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Hugh doesn't have a Gyarados.

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User Info: Fierce_Deity777

4 years ago#11
KingTumbleweed posted...
Also, Wally's first pokemon was a Ralts despite its only move being Growl.

Oh, god. I remember thinking what it would require to be able to start the game like that. I figure it's possible though. It would require something along the lines of fighting a ralts-vs-ralts battle and killing the opposing ralts with Struggle or outlasting it's Struggle. Though unless you have some potions to sponge the 1/4 HP lose each turn, it would be a tough fight. One that might boil down to hoping for a critical hit Struggle, if that's even possible.
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User Info: Prodozul

4 years ago#12
IrisVile posted...
The_Sol_Blader posted...
A wizard did it

Basically this, but clever find! However it took Silver awhile before he got said Crobat if I remember correctly. Cyrus is a better example in my opinion.

Well Cyrus didn't mistreat Pokemon per-say he just used them to achieve a goal and was probably gonna release them after he achieved his goal.
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  3. Hugh doesn't have a Gyarados.

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