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Pokemon Spirit Signs: Part 9!

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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#51
Lucy's Side

"The Latias is still at large, although there have been no reports of it since the Lilycove Tragedy weeks ago. In other news, massive destruction in Kanto has been-"

I hurl a knife at the television screen in the viewing window. I wander through Celadon, the streets all but completely abandoned. Fear does things to people. I curse Pete under my breath, although I know that what happened then wasn't his fault- actually, it was his fault for doing something as stupid as killing the town Elder. Look at where it got him now.

The Latias's assault, which I know is connected to what happened to Peter, may have halted for now. It'll come back soon.

And when it does...

.... when it does...

That's an alternative I'd hate to see come to pass. Peter... Pete knows what to do about this. Shame he's dead. Then again, that's why I'm here in this wretched city in the first place. I reach my destination. With a somber sigh, I walk inside. A lone light illuminates a sole figure. I grab the hilt of my dagger.

"So," I begin. "I hear you know how to bring the dead back to life."
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#52
Gubbey posted...
TVirusPredator posted...
Waiting on Gubbey...

So that's what it feels like...

Sorry ;_;

I wanted to wait until I could get on the computer to make a post, but I don't want to keep you waiting. So I'll use the 3DS (Like I'm doing now).

Actually, I still need to wait, since I can't copy/paste links on the 3DS. Sorry ;_;
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#53
|Activity Post, due to having a hard time to think of anything.|
[---The valley outside the walls of the Land of the Setting Sun(Also called Risen Sun)---]
(2:34 AM)

Goodman, after all these years, do you think that the blasted.. Blumeg we planted, will have sprouted? I sure don't, and if it did, I'll personally burn it myself!

The lady of Luck and Fortune stood within a decision. To whether refuse to grace the mound with her presence, or to give it the luck it needs, and see it sprout.

Fortuna------"This magnificent being has shown me this sight, but what should I do? Grace it with the powers of Luck, or Fortune?"

The demon stood, gracefully pondering the decision in front of the entity that so enthralled her to see.

(2:38 AM)

The sound of the Kricketots playing their tune faded with the wind, and the sound coming from the silent storm within the outer space above. But, Marknam's class was just beginning to stop dosing off, and run on reserve energy.

Marknam'------"Alright, there you see a random lady with a wheel replacing her.. belly?"
Student 2------"Shnap, where!?"
Student 3------"I... See it?"
Student 1------"Wait, why are we leaving!?"
Marknam'------"Because that's not where we are going, now sit down!"

The bus starts to go down a dirt path leading to a nearby stream.

Marknam'------"Does a lady with a wheel for her body mean anything to you?"
Sam-------------"...Uh.. not currently, do you have a name?"
Marknam'------"Nope, anyways bye."

The path continues to now run alongside the cold stream of clear water, past the sleeping Anoriths, and the well awake Surskits. All the while, the bus shines its two lights brightly into the dark of the night.

Student 1------"Alright, why is it so cold all of a sudden?"
Student 2------"Look at the stream, you bozo!"
Marknam'------"Shut it, we're here!"

The Teacher forces all the students, and the buss driver, off of the bus.

Student 3------"Alright, first, where are we?"
Student 1------"Second, where's that Donphan?"

Marknam'------"We are currently, in front of some ruins that some historic guards were able to link to some past civilization or something. And about that Donphan... There it is!"

The group then sees the pokemon rolling to catch up with the group, due to lack of sleep, the three feet tall pokemon crashes into the orange school bus, knocking it over into the stream.

Driver---------"Marknam', what did we just see?"
Student 2--"Our on-"
Driver--------"Are you Marknam'?"
Marknam'--"Of course she's not. Anyways, it seems as though we just saw our bus fall into the stream, sideways."

The Teacher and Driver give a nod to each other, and speed off to the drowsy Dunphan, leaving the students with the Serperior, and Seviper.

Student 1--"...and they.. are.. gone.."
Student 3--"Alright, what just happened?"
Student 2--"Quick! Who payed attention to the lesson in the past month?!"

One student raises his hand, but then quickly pulls it back down.

Student 1--"Alright, we're stuck her, at 2:50 AM, and the sky above us looks like some kind of light show. What do we do?"
Seviper-----"!@*&@!$#(%^$%) $*&(%^&(*%"
Student 3--"..How about you two lead the way, and we follow?"

