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Next game in the series.

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User Info: henriue

4 years ago#1
Do you think they will go with the old model, or go with the way they went in Gen V?
Pokémon Z, or (Insert letter here)
or X and Y 2?

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#2
Probably X and Y 2.
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User Info: vital_tundra

4 years ago#3
I hope its a sequel like B2/W2, but I hope its only one version like the older generations did.

EDIT: I would also like the 3rd version to stick with a regional dex of over 300 Pokemon or however many they put in B2/W2.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#4
Pokemon Z, but as a sequel.

User Info: Mudkip43

4 years ago#5
Pokemon X' and Pokemon Y' or Pokemon Z

User Info: Pikaley

4 years ago#6
CakeOfLies posted...
Probably X and Y 2.

pokemon XX and pokemon XY lol
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