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Pokemon Spirit Signs Part 10(real one)

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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#201
Martini, I believe this person that you're trying to talk to is for all intents and purposes, a wild animal.

Martini sees Marknam stomping across the street. He follows. She stops and sees him.

"Please don't cry. It wasn't me that hit you." -Martini.

She starts to cry.

"I-- I thought you could've been like them! You put our lives in danger that night! Then you have the nerve to strike me in front of my students?!" -Marknam.

She unexpectedly swings her hand to slap. As the hand approaches, Martini ducks. She tries to kick him but he backsteps.

"Calm down. Just stay calm." -Martini.

He hugs her.

"Who's 'them'?" -Martini.

She's still crying. Martini kisses her bleeding hand.

"Graduating class? Poffin recipe? You wanna tear it?" -Martini.

His scythe and poison turn back into shears and a blow dryer.

"Need help?" -Martini.

He hands her the other handle of his shears. He takes the recipe and places it between the blades.

"Ready when you are." -Martini.
What the heck?! I've been moving like Jabba for FIVE days now and I ain't learned nuthin'! :(
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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#202
Changlini posted...
Garioshi posted...
I have no idea on Giratina's motive.

I'm starting to seriously question your choice of Giratina now, I mean, why choose it in the first place?

Because otherwise Shaka doesn't stand a ghost of a-*shot* But seriously, he's sort of corrupted, making him a more believable character that that... thing I made at the end of topic 8.
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#203
I'm logging off for today.

Do what you want with our characters Tableflip.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#204

Grandma, you're giving me your prized recipe?!.. But.. why? It means a lot to you..
..Simple, because you have showed great promise..
..but what about the others?
..dear, the others don't have your capacity to teach.. your capacity to help others reach greatness..

Marknam' was struck by the decision brought up by the fabulous in front of her.
On one sheer, she could finally relieve herself of the burden of ever having to live up to her ill grandmother.

But, on the other sheer, the choice to tear down the fabric that held her through the countless faces of disappointment, the fabric that gave her the one single goal to help, to guide others into the greatness that awaited them, the fabric that reminds her of the ever kind love she received from her grandmother.. would be gone forever.

Marknam'.. tell me the instructions, and I'll follow..

Both hands were on the sheers, and she continued to slowly close them.
As the space between the two sharp blades closed, Martini could see the hands of the lady show he fighting between the anger that wants to destroy the past, and the anger that wants to keep the harmful reminder.

First, place the berries filled with the freshness of a great harvest into the pounder.

Martini---"What's the matter? Isn't this what you want?"

Then, after making the powder, lovingly place them within the mixer..
But before that dear, tell me what comes before that..

Marknam' started to tear, but her face still had the look of a thousand angry faces looking for answers. She continued, but her hands started to shake uncontrollably, moving the shears from side to side as she tried so hard to stop herself from destroying the remaining love from her grandmother.

Place the your favorite berries.. a sour Grepa, and a Qualot in our case.. into the mixer..
And then dear..
Stop half-way through the process, mix the hate filled powder with the tenderness of the love infused gooey mix..
And then dear, there's one more part..

Marknam'----"I.. I can't do it!"

With your hopes.. and dreams..
Yes, continue!

She breaks out into a cry.

Stir the mix,

Marknam'----"I just can't do it! It means too much to me! The paper, the history behind it, the promise I took for her!"

And see it form..

She puts the shears down, and continues to weep within the arms of Martini'.

Marknam'----"Why do I out of all these people have to put up with this?! Why do I have to be the one to try to provide the means of a better future to those who only take for granted, to those who disrespect it!? WHY?!"

Into the dream puffin..

She continued to weep within the arms of Martini, ever waiting for an answer, any answer.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#205
After about an hour of being passed out, Will wakes up.

Will: Oh gosh.... What did I do?...... Oh well hmmm... I'm pretty hungry...

Suddenly, a large bucket of fried fish and french fries appeared in his hands.

Will: Huh?..... Oh well...

He then sets about eating the bucket of fried goods.

Will: (bite munch chew) Yum, this is (chew) pretty good for just appearing (munch) like that.

Suddenly, he hears a rustling in the bushes.

Will: Who is that?

A really familiar voice calls back.

???: Well... umm.... just promise you won't run screaming or anything.

Will: Hmm... do I know you? Oh well... I doubt I'd do that, I'd be more worried for you being scared away.

???: Ok then....

when the person walks out into the open Will, and her let out a loud intake of breath!

Will: Light-Gale?!

Gale: Will?-Wait... my name isn't Light-Gale... it's just plain Gale.... And Wait... Who exactly are you, why do I know your name, and why do we look so weird!?
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#206
Off to bed, this time without any stupid jokes. >_>

See ya'll tomorrow.
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#207
I'm back.

