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Pokemon Spirit Signs Part 10(real one)

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#311
"It certainly doesn't beat the Bloodbaths back home," Mephistopheles thought as he dressed himself in his usual black cloak, steam filling the bathroom, "But I can certainly see why the humans like it so much."

He paused for a moment.

"Home... Huh. My father... He would always tell me that home is where the heart is."

He looked out the window, observing the people below dashing about, seeking shelter from the elements. Some had umbrellas, others did not, some used a magazine. One mother shielded her daughter from the pouring rain.

"Hell... That's not my home anymore. I'm not welcome there... Though I'm not welcome here either. In fact, I'm not welcome pretty much anywhere."

"But this place... There's just... Something about it. Is it the people? Is it the blue skies? Is it the kindness of the few who would accept me?"

He grasped the horned skull pendant around his neck.

"I dunno. Maybe I'm completely missing it, maybe it's all of those. But, regardless..."

He tore the pendant from his neck.

"I've found my home."

He flung the pendant out of the window as hard as he could. He then noticed a faint red glow coming from the valley, but he simply yawned.

"Aaahhh... I'm probably just seeing things... I need some sleep."

He then bid Mr. and Mrs. Payne good night, a proceeded to the bedroom, passing out the instant he touched the soft sheets.
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#312
Martini could. He can't be that useful since Nightmare is making the Pantheon an acid-trip though.
What the heck?! I've been moving like Jabba for FIVE days now and I ain't learned nuthin'! :(
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#313
Poli replied with a simple nod, and Monicle left for Palkia, hand bag in tow.

Poli sat at a table, the weight of the Watmel shifting inside him.

Couldn't wait a few minutes, could you?

The food didn't last long. Poli swiftly grabbed the oversized Poffin, and that went down in one piece as well, with the aid of a swig of Enigma Juice. The Pinap slices each went down, one by one, almost mechanically. Poli finished the Enigma Juice and took the plate to be washed, ignorant of the few grunts who watched him.

Poli went back to the cabin, and lay on the bed, face to the ceiling, thinking about the Tanoby Mission while the meal of Pinap simmered alongside the Watmel Berry within him.

This Tanoby Mission...hopefully it'll shed some light on this 'untapped potential'...

Come to think, Akuro hasn't shown his ugly mug in a while. Maybe he gave up the hunt for the 5th Vessel? ...No, he couldn't have. He's most likely just delayed, but still looking.

Poli's thoughts began to drift to the recent meal, then into slumber.

Tomorrow's going to be a... long day...zzz...
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#314
[---LotSS Launch Site---]
(Before launch of Victory-1)

The sun was rising, ever so slowly up into the sky, its rays starting to turn the light of night, into the dawn of dawn all throughout the marsh fields. As the dawn continued, the crowd that gathered within the benches around the safe zone, located just on the other side of a large river that ran between the marsh, separating the ever emptying launch pad from the ever filling spectating area.


The crowd could see the countless steel, water, and other types of pokemon being escorted out from the area around the towering, shivering rocket, that was being held by a collapsible tower. As nearly everyone was escorted out of the area, Muter, Sonya, Cap, and Led were being guided to the space shuttle on the side of the massive rocket.

Muter---"Alright, we're going to be up there for a long time."
Led------"Yep, Sonya, did you leave anything for your brother, Poli?"
Sonya--"Just a special package containing a recording, and many private things."
Cap-----"Well, that's great, much better than the hostile goodbyes most of us had with our families."

They then boarded the shuttle, and saw the remaining crew outside the ship seal the door, and retract the platform.

Back within the crowd on the other side of the large river, Marknam' was waiting with her students. While one was sitting alongside a Seviper coiled up with a Serperior, the other two more noticeable students were taking in the sight.

S1----"Finally, we get to see another one!"
S2----"Yeah, and none other than Sonya will be piloting the shuttle!"
Marknam'----"And.. is that a Flygon?"

They stare at the Flygon speeding through the air within the distance, while Sam and his Disaster Prevention crew continue to secure the area.

The massive ship arrived at the waters of Quest island, and everyone within the ship started preparing for what they were going to do.

Anna---"You're going to be with Arckson on this one."
Zade---"Am I going to be with the Palkia within the chambers?"
Anna---"No, you're going to Sevault canyon."
Zade-----"And what's so important about that canyon?"

Anna shows the map of the area, showing a single house before a bridge, countless cliffs, rocks, tall grass, even a small cave entrance. After placing the map under the yellow light coming from a lamp post, she continues to tell the Orre representative.

Anna-----"You see that cave entrance there?"
Zade-----"Yes, what about it?"
Anna-----"That's where you're going to go with Arckson, and activate a pattern of rocks, that will allow the Unown to show up from within the chambers."
Zade------"And what about the Palkia, and.. Poli? Shouldn't you want more protection against the two?"

Anna smiles.

Anna-----"Mr.Expert, we somehow manage to get the Palkia to comply, for most of the part, and that Dracid shows no signs of betrayal yet. Now, RS will be heading the team that will be examining the Chambers with the Unowns we've captured from the Solaceaon Ruins of Sinnoh."
Zade-----"Alright, I'll go with Arckson to the cave."
Anna-----"Good, meet back with us when you get the specific pattern down, this one."

