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Pokemon Spirit Signs: Part #8!

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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#31
Jabba was looking around,and he saw a pack of pokemon running around.

Jabba:I wonder what they're doing...

He then saw a Vulpix with the pack.

Jabba:Is that...Mary?

He ran towards the pack.

Jabba:Hey guys! Wait up!


He saw Jabba trying to keep up.

Tableflip:Guys...I think that's Jabba!


Everyone shifted back into humans and walked towards Jabba.



They hugged each other.

Jabba:I got you a gift...

Jabba pulled out a fire stone.

Mary:Is that for me?


Mary picked up the fire stone with her hands.She started to glow.Her fur started to turn a yellowish color,and she gained more tails.She even grew taller.Her spirit pokemon finally evolved.She then hugged Jabba tight.

Mary:I love you,Jabba.


Tableflip:By the way...Do you know anything about someone recreating the Mio formula?


Tableflip:Can you help us find out?

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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#32
Changlini posted...
GSH--------"...Okay, um.. what?"
Petite-------"That Dracid-"

"BOO- ow ow ow !"
Furez----"Shut it, man! How does that feel?"

"Wont get me to stop calling yo-"
GSH-----"Shut. It. Continue, Petite."

Petite-------"Poli, and Sonya the Astronaut are waiting to gain permission to enter the building. Saying something about helping us with the Evalia problem."
GSH--------"Meh, why not? Let them in, we'll brief them on what's currently going down."
Petite-------"Yes, mister!."

The woman runs off to open the door for Poli, and Sonya.
Petite-----"Alright you two, come in, and follow me past the hallways lined with bulletin boards, shelves, computers, to finally get into that dark Situation Room... and I talked too much."

"Anyways, come."

Poli ---- "Thank you."

Petite then goes back, leading the Dracid and his sister to the ever-dark Situation Room.
Official Miror Admin. Shadow Pokemon: Feraligatr.

User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#33
Luke and Asch woke up, fully recovered. Luke and Asch got up, Jackie Chan style.

Luke: Amazing, Asch. You've improved so much!

Asch: Likewise. It seems everyone has left, though.

A strange figure approached.

Luke: Hey, who the #%$!*&%#!$ is that guy?

Asch: Wash your mouth, Luke.

The figure walked up to the pair, examined their hands, and unsheathed its sword.

Luke: Oh, really?
"Don't worry, the worst that could happen is that we all die." -Jade Curtiss, Tales of the Abyss

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#34
Jabba:So...who are you?

Dawn:My name's Dawn!

Jabba:Hi Dawn!

The black figure in the sky looked panicked.It flew down to the group.The figure was Josh in his Zekrom form.'s Jessica...she was kidnapped!

Tableflip:Oh no...

Josh:The people who kidnapped her headed North.

The group headed North.

Jabba:I'm glad to sse you again,Mary.

Mary:Same here.

Tableflip and Emile were watching Jabba and Mary flirt with each other.

Emile:They're lovebirds just like us.

Tableflip:Do you think they'll have a child?


They continued walking northward.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#35
There was a mysterious cave in the fields.Tableflip and co. entered it.There were prison cells lined up in it.Jessica was in one of the cells.


They walked up to the prison cell.

Josh:Who put you in here?

Jessica:...They did...

She pointed behind the group.There were a few grunts.They knocked out everyone,but Jabba and Mary got away.


Jabba:They took everyone,Mary.We have to do something about it.

Mary:Yeah...I'm kind of scared of those grunts though...

Jabba:They're grunts! They're harmless!'re right! Lets go!

Jabba and Mary ran back into a cave ready for the assault.

"Oh no you don't..."

There was a machamp blocking the cave.Mary used psychic on machamp,making him faint.

Machamp:The grunts will stop worthless dogs.

Mary:Don't you call Jabba that!

She used flamethrower and burnt machamp to a crisp.Then they went into the cave.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#36
I'll change the bottom part if I have too, Just It seems like no one likes Skywards Idea, so I'm going Plan B.

