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Most facepalm worthy thing youve done in pokemon games

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4 years ago#21
Mine is the worst

When i was 6 I got Pokemon Crystal and for 3 months i didnt know how to get my starter. I thought the flowers were coins and you somehow got your starter that way. Anyway i asked many people and they just laughed at me. One day my 2 year old little sister got ahold of my gameboy and picked chickorita on accident. It was a different color but i didnt care i didnt want chickorita, so i restarted still not knowing how to get a starter. Another month passed by and my cousin came to visit and helped me. I still wish i had that shiny chickorita to this day. I look back on it and lol so hard now.
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User Info: Krisipoke

4 years ago#22
TIGERJACKS0N posted...
There were no move-remember guys back then were there?

There was a way. If you beat the champion in Stadium 2, you could re-remember a move for one of your party Pokémon.

sonic2307 posted...
Back in Blue I KOed Zapdos and Articuno and forget about them, not knowing they are legendaries. then I wasted my master ball on Moltres instead of saving it for mewtwo. Wasn't I pissed off at Moltres' moveset of Peck, Leer and Fire Spin.

Moltres is just as hard to catch as Mewtwo. The only difference is that Mewtwo has a higher level, stronger attacks, and Recover, which technically makes it harder to catch, but the odds are still the same. And Fire Spin was a great move in the first generation, but Moltres, or fire Pokémon in general were pretty bad.

Anyway, I used my Master Ball on a Chansey in Crystal. Also, in the same game, I defeated all the legendary beasts, because I thought you had to. Great.
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User Info: GoodnightMedic

4 years ago#23
When I first started Pokemon Red, my Charmander was poisoned in Viridian Forest. I thought my game was glitched or broken when it does that screen shakey thing every few steps, and I started to panic when it kept happening.

So I restarted my file (luckily I was so early on in the game!) and when it happened again on the new file I figured it was intentional. I still remember the horror though.

Also when a Rattata used Leer on Charmander I thought the stat change was permanent and kept freaking out that my Pokemon was going to be really weak :c

Alsoalso when you first fight the Elite 4 and an NPC says something like 'if you lose to one of them you have to start all over again!', I thought it meant the entire game. I put off fighting them for weeks :<

User Info: tvak

4 years ago#24
i cant think of something permanent i have done in a Pokemon game but i can think of one i managed to undo after i did it because of dub luck ^_^
i threw the master ball (in firered) at another trainers pokemon to see what would happen
it didn't end well for the master ball

User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#25
Being seven, and getting to Lavender Town in Pokemon Yellow, then spending 3 days to beat it because the music scared me, and I could only play at night after homework, and practice.

User Info: TheAvianheart

4 years ago#26
I spent all of Silver refusing to set my bike to "Sel." because I thought it would sell the bike.

User Info: ThanatosIkke

4 years ago#27
KOíng a shiny Stantler in Gold because I thought it was a bug like Missingno :D

User Info: Sephirotht

4 years ago#28
Deleting my Silver savefile that had my lv.100 Feraligatr (my first and only lv.100).
Not that it matters as the internal battery would've run dry anyway. :)
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User Info: CM_Ponch

4 years ago#29
From: scraadin | Posted: 2/18/2013 1:49:35 AM | #017


User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#30
I completed Pokemon Ranger, got the Manaphy Egg and used my cousin's NDS to trade it to my Pokemon Pearl game. Well, I really wanted to use it, and my starter was Empoleon, and I'm dead set against multityping in teams, so I reset and picked Chimchar. I also lost my copy of Pokemon Ranger soon after so there was no way of getting another Manaphy.
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