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Pokemon Spirit Signs Part 10(real one)

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#301
Official Team Miror Scientist! Shadow Pokemon: Mismagius
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#302
"It sure was nice of them to let me back in." Mephistopheles said as he was heading for bed.

"You are a friend of Pryce's." Dusknoir said.

"Yeah, I just feel kind of bad mooching off his parents."

"But not about ruining his date?"

"Now that was just too good to resist. You think he'll figure out who did it?"

"He figured it out." Pryce said, as he walked into the bedroom.

"Pryce! Uh... how was your.... date?"

"It can be salvaged. I just thought you should know that I harbor no ill will towards you for your prank."

"Really? Uh... thanks."

"Right after this."


Pryce then started walking out to return to Katherine, but halfway out the door, he shouted "He's all yours, girls!"

Suddenly, a bunch of nine year old girls rushed in the bedroom, and mobbed Mephistopheles.

And with Mephistopheles due for another "makeover", Pryce walked out to rejoin his girlfriend, laughing as he left the demon screaming "No! NO!!! PRYYYYYYYYYYCE!!!!!"
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#303
[---The Island---]

The brown wooden cabin stood silently under the gaze of the abandoned DST facility way up above. As the entity stared down towards the frozen snow covered wooden cabin, it couldn't help but sense a force coming from one of the tombstones that lay within a small enclosed stone area.

..I.. it.. ..seems like..
..there lies something..
..of great.. importance..

The entity takes a look at the aircraft landing within the snow near the cabin. Two people come out, scanning the area for anything unusual. Finding nothing, they continued to the tombstones.

Pilot----"Alright, we're here..."
Petite--"Okay, let's get this over with. That cabin gives me the creeps."
Pilot----"Remember, we're looking for a strange flower."
Petite--"Got it."

..yes ..I should.. find it..

It flies towards the burial place, its veil spreading across the snow below.
As its eyes calmly stares down towards the area, it envelopes that two within the veil.

Petite----"Are we.. within a.. whiteout?"
Pilot------"Not.. sure.. wait, who's that?"

They both see two people enter the scene, both of them ladies, and wearing the white clothing. They stand in front of a frozen grave, one holding a strange flower, the other holding a piece of a key.

!!!------"..and so, we're here."
!?!-----"It.. it's been so long.. since I could remember.."
!!!------"Let's focus the time we have left, looking at the future, instead of the past."
!?!-----"Sure.. I'll place it here, within the hole."
!!!------"And I will place this here, to give importance to this place.."
!?!-----"But now, we're both stuck here, within the ghostly white snow valley.."

They both then stared at the rift that was forming behind them.. then, out came a large white, and pink lined creature.

!?!----------"Why.. are you here?"
Palkia----"To take you both somewhere, for your actions back during the shift have earned you to see the fruits of your labor!"
!!!-----------"But we both have already seen the fruits of labor.."
Palkia----"You may have seen it, but you have yet to appreciate it."

The memory fades into obscurity, back into the white scenery around it. The two grunts looked at each other, and found the fancy grave that held a frozen key, and a strange flower. All the while, the entity just calmly stares at the inscription.

.. this key.. holds.. the ability.. to open.. white lies within the past..
..but.. only the calm gaze from a being that lies.. within the background.. can place it in..

Suddenly, Prindle's veil fades, revealing the dark sky above to the two grunts. However, its eyes start to glow a ghostly white.

Petite----" that.."
Pilot------"That stare.."

No.. I must.. open..
I must.. show them.. the seekers..
all what lies within that library..

And with that, eyes of Prindle are seen heading down the mountain, while the two awake grunts follow suit. As the heli-plane rises above the snow, leaving the dark, silent cabin behind, the calm eyes of the entity are already speeding down the snowy mountain.

Petite----"Keep fallowing it."
Pilot------"Alright, you have the key?"
Petite----"Yes, and when the doors finally open."
Pilot------"We will call back the Seeker."

They continued to follow calm eyes of the barely visible entity down the mountain, over the recovered plains of grass, and through a forest still growing. To only see the eyes calmly stare at a wall within the overgrowth, seeing the eyes drawn onto the wall stare back, as if waiting for something to happen.

