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Can we please go back to having a badass rival?

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User Info: Lagfile

4 years ago#71
Hugh has Qwilfish hair, that's badass.

And his theme is pro.

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User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#72
Sebas27 posted...
What's tsundere?

Think early anime Misty.
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User Info: Kyle1022

4 years ago#73
asiacatdogblue posted...
Barry WAS competitive! Not only was he in a hurry to get to the next gym like every person who plays the games, but he had the best Pokemon Team of ALL the rivals, as well as the highest levels! When he gets serious, he does NOT screw around!

Later, he slows down, paces himself, and admits you're better. He doesn't treat everybody and everything like dirt, like Blue/Green, that Passenby Boy, and every competitive gamer that EV Trains and IV Breeds.

He gets my respect. Respect from someone who hates the 4th Generation.

He was way too damn immature to be seriously competitive though. "If you're late I'm fining you $1 million!" Who says that? So annoying. Not competitive like Blue or Cheren, who actually beat the E4. Or Silver who fights his way to the E4 and challenges you to see who deserves to be the champion. Did Barry even get to the E4? I don't remember. All I remember was him going to your encounter with Cyrus and fighting with you to stop him, then healing your Pokemon like the little b**** that he is. I also remember him going to the snowy lake area and you having to bail him out because he got stomped. Yeah, real competitive.

Okay, my Barry rant is over. -.-

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#74
Gardevoir47 posted...
CakeOfLies posted...
Kyle1022 posted...
Ala Gary mother****ing Oak, Silver, etc?

I mostly mean Silver though. Steals s***, treats his 'Mons harshly, and doesn't afraid of anything.

May was meh, hell I thought Wally was better.

Barry was...well...awful. Although I enjoyed battles against his strong team, I did not enjoy his ADD.

Cheren and Hugh weren't bad, just weren't on the level of Gary and Silver. Can't say I liked Bianca though.

I agree with everything here.

My question about Hugh is
He was so obsessed with Team Plasma stealing his sister's Purrloin, right? But you can catch Purrloins right outside your hometown... Why didn't he just catch her a new one? xD :P

Because It was from an older relative who might already be dead. I'm sure that specific Purrloin held more value over the rest.

It's still a Purrloin, though. xD
Yeah... I think it was from their grandfather as a gift to Hugh's sister. I think it was her first Pokemon.
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User Info: Nerwrax15

4 years ago#75
scrappybristol posted...
Sebas27 posted...
What's tsundere?

Think early anime Misty.

More specifically, a person who is pretty much harsh to everyone ESPICALLY you, but over time, they may soften up a bit and may even develop feelings for another character but will always deny and in some cases get even harsher when accused just to hide it.

Example:you have to pair with a person to get through a forest, inside:i get to be together with him!. Outside:im just tagging along with you so i can get out of this forest, got it!?

Usually followed by the infamous line "it's not like I like you or anything!" add blush and the word "baka(idiot)" for extra effect.
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User Info: surferguy7

4 years ago#76
Actually, this entire topic should agree that N is the best rival we have in the entire series.
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User Info: snuffles504

4 years ago#77
How in the world can anyone say that Silver is one-dimensional? He has the most character development of any rival in the series, especially in the remakes.

He's the child of a mob boss, so obviously he's going to have problems. Especially when his dad disbands what would have been Silver's inheritance after being defeated by a 10-year-old. This makes Silver hate his father, and by association, Team Rocket. He realizes that his father was only strong with his grunts underneath him, but once it came to one-on-one even a child could beat him and make him give up everything.

Because of this he needs to become strong. He destroys Team Rocket members every time he encounters them (offscreen, obviously Ethan/Lyra is the one that takes down the Executives) because of his hatred for his father. This makes him believe that he's strong, but then he encounters Ethan. Another 10-year-old, exactly like the kid who defeated his father. And what does that 10-year-old do? Defeats Silver. The first time, meh; that was Silver's first battle with the stolen Pokemon. The second and third times, though, left some impact. Silver is going down in flames just like his weakling father did. This only inspires more rage and hate towards Ethan/Lyra.

But then he meets Lance who introduces to him the concept of love, something that Silver has likely never experienced. I mean, really, can you see Giovanni being a kind, loving father? Silver has only experience evil, abandonment, anger, and hatred his entire life, and this had so far been reflected in his Pokemon. But slowly he begins to realize that he's been going about things all wrong. The reason that he can't defeat Ethan/Lyra, and the reason that his father lost to Red, was because of love. Not just the love for Pokemon that's spouted all over the games' dialogue, but love in general. Love for life, love of friends, love of family.

