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I miss pokemon walking behind me and interacting with them

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User Info: silverwing525

4 years ago#11
Arcvalons posted...
ashcrv posted...

Who else liked that? I can't be alone on this.

You are. The only one in the entire world. Alone.

Not true Arvalons. I liked the pokemon walking behind me too. It was cool, and I think that it didn't need to have a tactical reason for its existance.
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User Info: jamieyello

4 years ago#12
ohnoyadont posted...
No, I don't like the idea of a 47 foot whale following me on dry land.

Remind me to take a wailord everywhere I go whenever I play that game
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User Info: vaporeon96

4 years ago#13
i liked the feature.
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User Info: hunter994x

4 years ago#14
It should have been optional for the people who didn't like it.

I'm not one of them. I did like the feature.

User Info: Painted_Fish

4 years ago#15
I miss it too. My Jolteon... TT_TT

User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#16
I liked that feature too.

User Info: Eeveelutions8

4 years ago#17
I liked having my haunter follow me in HGSS.
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User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#18
I miss it too...
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User Info: 12Rouge

4 years ago#19
I liked it, alot, it was the reason why I never used my bike in that game.
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User Info: Nomytaker

4 years ago#20
There should be an option to turn it off and on. I enjoyed some pokemon being behind me, but it should be off inside buildings.
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