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Found a REALLY OLD Idea for a Plot for an Pokemon Anime Series

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User Info: TheGreatEggman

4 years ago#1
Note: This was made years upon years ago by my friend and I. Also, we consider the whole thing a somewhat joke due to the way the anime goes in comparison, and this was the result of a random tangent.

Basically, the idea was a plotline for an anime series/movie.
Here were some of the basic ideas:

The idea came from talking about Shadow Pokemon, and the story of the series was that Gary Oak, while studying Pokemon, discovers a mysterious stone that basically causes him to go nuts, also the stone is used in creating Shadow Pokemon, as seen as when Umbreon comes in contact with it. Gary then used the stone, now copied and used in a machine, to make an unstoppable team, and decimated the leagues of each region.

He then declares himself "The Greatest Pokemon Master", and creates an army of trainers that follow him, with each region's division having Ash and co's rivals as the ones controlling each region(bar Kanto, which has yet to be established as a Shadow Pokemon region),

The story details Ash meeting up with his friends from each adventure to stop Gary, solve the Shadow Pokemon mystery, and create an army of friends to help.

Some of the things we thought of:
-Ash actually would be a competent trainer throughout, creating strategies, learning from mistakes, and be a much more likable character
-Some of the notable CODs(appeared more than once) would show up as members of the army
-Ash would catch a legendary, and unlike other times where the legend was being escorted, it would be the team's last resort(after Pikachu, of course)
-Pikachu's power would stay consistent, but be balanced due to how Shadow Pokemon work, and trainers actively training
-The Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Champions would be notable for having some plot importance that doesn't deal with battling or just being there(more on that later)
-There would be a focus on story, with filler being next to nonexistence

Each episode would have our heroes traversing the regions. Early on, there would be a focus on finding a way to restore Shadow Pokemon to normal. Then, it would be gaining allies. Then, a focus on returning the Gyms to normal(The Gym Leaders' MVP has been turned into a Shadow Pokemon as a warning if the Gym is shut down so opposition can step in).

Battles would be as awesome as always, including a balance between strategy and going in guns ablazing(which Ash learns in a Curb Stomp battle against a trainer with a Shadow Pokemon at the start of the series). The humor in the series would still be there in full force(with the games and manga as a basis) even with the more serious tone.

Whew. That was a lot to post. Be aware that we came up with this on a tangent, and thus we no longer take it seriously(although it would be kinda cool). If you wanted to know anything else about this, I have a few nuggers of info from when this was thought of, so just ask.
TheGreatEggman: Trying to conquer the world and being foiled by a blue hedgehog since 1991. Also known as The Almighty King Dedede!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#2
Personally, I'd still be miffed at the lack of Orre.
I mean, the rangers and Mystery dungeon games get their episodes, while Orre doesn't get anything close to being mentioned by name?

Anyways, I could definitely see that happening as a Four hour special.

User Info: monpoke3

4 years ago#3
Me too and i ( won't a cap ever on a computer because it looks a l to me ) was hoping for it way back when, and unless they get remakes it will not happen
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