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CYOA/RP: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!

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User Info: ryudin89

4 years ago#341
"All right, if we keep up this pace we should reach the tower before noon"

Blaze rolled up his map before sticking it back in his pack. Sunlight filtered through the leaves of a tree the five pokemon were currently taking a break under. After walking all morning they had just reached the halfway point.

"Good, and if we can get this mission done quick enough we can make it back before sundown." Aiden quipped, nose deep in a guide book. He hated camping.

"Don't count on it, who knows how tall the tower is. And with all the rouge pokemon we're going to have to deal with it's probably going to take all day" Tricky replied, Aiden let out a low grumble at his comment.

"Well if the other teams I left messages for arrive then it won't take that long at all"

"speaking of which, what other teams did you ask Luca" Eve asked, looking over at the zorua.

"Well.... Besides you guys there was Teams Dark Empire and Flarefall, I left one for Team Trinity but they're hard to get a hold of and tend to do their own thing...."

"I could have sworn I saw you speaking to another group too" Blaze said

"Ahh yeah. Those three..."


He sighed, looking at the figures of Team Flarefall as they left. He had hoped that he would be able to actually meet up with some of the other teams as well but they had all retired back to their rooms. There was no guarantee Flarefall would even show up, let alone even of the other teams.

Closing his eyes he thought over his options, if worse came to worse it would just be him and Aiden. And there was no way that only two of them could do it. Unless....

He would have to use that.... He didn't want to resort to that yet....


"Hmmm?" Opening his eyes as he was snapped out of his thoughts he looked over at the source of the voice. Standing a few feet from him was a group he had never seen before, consisting of a Kabutops, Scyther, and Pawniard (????).

"Hello. And you are?"

"My Apologies." The Kabutops gestured to himself " My name is Pendragon." He waved a scythe over to his comrades "And these two are Spencer and Cody. We are Team Longblade."

"Nice to meet you


He looked over the group, noting the markings. They looked strong, possibly having spent years training. Perfect.

"My name is Luca, I would shake but.... You know"

"Ha of course! We had just finished up a mission when we noticed you conversing with several groups. Did you have a mission that you needed taken?" Pendragon replied, staring at the zorua curiously.

He smirked slightly. "In a way. I'm from Team Evernight, I had picked up a mission that's a bit on the.... Strenuous side for my team and I was looking for any others that would like to help. Perhaps you and your team would be interested?" He passed the flier over to Pendragon who took and held the paper for more deftly than Luca expected. He looked it over, his eyes widening slightly.

"This is a 2 star mission"

"What?" Spenser stated

"Seriously?!?" Cody asked.

"Yes, which is why I'm seeking aid. As you can also see it has a nice reward as well, more than enough to split between all the teams that would join. It would also be quite the training experience don't you think?"

He looked up at the Kabutops, hoping that he would consider his offer. His team would help make the mission a breeze, perhaps they could even help teach Aiden a thing or two.

"I'll think it over, it won't be easy... We would have to be ready for anything.

wait some.

User Info: ryudin89

4 years ago#342
"That's the least I can ask. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you again tomorrow. I'll leave a copy of the mission and a map of the area for your team if you accept my offer" He gives a small nod before turning and heading down the hall towards his room. As soon as he was sure he was out of sight he let out a low sigh followed by a grumble. He hated having to resort to asking so many teams for help with this but he had no choice.

Shaking off his thoughts he continued towards his room, in the end it would be worth it once he had that stone in his paws......

*End flashback*

"I've seen those three around before... What did you say their team name was" Blaze asked.

"They called themselves Team Longblade, they looked quite experienced and would be a great help if they join us." Luca stated

"Well then since we have some time lets wait here to see if anyone else comes along." Aiden said

"That sounds like a good idea. Better to have everyone together instead of seperated" Tricky said

"Alright then, we'll wait here and group up with any other team to comes by. Then we'll head to the tower!" Blaze said


Pen I hope I did alright for your characters. Sorry about missing that by the way, it was completely unintentional.
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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#343
The team's name is Enigma >_>
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#344
"Owie! Ouchie!" -Lee.

"We should help him." -Paintbucket.

"Naw. Take a look at this." -Me, handing Paintbucket my binoculars.

I show her the strange berry dangling from the Emboar's waist.

"Wonder berry?" -Paintbucket.

"You know it!" -Me.

"H-help!" -Lee.

"Just keep dodgin' and weavin', Lee!" -Me.

Trollaf jumps in from behind and grabs the Emboar's arm as it goes for another Arm Thrust. He wags his claw.

"No bueno." -Trollaf.

He sent the Emboar flying into a tree with Dragon Tail. I hopped in, all jolly and pumped for battle.

"What's good, bacon?" -Me.

The Emboar gets up and fires off a Flamethrower but Trollaf gets in front of me and takes it like a boss.

"Tirin' work, matey." -Trollaf.

...That little...! Such a Truant! He fell asleep when we were totally gonna own that noob!

The Emboar thinks it has us cornered. Paintbucket has it think again as she draws a hose and unleashes a Hydro Pump. Blam! Good game, too easy! We snag our loot (a Ginema berry, some Poké.) and we head out.

"Nice work, Lee! You really took one for the team, luring that Emboar to us!" -Me.

"I just wanted to ask some questions!" -Lee.

"Such a magnificent scene! I may spend all night recreating it on my canvas!" -Paintbucket.

"The wall is no canvas, lassey." -Trollaf.

Such awesome friends.

We soon arrive in Mystery Town.

User Info: ryudin89

4 years ago#345
Garioshi posted...
The team's name is Enigma >_>

I'm going to put all this stuff on a txt doc so I can stop using the old register topic.
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(message deleted)

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#347
Oh, I didn't notice Event posted. :p
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User Info: ryudin89

4 years ago#348
It saddens me how this one is basically on life support.
GameFAQS=why games should be played and people should be avoided.-selfdeztruction

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#349
The group arrive in Mystery Town...

Lee: Now can you tell me what you meant earlier?

Spice: Not yet, in the morning. I promise.

Lee: Oh...alright...

Paintbucket: Don't be down. Tomorrow, we promise!

Lee: *sigh* ok...

The group handle their business they have in the town then split up and go to their respective homes...
Official Brown Fox of every board. =^_^= Official Shadow Fennekin of Team Miror Infinity.
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#350
Official Brown Fox of every board. =^_^= Official Shadow Fennekin of Team Miror Infinity.
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