Also, WOW. 200 posts in my absence. Yeah.

I'm so sorry to Chandler and TVirus for making you two wait. I wish you had just went ahead with your posts instead of waiting for me. I feel horrible for holding you up like that :(

Hmm... Okay, sequels. Personally, I prefer it to be 10+ years ahead rather than 5. Another Mio outbreak sounds interesting, but I haven't really decided which Idea I like. Although Jabba always has great Ideas :3

Mephy and Love: It's not that Mephy can't have children, it's just that in Hell, everyone wants to kill him, in Heaven, everyone wants to kill him, and on PokéEarth, everyone either runs away or wants to kill him. So his chances of finding true love are abysmal. Plus, true love is his greatest fear, since he knows he lives forever but the people he's close to will always die, while he lives on. And there's nothing he can do about it.

Willingmess: If there's anything I hate in a story, it's a character existing just to be the love interest of another character. So unless Hypna has an important role in the story, and can stand on her own as a character, I'm not too keen on the idea.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#208
The fight continued through the night, a Krookodile approached Jace with its red mouth opening up for a crunch into his blue arm.

"Ha! You think that measly attack could penetrate our defense!?"

The Thundurus quickly dispatched it with a hammerus swing from his right arm, flinging its body back at one if the trainers.

T2----"Tyrannitar! Use stone edge!"

The tyrannitar got a large sharpened stone, and stabbed Jace with it, causing a short stagger from the Thundurus, that then was met with another hammer like arm, flinging the Rivk Pokemon back to the second trainer.

GM1---"There goes both our challengers."
GM2---"But that doesn't mean that we're out of the fight!"

The winds started to pick up, and the sky became cloudy. The two guards followed the two valiant dragon Pokemon into an attack against Jace.

"So, you want to go all out eh? So be it."

The Thundurus evaded the first dragon claw from the Salamence, but the wave being emitted by the three heads of the Hydreigon landed on to Jace, flinging him back a few steps, and giving enough time for the grunts to continue their assault, and try to subdue him.

"Very well, do you think you can handle the sheer force of lightning I control!?"

Before he could ready his tail to unleash lightning into the Grunts subduing him, he sensed a familiar presence within the air.


The dragon Pokemon, and Guard members were confused at that name that was shouted, but before they could question, Jace lifted the opponents off of him, and his cloud.

"Sorry guys, gotta go, well finish this battle later!"

And with that, Jace flew up above, and away from the grunts, all the while staring at the smoke coming from the fire he started meeting the water moves of the Pokemon that live within the marsh.

Where is he?
I sense a strong force coming from within the valley past the black walls
Then let's go!

Jace then flew over the marsh, the silo area, and even the tall black walls that guard the land. And over the valley he searched for his enemy, Axiom.

[---The Obelisk---]

All the while, back at the obelisk, Prindle continued to search for the key with Petite throughout the night, until.. by the obelisk, Petite searched under, through the ground.

Petite---"I found it!"
Petite----"look at it!"

The enthusiastic cleaning crew member showed the object to the young man. Looking like a golden line, holding a few indents within its hook like ends, it appeared to be missing something.

Prindle----"Well, that certainly won't open anything."
Petite-----"But what if it needs to be combined?"
Prindle----"Great question, let's start on the trail for the other one then!"

With that, they both continued to get into a Heli-plane to fly out of the area. And after a few moments in the air, Prindle and Petite started to doze off, until eventually, Prindle turned white.

[Last post, before I sleep]

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#209
"Well, there goes my plans for the evening," Mephistopheles grumbled, unsuccessfully seeking shelter from the pouring rains. "Actually, there's tons of fun things I could try in the rain..."

"Or not. You're gonna catch a cold."

"And waste this excellent opportunity? I don't think so! Now, I was thinking we could extract some copper wiring from that street lamp, the fasten it to--"

"I'm serious, Mephy. You need to get out of the rain," Dusknoir spoke, slightly transparent in his non-solidified state to avoid the the storm.

Mephistopheles shook his head. "It's not like I have a place to stay. Anyway, when I set it up around the--"

"What are you talking about? You can stay with Pryce's family."

"Of course I can't. I'm a demon, soaking wet, and Pryce isn't with me. Plus, I don't want to be mooching. It's not fair to them."

"Not too long ago, you wouldn't have hesitated to take advantage of someone else."

The pair were silent for a moment.

"I... I'm not that person anymore," the demon responded, rolling the stolen copper wiring up into a tidy bundle. "And I'm glad for that, too. I used to be so horrible to other people."

"Of course that's a good thing. But it's like you've... You've kinda switched. You used to be awful to others and very self-centered, but now you're kind to others and are horrible to yourself. That worries me."

