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Your Username decides what pokemon you use.

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User Info: niklnip

4 years ago#361
85. Dodrio

That's cool
Black 2 Friend Code [Nikl]: 0433-7110-2756
Official Swoobat of the Pokemon X board

User Info: KeyBlade999

4 years ago#362
Gastly if I use the 9's, Alakazam if I don't.
Every wound a new opportunity, every curse a new challenge.
I shall encounter defeats... But I will not be defeated.

User Info: NecroStreak128

4 years ago#363

User Info: adismaltheft

4 years ago#364
108. Lickitung yeah!
I think never is enough.
Gamertag: Icecold229

User Info: vitaminVTEC

4 years ago#365
#139, Omastar

i'll take it
it's good for you.

User Info: Amazee_Daisy

4 years ago#366
I got Koffing
Just call me the metal slime of Paper Mario.
FC: 5472-6332-4578

User Info: Holy_Buffalo

4 years ago#367
#123, AKA Scyther. Schwing!

User Info: NeolsRecords

4 years ago#368
128 Tauros.
I intend to live forever... so far, so good.

User Info: Power1995

4 years ago#369
Electrode >.<

User Info: Yzzin

4 years ago#370
100, Voltorb meh
PSN: malikithe1/ XBL:yzzin/ Steam: yzzin
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  3. Your Username decides what pokemon you use.

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