
Hero_Of_Rhyme posted...
What strikes you first when you see Sylveon? It's bow-tie.

Time Lord type confirmed.
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User Info: xyzlactic

4 years ago#43
It's not a bug, normal, flying or dragon.

It's a new type!
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