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Have any of you read this?

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User Info: Wallydraigle

4 years ago#21
henriue posted...
Wallydraigle posted...
vital_tundra posted...
True or not, I will always believe its canon. And the whole thing about the Pokeworld being earth is false. Just because there are locations based on real locations don't make any difference to it actually being earth. It's called a theme.

That makes no sense at all. I mean that literally, I don't know what you're trying to say.

In-game people calling Surge the "Lightning American", mew originally being from "South America" and gastly poisoning "Indian elephants", are not compatible with Pokeworld not being earth.

Here is how i look at these elements:
1-These are all from gen 1, a time where pokémon was still being shaped, Blue states that he went all over the world in search pf powerful pokémon, yet he goes in the pokémon league without a tyranitar, the world Kanto is never mentioned in those games.

2- Indian elephants are perhaps a comparison to the human world, so we can understand them.

3- it is known that Kanto and other places are geographically similar to places in japan, they were inspirations to the pokémon world, nothing stops anyone from making a ficticious land called america and saying it is something completely different.

Or much more simply, they quite clearly did intend Pokeworld to be earth at one point, which is clearly in opposition to what Masuda said.
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