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Rate the sixth generation (1-10)

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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#21
Chespin - 7/10 (Much better than lolSnivy. It's no Treecko though.)
Fennekin - 5/10 (Hurray for overrated Fire-Types!)
Froakie - 9/10 (Benjamin Froaklin. 'Nuff said.)

Xerneas - 7/10 (Cool, but no gold)
Yveltal - 9/10 (Cool, better design than Xerneas. Let the Xerneas Vs. Yveltal wars begin!)

Sylveon - 9/10 (It's an Eeveelution.)
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User Info: CM_Ponch

4 years ago#22
Chespin - 8/10 - Better than Snivy and Chikorita, on the level of Bulbasaur and Treeko, not as cool as Turtwig
Fennekin - 9/10 - About equal with all the other fire starters
Froakie - 8/10 - Pretty cool, looks like he'll be pretty badass
Sylveon - 7/10 - Not the best Eeveelution, but far from the worst, right in the middle
Xerneas - 10/10 - Incredible
Yveltal - 10/10 - Looks badass

User Info: fox444f

4 years ago#23
Chespin 7
Fennekin 10
Froakie 8
Xerneus 6
Yveltal 8
Sylveon 9
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User Info: houndoomsday

4 years ago#24
Chespin: 8/10 looking forward to its evolution's not every grass type has to be plant like, reminds me of oshawott which i love so much especially after seeing samurott in action on the show.
Fennikin: 10/10 could be charizard-like in coolness also looking forward to its evolution's
Froakie: 7/10 kind of disappointed because so many other frog pokemon that exist so far but then you have to consider in real life how many species of frogs there are (about 4000).
Sylveon: 9/10 if its a steel type 10/10 if new type 0/10 if normal type
Xerneas: 10/10 looks like it can rival the strongest of legendary's (arceus). i wonder its typing maybe it would be the new type if they made one.
Yveltal: 8/10 pretty neat design looks like a digimon lol.

Cant wait to see the rest looking forward to a wolf pokemon :)
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