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What pokemon game is the most dark?

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User Info: Dark_Link92

4 years ago#21
Lexifox posted...
Mudkip43 posted...
When was it stated that N was abused?

He is stated to have kept surrounded only by hurt and abused Pokemon. His room is full of toys that have been damaged by things like claws, suggesting the Pokemon he was with had a bit of a violent temper. The fact that he lived his entire life isolated from the real world is itself a form of abuse.

When Plasma's plan is done with, Ghetsis furiously insults N, calling him a freak, taunting him over his inability to understand humans (a result of his isolation), and proceeds to battle you using a team that seems tailored to defeat N's. The fact that he has Kyurem attack you in BW2 shows his regard for human life, and has certain implications for what would happen when N's usefulness is gone.

I generally agree, in fact wording it the way you did emphasises the Nightmare Fuel-ness of it, but I didn't get the impression that the Pokemon were violent- just that N had no human friends so he would play with his Pokemon like children play with each other, so the toys were damaged just because they were played with.
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User Info: RunetheKoopa

4 years ago#22
Enigma149 posted...
mralpha543 posted...
12Rouge posted...
Rupin_Salesman posted...
Other: The caves in Mystery Dungeon are quite dark.

User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#23
gladwyn101 posted...
Screw the games. My dream about Pokemon last night is the most dark.

An antagonist kidnapping Gym Leaders by trapping them in badges, doing the same to Ash's Pikachu, then killing it before he catches up with the villain. Then Ash trying to kill the antagonist with his bare hands, and nearly succeeding, then I woke up.

I think you have a Darkrai infestation.
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User Info: SuperRup91

4 years ago#24
From: pmackinnon | #019
Why would anyone vote for R/B? Lavender Town's music really isn't scary to anyone over the age of 8 and Red killing a Raticate is just fan speculation.

this. I never understood people's obsession with lavender town. They act like it is some masterpiece in horror.
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