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Ash's strongest team

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User Info: Verdika

4 years ago#21
Charizard is probably Ash's strongest Pokemon, especially after his valley training. After that I'd go Snorlax and Sceptile. I'd like to see him with a fully evolved water starter, so perhaps an eventual Samurott or Blastoise. Krookodile or Gliscor. And of course Pikachu!

So my ultimate Ash lineup would be...

And Snorlax (sub-Staraptor, Pidgeot, or possibly Krookodile if Snorlax is too sleepy to fight).
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User Info: CM_Ponch

4 years ago#22
I can see Ash getting a Froakie and having it evolve to the final stage. Oshawott won't evolve because he's cute and cute pokemon never evolve. Froakie could be the one.
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