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Wedlocke part 2

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User Info: Bruce_Wanye

4 years ago#1
Hey guys, it's me again. I coed the other topic because I did not have enought time to play, so I'm continuing now!

Quite a lot happened.

I made the rocket grunts in the slowpoke well blast off.
I beat bugsy.
I caught some new pokemon.
I defeated Whitney
I went to the burned tower, fought my rival
Many of my guys evolved
I defeated morty!!

Okay guys, I can't take this! Coconut the butter free has died to a slowpokes headbutt! While she was trying to save cookie, she fell. :( I introduced Plum the ghastly to cookie, and he warmed up to her.

But while training, tragedy struck. Not even level 10, she was killed by a pursuing rattata! Oh no, poor cookie! He is heartbroken.

But cookie, having the will of stone, keeps going and makes friends with cucumber the poliwag, who is growing very fast.


Jalapeño(quilava) lv 23
Stawberry(furret) lv 24

Cookie(geodude) lv 23
Cucumber(poliwag) lv 12

Sandwich(victreebel) lv 23
Clover(flaafy) lv 24


Plum (gastly) lv 9
Coconut ( butterfree) lv 23
I'm Batman!

User Info: Bruce_Wanye

4 years ago#2
I'm Batman!
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