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User Info: evillocke

4 years ago#1
Create a move. If exclusive list exclusive.

Name: Icicles
Type: Ice
Power: ---
Acc: ---
Category: Status
Description: User puts icicles in the air that dig into pokemon when sent out. If a fire type is sent out, the ice melts. Icicles is affected by weakness and resistance.
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User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#2
Name: Pressure Point
Type: Fighting
Power: 60
Acc: 100
Description: Attack an opponents pressure points lowering either their Attack, Defense, or Speed.
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User Info: noname2lazy

4 years ago#3
Name: Blaze Sphere
Type: Fire
Power: 70
Acc: ---
Category: Special/Physical
Description: Yveltal exclusive. Move becomes either special or physical depending on which attack stat is higher. Never misses. Always a critical hit.

User Info: KillerMechanoid

4 years ago#4
Groin Attack
Type: Physical Dark
PP: 10
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100
Priority: +1
Effect: Causes flinching on males 100% of the time, 50% on females and genderless. After a pokemon has been hit with this move, it will be immune to it for the rest of the fight (nobody wants to get kicked there more than once)
Description: Kick the opponent in the balls. Has a guaranteed chance to flinch a male pokemon, but this dirty trick only works once.

User Info: Jarred623

4 years ago#5
Name: Smart Acupressure
Gets priority higher than the move about to be used by the opponent.
Raises stats just like Acupressure, but focuses on Evasion and Defensive stats first.
Allows leftovers to heal 12% this turn.
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