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anyone here want gym leaders start x # of pokemon to fight them

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User Info: monpoke3

4 years ago#1
you know force players to step it up anything but put a time thing on it is why i am not getting ffxiii part

OK, I'll bite.


and what does FFXIII have to do with anything?
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User Info: zerokid

4 years ago#3
That made... NO sense.
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User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#4
0% chance of the topic making sense.
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User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#5
I'm a jukebox hero.

User Info: Skyward_Sneasel

4 years ago#6
I believe he is talking about only being able to use the same amount of pokemon as a gym leader uses, as in the anime.

I'm pretty sure, at least...
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User Info: acety2

4 years ago#7
Well that being said everyone can only carry 6 pokemon with them at all times if they catch a 7th it gets sent to the pc.
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User Info: AuroraSonicBeam

4 years ago#8
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User Info: Skozi

4 years ago#9
I think he is talking about how earthquake's damage should change depending on the phases of the moon, and how thunder should increase the power of grass type moves by over 9000 for the rest of the battle.
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User Info: monpoke3

4 years ago#10
the anime rules for battles is what i had in mind and sorry still was thinking about lighting returns i hope no pokemon game gives timed play like that because you know they might try it for a side game
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  3. anyone here want gym leaders start x # of pokemon to fight them

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