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Thinking about doing a role play CYOA, this doubles as the registration topic

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User Info: CM_Ponch

4 years ago#1
Chaos in Black City
There will be two main groups for this CYOA. Those in the A division, and those in the B division.
A Division:
Screams fill the night as Black City erupts into chaos following a devastating 8.8 earthquake. Those who try to escape the city are met with a mysterious barrier standing in their way. With no way in or out, the citizens of Black Tower quickly turn on each other for survival. With the mayor among the first to fall, the gangs of Black City enter a war for power, innocent citizens caught in the middle. Supplies are running low and the citizens are growing desperate, can you survive Black City?

Sub-Groups for A division:
Police - Attempting to keep order and help the citizens
Gangs - Attempting to survive by any means necessary and take control of the city
Citizens/Tourist - Caught in the middle of it all

Primary Goal for all 3: Survive

B Division
Following the earthquake, you find yourself trapped in the sinking Black Tower. With the only exit now underground, your only way out is to reach the top. Unfortunately for you this is easier said than done as the tower has been seized by a mysterious group going by the name Ascension, their goal, to claim the city for their own. With Ascension proving to be more than a challenge for even the strongest of trainers, can you reach the top and escape the sinking tower? And even if you escape, what waits for you on the other side?

Sub-Groups for B Division:
Trainers: - Those trapped in Black Tower
Ascension Grunts - Keep trainers trapped as Leader Camping prepares the next step
Ascension Admins - Prepare to take over the city, only four slots open

*Trainers can choose from in-game classes if they choose.

Primary Goal for Trainers: Defeat Ascension and escape Black Tower. Can you trust other trainers?
Primary Goal for Ascension: Keep trainers from escaping via force
Primary Goal for Admins: Prepare for takeover by eliminating lead gang members, citizens, and cops. - Above ground group, only above ground group with contact to those in Black Tower.

Character sheet:
Trainer Class:
Native Region:
Pokemon on Hand:
Original Goal:

Name/Codename: Ponch
Trainer Class: Ranger
Division: B
Native Region: Sinnoh
Pokemon on Hand:
- Infernape
- Lucario
- Rampardos
- Espeon
- Rotom W
- Drifblim
Original Goal: Research the mysterious group behind Black Tower

Battles between trainers in both divisions will be decided by a third person's results on
Both trainers will agree to battle and have a third party be the dice roller. Each trainer will pick either even or odds, the third party will roll the dice and add up the sum, the number determines the winner of the match. They can choose to have a third party write the battle if they choose.

That should be it, I'll try and start this tomorrow, until then I'll answer any questions you have.

User Info: CM_Ponch

4 years ago#2
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  3. Thinking about doing a role play CYOA, this doubles as the registration topic

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