[I'm down to the final goal for me today, the sevii islands]

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#304

Nightmare floated above the building that the couple he generously gave to entered. A short moment later, screams from a different being were heard.

Nightmare --- "Ha...Ha ha HAH! I didn't expect this turn of events. Regardless, gotta love the outcome."

Nightmare pondered what action to take.

I already spread my nightmare-ish love, even expressed generosity. What next?

Nightmare --- "That would work to pass the time."

The shadowy cloaked being warped into the bedroom of the girls.

Nightmare --- "Surprise, sweeties!"

Nightmare warped out, leaving a midnight blue star floating. The girls halted momentarily, as Mephy looked towards them and the star. The star burst as one of them touched it, bursting into blue confetti, revealing a floating cat-like creature.

Nightmare, now back in the building of Poli, smirked.

Nightmare --- "Lets see how they like a new pet. As long as no pink puff balls enter the picture, Scarfies make the purr-fect pets!"

Poli explored the room. then settled on the bed, and observed the TV. A newscast was on, showing footage of past disasters as a reminder to the world of the public's ever-growing negative view of the Legendaries.

Poli cringed as they held a small reel of people burning anything Kyurem-related. Poli's aura grew as his mood soured.

Poli ---- "You almost iced over the entire planet, these responses shouldn't be surprising. I'm still amazed that these people haven't just locked me up and let me rot."

Not wanted to be negative for when they reached the Sevii Islands, Poli rummaged through the bookshelf, and took out a book.

Poli ---- "The Stand, eh? Might as well read."

Poli opened the book, and began to read. A few dozen minutes in, he stopped. He couldn't continue. His mind turned towards the family...the kids he would never have.

Poli ---- " matter how I do, I'll always be the Icy Terror. Who could love a monster, no matter how handsome?"

Poli looked at himself. Toned, well-bodied, looks that could kill. Even his gargantuan apetite couldn't ruin him; his metabolism was simply that fast.

Not wanting to put a damper on things, Poli thought of what he did have, and left to grab something to eat.
Official Miror Admin. Shadow Pokemon: Feraligatr.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#305

Within the room of Palkia, Monicle was with Ms.Ocillery ever so diligently working on the data they received from Palkia's boost of energy.

Ms.Oct----"Monicle, are you still having those flashbacks?"
Monicle----"No, it only happens when I'm dealing with special cases."

They both glanced at Palkia, ever always dwarfing them. The two continued to discuss what's next.

Monicle----"Alright, its personality was a little sporadic back there, but I'm sure it is nothing to worry about."
Ms.Oct----"Just remember, the last time that happened, a person's mind degraded to that of a ten year old."

Palkia, infuriated at the two forcing the legend to listen to such insignificant conversations, took notice at the small key Monicle was holding.

That human has a void key! None other than the one owned by Kyogre!

Palkia-----"You there, why do you have the void key of Kyogre?"
Monicle---"Because it left me its personal void within its will."
Palkia-----"I find it hard to believe that a legend such as Kyogre-"

Palkia stops at mid sentence, remembering Kyogre's actions within its time on the planet. Even in all the events that followed up to it mentally fusing with a sign Bearer.

Monicle-----"I can assure you, that it probably left me its void as a thank you."
Palkia-------"It makes sense, after that feud with Groudon, the two never seemed to have anyone to want to converse with them. While the rest of us were praised by countless societies, and Pokemon."
Monicle-----"..I actually have a question."

Intrigued at the human's sudden thought, the legend decided to listen to him, for it was at least better than just overhearing an insignificant conversation upon hours, and hours.

Palkia------"Since Kyogre took a liking to you, I will listen."
Monicle---"It was a question that two grunts, a friend of Goodman, asked me."

Monicle readies himself to ask, thinking of what the answer will be.

Monicle----"Can legendary pokemon live forever?"

The question had an answer so obvious to the Legend, that it thought it was being insulted!
But alas, another look at the face of the young doctor, and the being of space knew the sincerity of it.

Palkia---"I, myself, am-"

"Approaching Kanto waters."
"Estimated time of arrival; 4:00 AM"

Monicle was furious at the interruption, but before he could ask again, the woman next to him wanted him to go up and get something to eat.

