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Your Username decides what pokemon you use.

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User Info: Natatteru

4 years ago#51

Ah, that's cool, I like it.
PSN: NatatBW
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User Info: Dreag0n

4 years ago#52

Ok I gues.
"How the Christ do you expect to reverse-Atlantis an entire city? You're just the Dragonborn, not the Daedric Prince of Civil Engineering." - DocWily

User Info: RicardoSForever

4 years ago#53
176 Togetic. It's evolution (Togekiss) is alright, so I don't mind starting with it.
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User Info: Emerald_Flash

4 years ago#54

Official Latios of the Pokemon X/Y Boards
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User Info: wingblade98

4 years ago#55
CarbideTitan posted...
Take your GameFAQs username
<----------- it's over there.

Add up the digits using this Table

A =1
B =2
C =3
D =4
E =5
F =6
G =7
H =8
I =9
J =10
K =11
L =12
M =13
N =14
O =15
P =16
Q =17
R =18
S =19
T =20
U =21
V =22
W =23
X =24
Y =25
Z =26

For example: CARBIDETITAN = 3+1+18+2+9+4+5+20+9+20+1+14 = 106

106 is Hitmonlee

Your turn!


gengar huh?
As long as there are jimmies, i will rustle them.
Jeff is behind you

User Info: FuzzyJello

4 years ago#56
157. Typholsion? Can't object.

User Info: AIMgame321

4 years ago#57
I'm a golduck.

User Info: Alakazam_fan

4 years ago#58

I win.
He asked if it was possible for a male human to have a sex with a female horse. He even drew a diagram; I think a stepladder was involved.

User Info: ColtCababa

4 years ago#59
Poliwag for the win, hell yeah!
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User Info: EpicDragonite

4 years ago#60
BluntGrunt posted...
I got Dragonite. Awesome stuff.

I wanted that one... D:
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