She hands the map, and a paper containing a detailed drawing of a few rocks being positioned after the ends of a zigzagging red line. Zade takes it, and after the ship docked near one of the beaches in front of a chamber, Zade shifted and flew with Arckson to the cave. While Poli, and Palkia were awakened, and taken to the nearest chamber.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#315
Alright, if it's possible, I'd like Number_0ne to do the Part with the Tanoby Key pattern.
Also, Polimario, do you want me to wait until after Poli and friends do what they do at the Chambers to start the launch? Or am I fine with what I posted?

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#316
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#317
[---Tanoby Chambers---]

The massive ship was in the distance, ever shining black under the sunrise. Butt much closer to the center of activity, on a Monicle, Octillery, and a few grunts were helping out with the placement of the unowns taken from the Solaceon ruins of Sinnoh.

Monicle----"Alright, get working on preparing all chambers for connection."
Ms.Octillery---"Don't forget that from the data we were able to collect on these ruins, it's obvious that for the main event to happen, the Tanoby Key has to be activated. That's where the team headed by Zade and Arckson, will come in."
Monicle----"Yes, right now, they're most likely at the cave, so we're just a few moments away from seeing the event to happen."
Poli----------"And what exactly is the event?''
RS-----------"It's when the Unown appear, traveling from their own dimension."

The Palkia, suspiciously complying with the grunts and Pokemon surrounding it, becomes noticeably interested. For the humans knowing about the dimension reminded it of another group of humans from long ago, who sought revelation beyond the supposed beginning. But something was wrong, for he is the legend that can travel across dimension within spaces with ease, yet they aren't forcing it to open a rift into the plain of the Unown.

Palkia-------"..And why don't you force me to make a rift, if that's what you seek?"

RS looks at the legend that stood only three inches taller than him.

RS---------"Simple, the unown wouldn't be doing it by themselves."

He glances at Poli.

RS--------"And you two are going to be tested under their presence."
Monicle--"Alright, get into positions!"
RS--------"Poli! You're going with me, along with this Palkia to the Monean chamber all the way up that temple like island down the east end."
Ms.Octillery---"Monicle, and myself will both be starting from the Viapois Chamber at the west end, and will be working with the rest of the teams getting ready to examine how the unown are able to advance from their own dimension to others."

With that, the large RS guided both Palkia and the Dracid to the eastern most island with the unown from Sinnoh. After arriving, they went up the suspiciously large steps leading into the Monean chamber. Along the way, Palkia questioned the large fiery white, clothed, impure creature.

Palkia----"...And what do you plan on doing with these Unown?"
RS--------"It's not the unown we're after, Poli, you've sensed something change within you after that battle back within the Seeker, correct?"

After thinking for a short few moments, the Dracid responded.

Poli----"..I know I did feel something back there, but was it really caused by the two unown within the room?"
RS-----"That answer awaits within these chambers, once the Tanoby key is activated..."

RS takes a look back to the Aggron and two grunts escorting the relatively sized Unown group behind the three.

RS-----"But for now, I'm going to test the effects of the presence of these Unown around us, within this chamber."
Palkia-"Why do you seem so sure you can handle their hidden power."
RS-----"I saw what you did back on board the Seeker, are you implying that had full control over that portal that you were making?"

Palkia didn't have the ability to muster up a response, so it just continued on into the large room within the Chamber. The three stood still, looking at the three paths around them, and after scanning the area some more, they soon found that there were only etchings on the wall.

Poli--"How could this place hold so many unown?"
RS---"Take a look at these walls, the thousands of symbols are in the shape of them."

They continued, and the Unown followed, as if wanting to show something.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#318
Alright, I'll be walking the dog for the next few minutes, but generally;
After Zade and Arckson get the key activated, the real fireworks will begin.

If it's okay with Poli, and Gubbey I'd want RS to spar again with Poli, while Palkia and the grunts watch the Unown from Sinnoh start to let out a burst of activity, empowering the three within the chamber.

The power starts to unlock the potential within Poli, while Palkia, being the only pure legendary within the room, starts to lose control of its mind due to the energy being emitted by the unown.

After Zade activates the Tanoby Key with Arckson, the Unown starting to flood into the chamber that Poli is in start to react from the activity from the Sinnoh Unown, and the battle, causing even more potential to be unlocked within the three, but mostly Palkia.

From that; Palkia now has the powers similar to Entei during the movie Spell of the Unown, and starts to shape the inside of the room itself into a large roofless battlefield (Keep in mind, the outside of the chamber will still look normal, for the most part).

Both the Powered up Poli, and RS then team up to quell the legend, while the grunts continue to take in the data from the experiment.

But as always, anything goes.
So don't let that change both of your minds of anything you were going type up.
Shnap, I'm always open for suggestions on how this collaboration could go.

Anyways, Seeker-2 is generally one phone call away from going back to the LoR, and taking in the Mio filled vats.

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#319
Zenon is forgotten again...

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#320
Astral_Beast posted...
Zenon is forgotten again...


Actually, Zenon had a fight scene when Sonya was being escorted by Muter through the training facility.

But after that, yes, I neglected his screen time.
Anyways, Sol is going to do something near the launch sight, so you could get another fight scene in.

But really, Idk.

Anyways, Poli, or Gubbey, should I just continue forwarding the story, or wait?
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