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Pokemon Spirit Signs: Part 7!

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#1
Pokémon Spirit Signs: Chapter Seven!

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^This plays.

A view of the sky, with seagulls and lens flare.

It zooms out into a window, into a room.

A hand (Probably Jabba or Prindle's) picks up a wooden picture frame with a photo of each character together.

It zooms in on each character's face:


Zooming through time with a spinning clock background, with different characters looking at stuff.

Jabba having a katana duel with a Heartless. He's pounced on from behind by another Heartless, which is shot by Martini, giving a thumbs-up.

Isaac and the Tales crew hop on an Aerodactyl and take off.

Sonya is cornered by Magnemites, which are then smashed by Poli.

Pryce sits solemnly by himself and gets up, grabbing his sword.

Jabba trains with a wooden pole.

Sonya is working with machinery.

Piece struggles to contain her fiery powers...

Mephistopheles stands on a cliff with the moon behind him and grins.

Then the team works together to take down various Heartless and Pokémon, like in the video.

Seriously, watch it :)

That's about it, then. Post post post!!
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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#2
Isaac can't do anything until Polimario posts.
"Don't worry, the worst that could happen is that we all die." -Jade Curtiss, Tales of the Abyss

User Info: Skyward_Sneasel

4 years ago#3
Why are my characters always forgotten?!?!? :''' (
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#4
Dear lord, I go to sleep, and wake up with Topic #7...

Pain. Pain inflicted by himself.

Poli lumbered to the hospital, movements much like a Spinda. He was hurting from hunger.

So...hungry... can I eat, knowing that Sis sacrificed going inside my expell the darkness that

Poli barely made it into the hospital when he collapsed, faint from hunger, crystal in hand.



Deoxys - Yes. We can't remain hidden any longer. Prepare for reformation. this point, I'm the only one able to knock some sense into him. Gosh, Poli, why must you hurt yourself over me?


[I'll let Changlini decide what the personell will do with the crystal. That'll determine who sees Sonya recreate herself.
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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#5
Isaac is running all over the place, searching for Poli.

Isaac: Where the Hell is he? I can't find him anywhere! He must pay for what he has done to me!

Isaac speeds up, getting more enraged.
"Don't worry, the worst that could happen is that we all die." -Jade Curtiss, Tales of the Abyss

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#6
Alright, 5am, and let me get this strait;

I got Willingmess waiting for me to have Monicle give out the why, Protobakurion waiting for me to have Jace, and Ycre arrive at the library, Polimario waiting for me to post what the personnel do with the crystal, and I think even Number_0ne is waiting for me to progress Evalia along.?

Gotta get typing then.

User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#7
Isaac: The hostpital! Of course!

Isaac crashed through a wall, one floor below Poli.

Isaac: Going up!

Isaac jumps through the ceiling, standing in front of Poli.

Isaac: Say your prayers, monster! Die!
"Don't worry, the worst that could happen is that we all die." -Jade Curtiss, Tales of the Abyss

User Info: Dreadtion2

4 years ago#8
my character was forgotten
i have one last request i want you to make me lose
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User Info: Dreadtion2

4 years ago#9
new day same old Axiom asleep in the snow

Axiom: next time i go to a store remind me to take 1 thin blanket.
i have one last request i want you to make me lose
KI:U FC: 0645-6254-0420

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#10
(Void is next)

The woman Octillery, getting used to her nickname, was pacing around the front door of the hospital. Not out of worry from the news broadcast of the search for where the ice trail leads getting closer and vloser to the land, not because she hasn't heard from Monicle for a long time, not even because of the fact that Goodman is still wondering about outside, somewhere..

She paced, and paced, because she was pondering on what to do when aliens come knocking while she's operating. And with that, she saw the Dracid pass out outside of the glass front doors.

Dr.Octillery------"Great Lass, someone help me with this!"

Taking notice at the plea for help from the woman, a few medical staff, and resting Medical Division grunts took action. Running outside to see what was the problem.

Dr.Octillery------"Alright, tablet's not working, give me that thing... "
MDGrunt--------"Here you go, what's the problem?"
Dr.Octillery------"... He's still breathing, hi-wait, that sound."

After hearing noises if hunger come from the stomach area, everyone starts placing Poli on a stretcher.

Dr.Octillery------"Alright, when this happens to us, our body starts eating itself, after the fat's gone. But this?"
MDGrunt--------"What about that strange crystal?"

Ms.Octillery sees the fairly large crystal in the floor.

Octillery------"I'll carry it and follow you three back into the emergency treatment section!"

But just before they were able to hurry back inside, Isaac appeared crashing through a hole from beneath a the streets, seeking to kill Poli.

Isaac----"Say your prayers monster, and die!"

Octillery was ticked, she still had a patient to rescue, and she wasn't gonna let some nut job that crashed through things stop her.

Octillery---"No one's dying in this hospital! Quickly, into the place!"

She ran, carrying the heavy crystal in hand, following the M-Staff, and the heavily armored MD Grunt through the large first floor lobby, and into the emergency treatment section, shutting the door in front of a angry Isaac.

She placed the crystal with care on a hospital chair within the treatment room, while Poli was placed on the treatment table.

M-staff---"Will the doors and walls hold?"
Octillery---"Most likely."
MDGrunt---"And where's the nutrient fluids?"

Ms. Octillery takes out a thin tube from the sink section of the room.

Ms.Octillery----"Right here, now lets start with this, ignore all that rumbling the loony's causing!"

They started on reviving Poli through liquid.
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