The two Pokemon nod in agreement, and proceed to lead the students through the ruins. But after some complaints, the two pokemon slither back on the dirt road that the students came from.
The group continued.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#54
Oh wow, I didn't miss that much... :O
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#55
Vortex's mother, Nicole, pushed Vortex off of her.

"What do you think you're doing, Donald?" she spoke in an annoyed tone.

"Wh-what do you mean?" Vortex stammered.

"Don't you play dumb with me, young man. I know exactly what you've been up to, releasing all those nasty Heartless, destroying people's lives, corrupting people and turning them into your slaves... When did you become this horrible?!"

Vortex backed away in shock. "I... I was just trying to--"

"There's no excuses for this kind of behavior, Donald."

Mephistopheles's theme begins playing:

"Someone has to put a stop to this. To punish you," Nicole continued, pulling out a dagger.

"N-no, mom... Please stop it..." Vortex trembled, almost in tears.

"You know who killed me, Donald?... Or should I be calling you Vortex now?"

"Nobody killed you, mother... You're standing right there..."

Nicole continued, "It was Mephistopheles who killed me. That demon you used to work for."

"He's the one who...?"

"Indeed. Do you want to see how it went?" Nicole asked, slowly smiling.

"What do you-- MOTHER!!" Vortex screamed as he rushed to his mother. She had stabbed herself in the stomach.

"That's not all, son..." She grinned as she slit her own throat. She was lying on the ground, bleeding out as Vortex sobbed over her motionless body.

Then she looked up, and Vortex started backing away again. "M-m-mother...?"

"Such tears...." she said while crawling crawling after him, dagger in hand. "What beauty they hold... Those tears of sorrow..."

She suddenly grabbed Vortex's leg and plunged the knife into it. He screamed in agony, falling over and holding the wound.

"Hehehehehehahahahahahah!... What's the matter, little Donald? Got a boo-boo? Here, come to mommy..." She then grabbed his other leg and slashed it, pulling him closer.

"Mommy... stop... it..." Vortex managed to choke.

"WHY? You do this to to other people ALL THE TIME!" Nicole shouted, with an insane look in her eyes. "HOW IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT?!"

She stabbed and slashed mercilessly at Vortex's now motionless, blood-soaked body. "You hurt people, you threaten them, you kill them YOU BETRAY THEM..."

Her face was filled with undiluted fury. "YOU DESERVE ALL OF THIS... YOU... YOU MONSTER!!!"

Pryce and Katherine stared with horror. Then they saw Mephistopheles where Vortex's mother once was, huffing madly.

Mephistopheles tossed the dagger aside, and examined Vortex's bloodied body. He then looked at his blood-soaked hands, and back at Vortex.

He began to tear up.

"I'm the monster..." he sobbed.

[Keep in mind that Vortex can regenerate, so he's still alive. But Pryce, Katherine, and Mephistopheles don't know that.]
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#56
Gubbey posted...
Gubbey posted...
TVirusPredator posted...
Waiting on Gubbey...

So that's what it feels like...

Sorry ;_;

I wanted to wait until I could get on the computer to make a post, but I don't want to keep you waiting. So I'll use the 3DS (Like I'm doing now).

Actually, I still need to wait, since I can't copy/paste links on the 3DS. Sorry ;_;

There's nothing to apologize about. Real life has pulled me away from the computer when someone has been waiting on me more than once, so I'm in no position to hold it against you.

But I will admit, since you said "to be continued", and told everyone involved not to post yet, I was thinking that you would post part two sooner.

Anyway, I'll do my bit.
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#57
"I won't lie and say that what just happened wasn't a little bit twisted," Pryce said, walking over to Mephistopheles so that he could comfort him. "but I do see where you come from."

"...when you killed Poli," Mephistopheles asked. "did you feel this?"

"A little bit. But I got over it. You wanna know the secret?"

Mephistopheles nodded in response.

"You have to know, and I mean really know, that you killed the right person. Or demon. Or whatever. Vortex would've gotten back to his Heartless, he couldn't have been allowed to stay kicking."

"I guess that makes sense... so why do I still feel so horrible?"

"Time heals all wounds. And I'm really sorry to say this, but because of how you did it, it'll take a little more time than normal."

Mephistopheles hung his head.

"But anyway," Pryce said, to try and put the regular smile on the demon's face. "do you always cross-dress for revenge?"

But Mephistopheles was in no mood for humor. He clung to Pryce, weeping in his shirt.

"There, there." Pryce said, hugging Mephistopheles and patting his back, not caring about the potential chemical properties of demon tears. "Let it out."

