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The Official Sylveon Type-Speculation Guild V.1

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User Info: moneyman82

4 years ago#1
Alright, I'm creating this topic just to put perspective on things and see how things logically flow. This will proceed at the most basic level in order to maintain accuracy. Let's get right to it.

All Eevee evolutions, historically, have each been a separate type, and only one type. We will assume that this pattern is to continue with Generation VI.

This cancels out the following types:
Electric (Jolteon)
Fire (Flareon)
Water (Vaporeon)
Psychic (Espeon)
Dark (Umbreon)
Ice (Glaceon)
Grass (Leafeon)

This means that the following types remain:

*Some people would argue that Eevee is already normal and therefore there cannot be another type, however Eevee itself is not an Eevee evolution, and thus a Normal-type evolution is still a possibility.

We will now subtract the types that seem, within reason, to have absolutely no relevance to Sylveon's design, while keeping in mind Gamefreak's design methods in the past five generations. These are taken down to the most basic, fundamental level to avoid having too many possibilities.

We are left with:
Potential New Type

Honorable mentions go to:

These are the basic and general reasons for subtracting the missing types for those who might object:

Fighting - Fighting Pokemon are typically rustic colors, look brutish and tough. Sylveon, with it's graceful presence and light, feminine colors does not appear to be of this type.

Poison - Of these subtracted types, this is one of the most likely types for Sylveon along with Ghost and Bug. However, it's white, pure presence makes it doubtful for it to carry/be of poisonous substance.

Ground - Ground types are usually brown in color with a rugged and/or tough appearance. Sylveon does also not seem capable of using most, if not all, Ground-type moves.

Bug - This, along with Poison and Ghost, is one of the most likely types for Sylveon of these subtracted types. Bug-like eyes and what appear to be butterfly-shaped bow-ties (however, most bow-ties are butterfly-shaped, in essence) allow for speculation. However, most bug-type Pokemon are green in color, and Sylveon's design does not schematically follow Gamefreak's design process for Bug-types.

Rock - Rock types are usually brown or grey in color with a rugged and/or tough appearance Sylveon does not seem capable of using most, if not all Rock-type moves.

Ghost - One of the most likely types for Sylveon of these subtracted types due to its apparent soulless gaze and a bit of a purple/pink color scheme. However, Sylveon's primary color is white, which has never been used for a Ghost type's primary color. Also, Sylveon weighs 23.5kg, an unusual weight for a Ghost type, especially of this small size. Does not seem to have any ghastly qualities about it apart from its eyes somewhat.

Dragon - Quite simply, there is nothing that screams "Dragon" about Sylveon. It has no similar qualities to any current final-stage Dragon type Pokemon.

Steel - Steel types are often silver/grey in color and have steel on their body. Sylveon has neither of these qualities.

I will now discuss the arguments for and against each of the three types that have been narrowed down to: Normal, Flying, and a Potential New Type

''If what moneyman said wasn't true, and easily verified by anyone with access to a search engine, I would definitely agree with you. But it is, so I don't.''

User Info: moneyman82

4 years ago#2
Normal – Sylveon’s design is in keeping with historical Normal types. A cute, innocent, graceful, and pure image puts it up there with the likes of Chansey, Blissey, Clefairy, Clefable, etc. It has the standard color scheme for normal types as well: pink and white.

Flying – Sylveon’s ribbons give it the appearance of a graceful creature, something that is often attributed to birds. They also appear to be floating in the wind; the bird’s domain. Sylveon’s bow-ties could also be seen to look like a pair of wings.

Potential New Type – The rainbow patterns at the end of Sylveon’s ribbons, along with Xerneas’ rainbow patterns, could be pointing at a new type. Its individual release (so far, at least) is peculiar; new Eevee evolutions (the originals withstanding, of course) have always been released in doubles in which one is super-effective against the other. Finally, Sylveon’s type has been debated. If you look at any other Eevee evolution, it is strikingly obvious what type it is and it is clear that there would be no debate if they were in the same situation. Besides Normal, Sylveon does not have a strikingly-obvious type, and even Normal is speculative given Sylveon’s rainbow patterning and unique eyes. Normal would also be a fairly odd and sudden move on behalf of Gamefreak, and does not flow consistently with Eevee’s Normal-type appearance.