Erika Couldn't Believe it. Tyler, Gone. The only person she loved, Gone! And Vortex just Mocks her. Kiera and Zora Decided to stay for awhile. Zora, to make sure Vortex doesn't come back, and Kiera for same reason as Zora, though she also Couldn't Bear leaving Erika in the shape she's in. She had tried to calm Erika, but to no Avail. If anything, Erika began to Cry even more.
Erika: Gwa!
Erika ran. She continued running Until she slid on a paper. It was from.... Tyler?
Erika: W-What is T-This?
Salamance: ... (Read it.)
Erika opened it. It read,

By the Time you read this Erika, I will have Died using Crediliylad to stop Valkyrion. My mother told me about you're Crush when i was in Hell, and I feel the same way towards you. I wish We had time to Be together, But Fate was against that. Do not Mourn over my Death, only move Forward. And tell Mephy, I'm sorry I accused him. I Will see you again in the Afterlife. Until then....Sayonara, Erika.


Erika was shocked at the letter. Tyler Knew She had a crush on him, and loved her back! At first Erika was Excited, but Remembered Tyler was Dead. This put her in even bigger Depression. Erika decided to Go to sleep, Thinking of her love, who loved her back, but isn't alive to admit it.
Erika: T-Tyler...

A Flash of Light. A man Fell out, Unconscious. All There was around the area was and Echo, Saying:

You must live.

Official Miror Admin Of Shadows.
Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#37
[Situation room]

The three continued walking at a fast pace down through the white hallways that were lined up all around them, passing countless bulletin boards, Guard members that were subtly giving a look at the Dracid, when he wasn't staring at them, finally getting to a dark, and warm hallway.

Petite-----"Alright, just down there lies the Situation room. Keep in mind that it's only warm here due to the server room directly below us."

"Petite! We can all here you from here! Now get in!"

Without further delay, she brought the Dracid, and the Astronaut into the dark room. Which was only being lit by the blue and yellow lights coming off of the monitors, and the center planning table lined with maps.

The male Guard Security Head, wearing grey, started to speak. While the multiple monitors lining the front wall showed countless locations, battles, and news broadcasts.

GSH-----"Okay, someone repeat what we just went over."

"Evalia's broadcast is about to begin within a couple of hours."
Sam----"There seems to be... Isaac? running towards the tower from that one news camera."

"Arckson's forces are currently seeing the battle between this entity, that we're dubbing Azure, take place near the center of the city, but still a good ways away from the Park, thankfully."
Furez----"Currently, Sam's disaster Prevention forces are holding that location down, mainly due to a new FSoC showing up... currently, we're deeming it harmless.."

"Finally, Space Station 368, and the..."
GSH------"Out with it, he's been with us long enough."

"Space station 368 has been silent for the past day."
Sam------"Sigh, the Killer of Glory is currently in Deep Space, searching for DST explorer."

"That's currently it."
Petite----"Forgetting the Heliplanes in the air, and Uka-6 currently at the pad, the crew sleeping."
Furez----"Uh.. oh yeah, we're currently trying to find Martini, to get Marknam' to question it, after that person provoked Goodman."
Sam-------"There's also this Fortuna that was mentioned when Arckson, and Monicle got a team to save Ycre, an Alakazam, Prindle, and.. the Two LSRC grunts."

GSH-----"Alright, what did you two think we should do about Evalia?"

[Last story related post of the Day]
[Giving control of the events following inside the Land of the Setting Sun/Risen Sun to everyone else.]
[Just keep in mind that Evalia has proven competent in defending herself. She's not gonna make it easy to stop her from revealing her information to the Public(Was briefed on a lot of events during that Festival Incident).]
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#39
Jabba and Mary was running through the cave.They saw the first cell,which had a reshiram,laying down on the floor with tears going down her face.

Reshiram:Why did I have to lead them here...I didn't want them to be hurt...

Jabba:What's wrong?

Reshiram:Oh..nothing.I'm Jessica by the way.

Jessica shifted back to her human form.

Jabba:We'll break you out of here.

Jabba stuck out one of his claws and inserted it into the keyhole,opening the cell.

Jessica:Thank you.

Mary:Uh...we got trouble.

There were grunts behind them.Jessica unleashed a fusion flare on them,defeating them.

Jabba:Lets move on.

They continued to run through the cave.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#40
Asch and Luke are fighting Azure.
"Don't worry, the worst that could happen is that we all die." -Jade Curtiss, Tales of the Abyss
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