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Sylveon is def a flying type.

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User Info: Twilight_Sonata

4 years ago#11
mehmetski posted...
so you're complaining about people not getting that sylveon derives from sylvan rather than from sylph because you seem to be so well educated, but you're not educated enough to know that sylph and sylvan derive from the same root?

I'm still missing the part where this is relevant.

anyway, on the one hand i think the sylvan thing is more obvious, also becauso of the international names that all refer to fairies..but sylphs are in fact fairies, why is there always so much dispute about this?

Yes, sylphs can be refereed to as faeries too, but what I'm getting as is that there's isn't any particular connection between Sylveon and sylphs to begin with, not any more than there is between other sylvan fey, such as elves. It's not that I'm saying it's totally unrelated to sylphs. It's that it's not any more related to sylphs than it is to anything else.

fairies could totally be normal...but there's also another way to see it: fairies in general but sylphs in special are mostly winged, slender, elegant aerial creatures...and please regard that i say MOSTLY...that's why all the people say that it is probably flying, and it could, like a sylph, ride on draughts of wind.

Yes, that's all fine, but without any good reason to believe that Sylveon is based on a sylph in particular to begin with, it's really no better than any other baseless speculation, and it's pointless to go into such further justification for it to begin with.

so please just accept that flying IS an educated guess...

I'm not saying that it's not, just not for any reason particularly relating to sylphs.

and one question: what would be different if it definitely derived from sylvan only and had nothing to do with sylph? what type would it match?

I have no idea. I want to say Normal because of all of the other fairy Pokemon like Clefairy, but I'm also not going to go anywhere and try to claim that as evidence. It may very well end up flying, and I would have no issue with that. My issue is just with people saying that they know or that it's clear or that it's obviously or that it's definitely Flying (or any other type), because no such certainty is warranted, especially no such certainty based on reasoning so full of holes.
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User Info: BlackHorse6969

4 years ago#12
XxQw11ksk0pesxX posted...
AmephEstMako posted...
Wishful thinking.

Its clearly a Poison type.

Ninfia is similar to Ninjia.

True true, but does graceful Sylveon look like the type to carry poison? Generally, the poison types are purple with dark shades of color.

exactly. true ninjas dont look like the stereotypical ninja, otherwise people would easily detect the ninja.
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