"Ahhhh." Katherine said, getting up from the bench as she finally got her bearings on reality. She noticed a bleeding Vortex on the floor. "Fight's over already? What did I miss?" She said as she turned to Pryce and Mephistopheles, surprised to find the demon crying on her old friend.

Pryce turned and gave Katherine a solemn look, which let her knew that now wasn't a good time to interrupt. "You don't wanna know." he told her.

Suddenly, energy shots knocked everyone back. Vortex was standing up, still alive.

"How did we forget that, being a demon, Vortex would regenerate unless someone set fire to his blood?" Pryce asked.

"No idea." Mephistopheles responded.

"Well, you two got all the fun last time." Katherine asked. "Mind letting a lady have a go?"

Pryce and Mephistopheles looked at each other, then back at Katherine. "Ladies first." Pryce said. "We'll back you up if things get too tough."

"You're saying you don't think I can--"

"If, Katherine, if!"

Katherine then had a smile on her face. "...good answer." She then turned to Vortex, and brought out her chakrams. "All right, Vortex. Let's see if you know how to treat a lady."

OoC: Chandler, Garioshi, feel free to have your characters interrupt if you want.
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#58
(3:40 AM)

The group of misfits continued on within the night, following the Seviper and Serperior as they both slithered through the valley. Even over the streams emitting such coldness within the air around them, around a few large rocks that stood high above the flowers below it, and even into the deep tall grass in one obscure area under a hill!

Student 2-----"That's it, when we get back, I'm going for the day class."
Student 1-----"Why? It's not like they fair better."
Student 3-----"The woman has a point, I mean, at least you can sleep in the night!"
Student 1-----"Right.. so.. I think I see a woman over-."
Student 2-----"SHHHHH!"

The group sees a few silhouettes within the dark grass that blocks them from getting close to the Woman. The Seviper takes notice along with the Serperior, and they both show a concern through their native languages.

Student 3---"Thought I heard them say Ground and Fire for a moment."
Student 2---"Strange.. that could only mean.."
Student 1---"Numel, or Camerupt!"

And with that, the two Silhouettes are alerted to the presence of the group.
The dark fields of rock, grass, and flowers is then turned into an array of red light as scarlet flames erupt from the two pokemon.

After smacking the first student, the others start to form a plan, laying low with the Seviper and Serperior as they see the flames go barely past them, and disappear just before lighting the grass around the group.

Student 2----"Alright, do we know of-whoa, close."
Student 3----"Know what moves of the Cassandra, and Satchet?"
Student 1----"Nope, why don't you ask them?"
Student 3----"Ugh, fine!"

He then turns to the two serpentine Pokemon lying alongside the group. After a few moments of deciphering what the two Pokemon said, the student stood up, and began to order the two.

Student 3----"Cassandra! Use... uh, wrap?"

Disappointing at the choice of words, the Seviper sprang onto the body of the smaller pokemon, and continued to start stretch its long body around it. But, the other larger Pokemon took action and started to stomp down on the ground, attacking the Poison type. Seeing Cassandra take the painful stomps, which pushed it off of the Numel, the Serperior went in using a very sharp leaf on its tail as a blade, slashing at the legs of the six foot tall beast.

Student 1----"We gotta-"

Too late, the recovered Numel spewed out a small flame from the hole on its back, landing on the Serperior, staggering it from a burn, and leaving it open for another Fire Plume from the Camerupt. But before it hit the serpent, the female student came in and swung back the flames with a slab of stone.

Student 3-----this is bad.. wait, Cassandra's signaling me!
Cassandra---"Ordar.. mm.. tih us.. sater ale!"
Student 3-----Sater Ale? Uh.. wait, think... "I got it!"
"Cassandra! Use aqua Tail!"

Casandra, glad at the male student understanding her, quickly drenched her tail blade within a nearby puddle of cold water, and swung her body around until she got enough momentum to then swing her roaring tail blade engulfed within water into the Camerupt, quickly subduing it. After the Camerupt feinted, so did the Seviper after receiving a Bulldoze to her back. Running low on options, student 3 ordered the Serperior to use wrap again, and this time, student one came in and helped the pokemon subdue the creature.

With that done, they continued(4:30AM).

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#59
Changlini posted...
continued to start raping its long body around it.

I hope to Arceus that that's a typo.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#60
Gubbey posted...

I hope to Arceus that that's a typo.

And now my lack of proof reading will come to bite me..
Edited to stretch.
*Cowers in fear of the mods*
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