Love is what Silver has always lacked, so he has no way to understand it. He tries to some extent, but only after Ethan/Lyra defeats him in Victory Road does he realize that he will never be strong until he does.

"...I couldn't win... I gave it everything I had... What you possess and what I lack, I'm beginning to understand what that Dragon tamer said to me..."

By the time he encounters Ethan/Lyra at Mt. Moon, he has begun to develop love and trust with his Pokemon, and he can feel it. He resolves to train at the Dragon's Den, and the bond grows strong, to the point that his Golbat finally evolves and even Professor Elm recognizes how much Silver's Pokemon trust him.

Even so, Silver has had much too difficult a live to become a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He still pushes others away; even though he has grown to trust Pokemon, it'll take some doing for him to fully trust other humans. After all, the only human companions he's ever had were probably heartless members of Team Rocket. He has, however, seemed to develop some respect for Ethan/Lyra now that he understands what made them strong.

THAT's why I like Silver. No other rival has a story like that. He's not just a "whiny brat with daddy issues." He has serious life issues, and the only character who is comparable is N.

(Also, as a side note, if Silver were to evolve his Sneasel and Magneton, his team would be considerably stronger.)
....because shutup.
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User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

4 years ago#78
Kyle1022 posted...
sonicfanaticjtb posted...
First of all, I said in my very first post that Blue and Silver were at least better than Brendan/May and Wally.

I'm aware. But I lol'd at the thought of them being worse than Bianca and Barry. Barry would be funny if you were 12 when you played the game, but I really don't like him. You say Blue and Silver are one dimensional and have no development. Well, that's what I see with Bianca and Barry. Sure, Barry admits he's stronger, and Bianca learns what she wants to do. But they're still just an annoying kid with ADHD and a ditz, respectfully.

But that's not our conversation anyway. We're talking about who is more badass. A ditz and a child with ADHD are not more badass than Blue and Silver.

Second of all, believing that they're worse than the rest of the rivals is my opinion, which is no more right or wrong than your opinion that Blue and Silver are better than the rest of the rivals.

I know, I even said in a previous post "don't get mad that my opinion differs from yours." Lol

Finally, no, all you keep on saying is that Blue and Silver are badass. You have not stated why they are badass. At least I actually stated why I felt that there's nothing likable 'bout Blue <_<

Then you either haven't read the whole topic, are choosing to ignore my earlier posts, or lack reading comprehension.

Some semblance of character development and likability>Little to no character development and characterization that degenerates to, "Hi, I'm a raging jerk-wad and you really have no reason whatsoever to enjoy or look forward to future encounters with me" You can go on all you want 'bout how Barry has ADHD and how Bianca is a ditz, at least Barry's a likable ADHD kid and Bianca's a likable ditz. My opinion, of course.

Also, no one ever said anything 'bout Barry or Bianca being badass. This is a conversation based entirely on the quality of these rivals and which ones are overall better than the others. I apologize If I somehow led you to believe otherwise.

"Welp, if you think Blue is worse than the people I mention, then there's no helping you."

Kinda leads me to believe that you're rather unaccepting of other's opinions.

I've read the entire topic, have not ignored any of your posts, and my reading comprehension is quite fine. You have not explained what makes either Blue or Silver badass. The only reasoning that you have given is that Blue's one step ahead of you (whoopee...? I'm sorry, While you were busy running from gym to gym, stopping only long enough to taunt me, I was actually making myself useful and stopping Team Rocket ) and that Silver mistreats his pokémon and steals crap. (since when did that make a character badass? My god, kids these days <_< )
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User Info: ExcaliburOwner

4 years ago#79
I can't say I like Gary and Silver, because the very reason they exist is to make you dislike them. The way they always act superior is just to annoy the player and make us want to beat them (and kill Raticate in the process).

I do like how one becomes a Gym Leader and the other grows to become a responsible trainer, not just a kid blinded by some kind of ambition to be the best. Then I see Cheren, who does exactly the same without being a jerk. I'd say I prefer him over those two any day.

Because there's nothing "badass" about them, they're just annoying.
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User Info: Skull_pro

4 years ago#80
SR71halo posted...

May/Brendan was pretty much the worst rival. S/he lacked that competitive spirit that made it fun to have a rival and you only fight him/her like, what, 4 times and you don't even get to see his/her full team (or a good team for that matter)? Yeah, this character was kind of boring..

To be fair, Brendan did act a bit more competitively, mentioning his intention to challenge yhe league. And had the hanits of looking down upon you. And in emerald, when you defeat him near fortree, Scott comes along and mention that Nreandan looked very pissed about losing. Oh and in Emerald, you fight Brendan 5 timrs.
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