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Most facepalm worthy thing youve done in pokemon games

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4 years ago#1
Back in gold or crystial version:

once i came across that one cave in the middle of the ocean (i think lugias?) that needed to be lit up with flash. i decided to go through anyways and got so far in. but i decided i want to leave, i was so far in that i couldn't even figure out how to get out anymore i just started a new file.

Also i didn't know that healing at the pokecenter regained move PP. my ho-oh's sacred fire ran out so i replaced it with strength -_-. There were no move-remember guys back then were there?

User Info: SilverSock

4 years ago#2
I nicknamed my Piplup in Diamond, well, Piplup because the whole upper-case only thing bugged me. Only after evolving it did I realize that in Diamond a "PIPLUP" nicknamed Piplup will evolve into a "PRINPLUP" named Piplup.

Unfortunately I had also caught some other Pokemon I had intended to use at this point, most of whom suffered the same fate.

Having just gotten the game and not wanting to start over, I spent the first part of the game very eagerly awaiting the name rater while my team's names were stuck as their base forms. I don't remember how long it was (where is the name rater in Sinnoh?), but ****, I felt stupid.
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User Info: HeyWheresKel

4 years ago#3
Ran from a shiny.
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User Info: danmiy12

4 years ago#4
I decided that I wanted to name my pikachu, pikachu...and ya for some reason after evolving to a raichu seeing that its name still was pikachu...
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User Info: moneyman82

4 years ago#5
I have a lot, but certainly one of the most memorable would be running into a Shiny Tentacool with absolutely no Pokeballs. Tentacool and Tentacruel are by far my favorite shinies, too.
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User Info: Zro123

4 years ago#6
Back in Blue, used my Master Ball on a Sandshrew.
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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#7
A couple of days ago, I ran into someone in Join Avenue. He gave me a Big Nugget, and I accidentally sent him to the wrong place, so I do what I always do: I reset.

The problem is that I didn't save after getting the Big Nugget and before directing the fan to a store.

User Info: Jrx1

4 years ago#8
Stuck in the Cerulean Cave
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User Info: Kentaro21

4 years ago#9
Letting my kid sister nickname my Slugma.

User Info: BluntGrunt

4 years ago#10
Gets Master Ball for the first time.
"I wonder what this ball does."
Wastes the Master Ball on an Oddish.

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