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How to make a Normal-type Eeveelution exciting?

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User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#11
I was thinking some kind of watered down Multitype or Colour Change would be enough.
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User Info: GaiamageX

4 years ago#12
I'm leaning in a similar direction too. Not revealing normal type because it would be a let down, but hopefully, GameFreak will give it some unique items and ability to make it stand out (maybe not as much as the TC is proposing) even as just a normal type.
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User Info: snuffles504

4 years ago#13
Something like this would be the only acceptable reason in my mind for Eevee to evolve into a Normal type. After all, Eevee's evolutions are supposed to be the result of it adapting to its environment. Why would Eevee need to adapt to a Normal type? It already is one.

But this way, Eevee is adapting, just not so specifically as its other evolutions.

This would also be interesting because as far as typing goes, Sylveon would act completely differently offensively then it would defensively. For example, it could serve as a Jolteon (ignoring stats) but the counter for it would be different than a counter for Jolteon. This would really change things up.
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User Info: Twilight_Sonata

4 years ago#14
Yay! ^_^
Very glad so many people like the idea and that it's getting across the point of how a Normal eeveelution could still be very cool.

TheoryGent posted...
Other ideas: Have the normal type eeveelution learn an exclusive move that changes type depending on the bow equiped. So if N-eeveelution has yellow bow, it exclusive move is now electric type. Also have N-eeveelution have STAB with that move, regardless of type, and Normal attacks.

Ooh, I like this a lot too. It's sort of like Arceus's Judgment but without also changing the type of the Pokemon itself.
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User Info: lazycomplife

4 years ago#15
TC you always put so much thought and effort into your posts! ^_^
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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#16
That's actually interesting.

User Info: Zero97

4 years ago#17
Eternal Princess

I didn't read.
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User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
4 years ago#18
So your solution to making a Normal type Eevolution interesting is to make it broken. STAB on everything and learns attacks of every single type.

I guess broken IS one way to make something interesting.

Its not really anything mind-blowingly new or anything, though. Its basically Mew but with more hoops to jump through to grab your moves.

I don't really think something like this is nessicary. People love Eeveelutions, it doesn't need some crazy complicated and overpowered gimmick to make people like it. The fact that its an Eevee evo is already enough to guarantee popularity and hype.
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