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Battle situational strategy

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User Info: SeThelloSoma

4 years ago#1

Lets face it, the battle system has been the exact same since Gen 1 with a few minor tweaks (GREAT tweaks btw like pokemon abilities), but every gen the battle system gets a boost and I know just what Game Freak is going add.

Battle events! Special things you can do and attack during battle to change the tide.

Like how in the anime when Ash was facing Brock, he put the sprinkler on so pika could 1HKO onyx.

How do you know I know this you ask???? Its a no brainer really! Its a 3D game meaning the battle system can provide a greater variety of ambiance and interaction. It makes perfect sense. Hide behind a tree, Jump in the water. Push a pokemon into a fire. This would add an insane amount of strrrrrategy.


User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#2
Although this would be very cool, I don't really want this TBH.
Maybe have a KIND of battle where you can do this (like Double Battles and Triple Battles), but I wouldn't want this to be constant. It would break a lot of Pokemon.
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User Info: adamolden

4 years ago#3
Uh they already have stuff like that. Pokemon uses Soak. Pokemon's type becomes Water, proceed to Thunder Bolt/Shock/Etc.

User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#4
Take your morning medicine be fore you post, please. credit CM_Ponch

User Info: SeThelloSoma

4 years ago#5
Im not talking about a move you inbred,

It would situationally place your pokemon in the environment. This could boost its stab attacks (a water pokemon in water would gain a bonus), or fighting in sand could slow down a pokemon. etc

Its practically guranteed by the devs. I welcome this embrace to strategy.

Think of it like super smash brothers. Fighting in normal grass or on a route road would be like final destination, while fighting in a volcano or while surfing would be like warios warehouse.

It would make gym battles a hell of a lot more interesting.
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