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Turn Santa Claus into a Pokemon

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User Info: IrisVile

4 years ago#11
No hyper voice. Also Delibir--*is shot*


Female looks like Mrs. Claus and a polroar bear. :D

Thick Fat/Ice Body. Sand Rush

HP: 100
Attack: 75
Defense: 90
Sp. Attack: 110
Sp. Defense: 95
Speed: 105

Earth Power/Earthwuake
Blizzard/Ice Beam/Ice Punch
Bulk Up/Calm Mind
One Girl + One Eevee = A Solo Run To RuleThem All

User Info: MukAndMew

4 years ago#12
The Jolly Pokemon
HP: 150
Atk: 90
Def: 70
SpA: 120
SpD: 80
Spe: 45

Notable Moves: Ice Beam, Aura Sphere, Judgement, Extremespeed, Fly, Present
Signature Move:
Description: The user works themself into a hardy laugh, boosting the fighting spirit.
Effect: The user boosts Attack, Special Attack, Defense, and Special Defense.
PP: 10
I'm home.
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