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Ultimate Pokemon Riddles: Part 3: Porygon-Z, Porygon- GT

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User Info: smokinace829

4 years ago#1
Past Riddlers

Past Riddle Topics


28) Polimario: (Answer: God Stone)

29) henriue: (Answer: Mewtwo)

30) lilaschildkrote: (Answer: Altaria)

31) YOSHI475: (Answer: Bulbasaur)

32) KingTumbleweed: (Answer: Pokeball)

33) Luxraysrock: (Answer: Cave of Origin)

34) purplezoroark: (Answer: Tropius)

35) henriue: (Answer: Charizard)

36) Ultimate_Nova_X: (Answer: Dragonite)

37) suddenSOUND: (Answer: Pokemon Centre)

38) Ultimate_Nova_X: (Answer: Monferno/ Infernape)

39) purplezoroark: (Answer: Misty)

40) henriue: (Answer: Dark Type)

41) nro87: (Answer: Meloetta)

42) protobakurion: (Answer: Lucario and Sir Aaron)

43) -Zeke-: (Answer: Cottonee)

44) Polimario: (Answer: Dragonite)

45) duranmanX: (Answer: Smogon)

46) purplezoroark: (Answer: Bronzor)

47) zeon64: (Answer: Nidoking)

48) nro87: (Answer: Volcarona)

49) henriue: (Answer: Bulbasaur)

50) nro87: (Answer: Lumineon)

51) SilverRapidash: (Answer: Cave of Being)

52) Polimario: (Answer: Rotom)

53) protobakurion: (Answer: Jirachi)

54) purplezoroark: (Answer: Red Chain)

55) purplezoroark: (Answer: Spinda Pattern)

56) Pendragon71037: (Answer: Crobat)

57) purplezoroark: (Answer: Cattleya Caitlin)

58) Ultimate_Nova_X: (Answer: Reshiram)

59) purplezoroark: (Answer: MissingNo)

No Riddle has been made yet.

1) You may not guess more than 10 times in one post.

2) You may double post but editing putting multiple guesses in one post is preffered. This is allowed if the user does not have access to the edit feature yet.

3) Hints are offered depending on the difficulty of the riddle and desire for one. The user who made up the riddle can determine when to give a hint (its recommended use is about a page or two after the riddle has been created)

4)It can be super-obscure; as long as you give good hints.

5) The user making the riddle may not lie if another user gets the riddle correct.

6) Have fun and be creative. Riddles can span to almost anything. (However, more difficult riddles such as the name of an NPC that is not renowned, would require specific hints that help pinpoint the answer).

Due to issues with the past riddle threads

7) New Riddles may be created if a riddle is not claimed in 15 minutes. Whoever creates the riddle first (if multiple people create a riddle in a short time period) gets to be the current riddler.

8) If any other rules would like to be added or changed, email the topic creators of future and present riddle topics. The topic creator may decide if these rules are "fair" and may add them to the original post. To improve legibility of the recommended rule, the topic creator may post the suggestion in the topic and let the users decide.

Well there is no current riddle.

If Polimario does not create a riddle in the next 15 minutes, someone else may claim the spot. May your riddling continue.
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User Info: -Zeke-

4 years ago#2
Yay, the title I made ^-^

Did anybody else notice how Mugiloko broke the previous topic?
"Official Toy Scraggy of the Pokemon Rumble U board"
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User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#3
I'm so good.

triple posting ftw
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User Info: smokinace829

4 years ago#4
Um...No riddle was claimed so I guess I'll go.


I cannot stop what I do most
If I do, I cannot evolve
Because when I faint
The tragic truth of my fainting will be revealed.

I'm not gonna rhyme for this one.
It's pretty simple.
On another note: Why can't Garbodor and Oscar the Grouch be friends...
I have a new nickname for Garbodor....Oscar.

Oh Mugikolo...Oh you.

-Zeke- Yep, you won the title for the next topic. The "new" topic creator could not make it this time. So he/she will do it the next time.
Brawl FC: 2106-1173-5330
GT : Brutaltw0

User Info: Skull_pro

4 years ago#5
Married to Clay, Driftveil city's gym leader
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User Info: james009222

4 years ago#6

I cannot stop what I do most
If I do, I cannot evolve
Because when I faint
The tragic truth of my fainting will be revealed.

i love this site
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User Info: lilaschildkrote

4 years ago#7
Official Golbez of the pokemon black2 and white2 boards.
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User Info: purplezoroark

4 years ago#8
>Nothing witty to type
If you like pokemon or want to laugh ~

User Info: Hero_Of_Rhyme

4 years ago#9
Chansey? :P
Through early morning fog I see visions of the things to be

User Info: Ultimate_Nova_X

4 years ago#10
Mugiloko posted...
I'm so good.

triple posting ftw

How did you do that?

Also, Koiking/Magikarp and Hinbass/Feebas.
We need an FPS where the US are the bad guys and China/Japan/Russia etc. are the good guys
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