I will not be going over any of the other theories that have been put in place such as Sylveon’s names in other languages hinting at things, etc. I feel these are for board users to discuss; I merely wish to have given a fundamental overview of this situation. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope this provides insight and discussion. Cheers! :)
''If what moneyman said wasn't true, and easily verified by anyone with access to a search engine, I would definitely agree with you. But it is, so I don't.''

User Info: jtmore15

4 years ago#3
I'm hoping it's a Flying type that flies via ribbons.

User Info: Zro123

4 years ago#4
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User Info: TheGaijin

4 years ago#5
Normal – I think it would make sense if they announce a male counterpart and the evolution would a normal Evee evolution that is gender-based and not element based. but for the oment only that one so I am not sure about normal...

Flying – if Sylveon is of a current type, I think flying is the most likely but I am not a big fan of it's design for a flying type...

Potential New Type – I don't believe any new types will get introduced, especially not a light/fairy type like people are saying here. it sound quite ridiculous.
My main concern is that there is not over 600+ pokemon, how many new pokemon of the same typing would be needed to be balanced with the rest?
latest types introduced where steel and dark in gen 2 so they could fill their rank but a new type that need to be balanced with the others ? X/Y would need like 30-50 of the new cast with that type. Sounds VERY unlikely.
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User Info: EdwardoMario16

4 years ago#6
Everything Sylveon has is pointing towards Normal or Flying, but the "New Type" isn't out of the question either.

Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie all had their types revealed, but the Version Legendaries and strangely Sylveon's types have been kept under wraps.

Of course, it could be Trollfreak doing it's usual trolling again.
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User Info: Twilight_Sonata

4 years ago#7
While Flying type would be neat, the majority of the reason for its backing is the mistaken belief that the origin of Sylveon's name is derived from "Sylph", when in fact it is much more likely derived from "Sylvan", a word relating to woodlands and often used to describe mythological woodland fey creatures, such as the Nymphs and Faeries from which Sylveon's non-English names are derived.

I am of the opinion that Sylveon will be Normal type exactly because there's nothing else is as obvious, and it doesn't hurt that a lot of other fairy-related Pokemon are cute, pink, Normal-types, such as Clefairy.

As for the speculation of a New Type, that's mostly based on the fact that Sylveon's type has yet to be revealed, many people asking "What would be the point of not telling us if it's not going to be a new type?". Well, the point is to build up hype, and it's working. Trollfreak has done this before. When Reshiram and Zekrom were first shown, their types were kept secret, and there was mass insistence that they must be Light-type and Dark-type respectively. When Chatot was first shown, many saw it as evidence that Sound would finally be added as a type.
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User Info: Michaeloll

4 years ago#8
I think Fighting type is a better honourable mention than poison.

have you seen mienshao? it could sorta look like sylveon, and she can be a tough fighter with strands to fight with. not all fighting types are rustic.

i just think fighting is more likely than poison

and also look at medicham and keledo. i don't see any poison types that look close to slyveon. i can see slyv being a tough fighter more than i can see her being poison

User Info: moneyman82

4 years ago#9
That's true actually, Sylveon does have a slight resemblance to Mienshao. The problem I'm having is that, as mentioned in my second post, Gamefreak has always made the Eevee evolutions' types look very obvious and significant due to the fact that Eevee's concept is totally revolved around distinct typings. I just don't see any clear distinction that makes me think fighting type. However, I think it could be an honorable mention.
''If what moneyman said wasn't true, and easily verified by anyone with access to a search engine, I would definitely agree with you. But it is, so I don't.''

User Info: Balamb00

4 years ago#10
I'm sorry TC, I should have searched for a topic like this. I just made one for an in-depth analysis on Sylveon too.

My bad. I have to completely disagree with flying type. There is nothing flying about it. Seriously.
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