Ms.Oct------"Monicle, can you do me a favor?"
Monicle-----"Sigh, yes?"
Ms.Oct------"Please get me a Chople berry from above, I've been freezing for the past few hours."

He agreed, and continued upwards to the cafeteria area, leaving the legend alone with Palkia and a few unowns.

[Seeker-2 Dining area]

The food available to the crew spread across all the regions. From the Combusken wings of Hoenn, to the freshly made oran berry salads from Kanto, even the land of the Setting Sun had a room on the table, the vast amounts of berries ranged from plain to wonder status.

All the while, after picking up a few hot Chople berries, and a good fresh plate of Watmel, Monicle continued to traverse the area. But then, he saw a familiar Dracid, scavenging the area for something he liked.

Monicle----"Poli? Oh right, your metabolism. Here, I'll get find you a good combination of food that will keep you full for the next couple of hours during the Tanoby Chamber project..."
Poli---------"Really? I find that hard to believe."
Monicle----"Trust me, I can do it, but it will only work if you can tell me what's you're favorite berry."

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#306
My mind is blank right now...

I might need to take a small break.
Official Team Miror Scientist! Shadow Pokemon: Mismagius
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#307
Gubbey posted...
My mind is blank right now...

I might need to take a small break.

I could always get a prank festival going, to show the true colors of my characters within Setting/Risen Sun.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#308
Poli ---- "Favorite Berry...hmm."

Poli was thinking. He liked all, so had a rough time pinpointing one.

The Tamato's spice is something I can really wrap my tongue around, yet doesn't offer much else, plus leaves a faint dry taste afterwards.

The Pecha is sweet, yet there's not much substance. It would be gone probably seconds after ingestion...

A Starf or Lansat would be nice, but I presume they don't have many of those.

I do fancy the Occa's spicy-sweet mix, but its kinda meh.

Poli's thoughts were interrupted as the stomach behind his skin roared in hunger. As Poli shook his head at his stomach's impaitence, it hit him.

Poli ---- "It would have to be the Pinap Berry."
Official Miror Admin. Shadow Pokemon: Feraligatr.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#309

Monicle was intrigued by the choice Poli made.

Monicle---"The sour skinned, yet encased spicy fruit Pinap berry aye?"
Poli--------"You don't have those?"
Monicle---"No no, we do! Let me get on that."

Monicle places the two Chople berries emitting a small aurora of heat into a food bag, bearing the symbol on a white circle, while leaving the large Watmel berry with Poli. He then sets off to the long table lined with fresh food.

Pinap berry.. Pinap berry.. It's skin is sour, but encases a spicy fruit..

After picking up three unusually large Pinaps, he continues on to the powder section.

Alright, just need to get some Indigo powder, and.. there!

He expertly skins one of the Pinap Berries, and slices the red fruit inside in half. Laying the now trimmed slices of skin around the pieces of fruit, he continues on to make a poffin with one of the two remaining whole Pinap Berries, and the powder. Then, after a few minutes, he presents Poli with the fancy looking plate to Poli, along with a cup filled with Enigma juice.

He first sighs seeing the large Watmel gone, but then continues to ask.

Monicle----"Alright, tell me what you think. Anyways, I'll be off to Palkia's quarters either way. Need to prepare the legend for what we're going to do inside the Tanoby Chambers/"


[Last post of the day.]
[I'm giving you full control on what can happen within the meanwhile, Polimario.]

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#310
Mephistopheles killed the floating orange creature.

As the nine-years-olds stared in horror, the demon said, "That, my friends, was a Scarfy. They'll gobble you up as soon as you turn your back to them."

The children started to scream, but Mephistopheles cast Silence.

"It's been lovely hanging out with you," the demon boy said, trying not to throw up in mouth, "but I gotta go." He exited the bedroom and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

OoC: Does anyone want to accompany Mephy when he eventually confronts King Valentine? I'd prefer if someone did...

Also, Changlini, I'm going to PM you something.
Official Team Miror Scientist! Shadow Pokemon: Mismagius
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