"All I really care about is my friends. They're all I have."

"I know that. I also know that you'll do anything for them, even though you can't do everything. And I also know that one day, you're gonna get yourself killed - for real - some time because of that."

Mephistopheles simply shrugged. "Eh, what can you do?"

"You can start by not worrying so much about what others think of you and ask Mr. and Mrs. Payne if you can stay the night."

The demon boy smiled. "Dusky... Always the voice of reason, hmm? Fine, I'll do that. But not until I finish this up."

Mephistopheles and Dusknoir then proceeded to surround the restaurant Pryce and Katherine were in with small copper spires placed on the ground, standing tall as lightning struck each one repeatedly.

The pair of pranksters took a moment to admire their handiwork, then teleported to the door of the apartment room occupied by the Payne family. Mephistopheles gave the door a polite knock. It was answered by Mr. Payne.

"Umm, hello," the soaking wet demon boy said, staring at the ground bashfully. "Would... Would you mind if I came inside?"


"The Cauldron..." the Crowned Skeleton spoke, deep within the ruins of his palace. What stood before him was a massive machine, long dormant but still pulsating with power. Cooling holes dotted the sides of the machine, lighting the room with a faint red glow.

King Valentine placed the large egg on the stone floors as he approached his long-lost masterpiece and stroked its metal exterior with his skeletal fingers.

"Ah... My precious Cauldron... How I've missed you so. Such a beautiful, yet abominable contraption... Who was the traitor that set you off, I wonder?"

The Cauldron gave no answer. It simply gave a large mechanical sigh, releasing a cloud of steam.

"Eh, but enough talk. It's time for you to feed, great Cauldron... So you may achieve your purpose..."
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#210

Poli came to as the heliplane reached the aircraft he'd seen throughout the day.

Ugh...I feel like a Spinda.

As the heliplane lowered and placed Poli down, grunts moved it to ensure that the woozy Kyurem couldn't try anything funny. He-it wobbled, but the wobbling was mitigated as Poli's mind fully recovered. Monicle stepped forward.

Monicle ---- "This is the second time we've caught you. Anyways, we have orders to take you to Palkia, on account of what Team Pink reported upon capture."
Poli -------- "What....what is all of this?"
Monicle ---- "Research. You thought I was intrigued, well, a being on board is outright mystified. Come along, so you can finish up with Palkia before we hand you to said being."

The grunts guided Poli down into the large containment room. As they entered, various medical grunts were finishing up with preliminary tests on Palkia. As Poli walked in more, Monicle and the grunt escort closed the hatch. Palkia was restrained and hooked to wires. The grunts left to give the two Legends some privacy.

Poli -------- "Can't believe this would happen. What did Arceus want you to tell me?"
Palkia ----- "Rather bad news. We have lost track of Akuro. Not even our fellow dieties from other dimensions and worlds can find him."
Poli -------- "So...we're figuratively in the dark."
Palkia ----- "Indeed. Fortunately, before we lost track, we noticed that Akuro was having difficulties with locating his final vessel."
Poli -------- "That's good, buys us some time to figure out the 4 I need to lead into battle against him. Anything else?"
Palkia ----- "One last thing. In the future, you may receive unexpected support."
Poli -------- "Thanks, Mighty Space Lord."
Palkia ----- "No need to call me that. It's rather humiliating, us two great beings easily captured and used as lab Rattata."

Palkia returned to slumber, as Poli deShifted. Poli walked around, waiting for the crew's next move. Feeling hungry, Poli looked to see if any of the medical grunts left anything safe and edible. Nothing. Poli sat by Palkia, ignoring the slight rumbling in his midsection, waiting.


Space, the cliche final frontier. A midnight blue sphere dotted with white stars flew down, towards the Pokeplanet.

It entered the atmosphere, and came to a stop at the Land of the Rising Sun. It entered the building Poli and Sonya called home, and went to Poli's bedroom.

The sphere flashed, and burst. The sphere itself rippled as it became a cloak, and out of a hole emerged a head donning a visor, golden helmet, and a gold necklace that held a red gem. The shadowy cloak rippled as the figure looked out the window towards the sleeping city.

??? ------- "That girl thought I was defeated...hah. As long as nightmares exist, I exist, for I too, am but a Nightmare."
Nightmare - "I despise what threatens this world. If people do not exist, I cannot inflict nightmares. My existence will be trivialized. And I will not be trivialized!"

The Nightmare continued looking.

Nightmare - "While I wait for my target, I'll have a little fun."

Nightmare lifted his cloak, swirling white energy composing his body, as he moved his hands like an orchestra conductor, replacing the dreams of the city's children with nightmares.

Yep, I brought Nightmare back.
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