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Your Username decides which pokemon you use V2

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User Info: adismaltheft

4 years ago#111
I think never is enough.
Gamertag: Icecold229

User Info: Hydoom

4 years ago#112

Hydoom... Er...
Because Y is being used as a vowel, I'm counting it as such.

So, 80 x 3...

...... 240. YOU SAID IT WOULD GET OUT OF GEN1 AND 2 ;A;! Liar! 8U...

Ahem. 240 is... ................................

God no. Freaking cheese... I hate Magby! ;A;
Y shall not be counted as a Vowel! :D

80x2... 160 o3o...

Mah favorite Gen2 Starter! 83!

User Info: NinjaKitsune

4 years ago#113
368: Gorebyss. Um...hmm...Not my first pick, but you know what? I can live with it.
Take this! My love, my anger, and ALL OF MY SORROW!

User Info: DarkHeroRaven

4 years ago#114

Huh, I can live with it. Not bad at all.

User Info: tamayamawuv

4 years ago#115
#353, Shuppet. Meh.

User Info: Luthon

4 years ago#116
180 now a flaffy

User Info: AquaV

4 years ago#117
1 + 17 + 21 + 1 + 22 = 62

62 * 3 = 186

Politoed. Considering 62 is Poliwrath and was what i had in the first one, I'm surprised.

User Info: Dreadtion2

4 years ago#118
90x2= 180
180x4= 360= wynaut

i'm a circle yay
official scientist of team miror. shadow pokemon: haunter
3ds fc: 0645-6254-0420

User Info: bestssbbfan

4 years ago#119
B =2
E =5
S =19
T =20
S =19
S =19
B =2
B =2
F =6
A =1
N =14
109 x 2 = 218

Meh, its an improvement from koffing.
Created 6/12/2011
This sig will not change until mewtwo is confirmed in Super Smash Bros 4!

User Info: HeyWheresKel

4 years ago#120
Gothitelle. I went from badass Articuno to an emo girl who reminds me of a black tiered cake.
"I see the way you look at him. I'm a man too, ya know? I go pee pee standing up!"
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