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Do you nickname your Pokemon?

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User Info: AuraWielder

4 years ago#51
I pretty much nickname almost all of my Pokemon. The exception usually being Legendaries, but even then, I have nicknamed one Legendary (Zekrom) 'Raiden', because I couldn't resist. It was for naming him after the Japanese god of thunder and lightning, but it had a bonus of having the same name as an MGS character.

As for which Pokemon I've nicknamed (off the top of my head):
Torterra: Tarin
Infernape: Victoria (female)
Haxorus: Demise (female)
Floatzel: Aqua (female, after the Birth by Sleep protagonist)
Samurott: Kanoro
Krookodile: Shades
Lucario (physical-based one): Abraham
Lucario (special-based one): Aaron
Arcanine: Jacob
Zekrom: Raiden
Typhlosion: Horatio (SoulSilver)
Typhlosion: Axel (White)
Blaziken: Ignacio (Emerald)
Blaziken: Phoenix (White)
Manectric: Kiara
Rapidash: Epona
Scyther: Stryker
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User Info: lyle81992

4 years ago#52
Only if the Pokemon reminds me of something.

Cradily-Mr.Ganga(it makes sense if you get the reference)
Pokemon Black FC-2280 5124 7519
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