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Pokemon Spirit Signs Part 10(real one)

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#341
It'll be a while before I continue, because I want to be able to paste music, and I'm on my 3DS right now. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause :(
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#342
[---Monean Chamber---]

After Poli was right up in the face of Palkia, he shouted his plan to RS, who gladly responded.

RS----"Good plan, I'll follow your lead."

As Poli was halfway charging up his Overdrive powered Freeze Shock, RS closed his mouth, and started to get his tail, and parts of the rest of his body to shine a fiery red. The beautiful blue bits of fire that was surrounding the Unown enclosed room started to surround Palkia.

RS----"Do it now!"

Just as the brightly blue glowing flames were going to fully engulf the Legend of Space, the Dracid unleashed his FreezeShock onto the powered up legend. The sight of the electrically charged ice combining with the beautifully blue glowing flames was a sight to see, lighting up the dark star lit area with a glow of blue!

Palkia----"Yes, yes! I'm feeling more stronger!"

The legend of space was then stabbed with countless of burning, electric bits of sharp ice that exploded on impact. The being was left with a burning sensation, and the limited movement of a paralyzed body, leaving the Dracid plenty of room to claw at the legend again.

But Poli started to feel that his attacks were being supercharged by the unown presence, and glanced at the surroundings behind the paralyzed legend of Space, seeing the countless black beings with only one eye encercle them. RS then took notice of the Dracid's look from afar.

RS------"Yes, it does seem like the Unown are strengthening us, but let's quell that beast down before it starts to become fully charged by the unown energy!"
Poli-----"Okay, I'll continue with-''

Poli was interrupted by the Palkia's sudden escape from Paralysis, and was flung back to the other side of the distorted room by a single sweep from the glowing pink arm of the Legend of Space! RS quickly came into action, and took a hold of Poli before he hit the distorted wall.

Staring at the small meteors that are now being seen floating around them, and Poli more noticeably charged up by the Unown around them, RS formulates a winning plan.

RS------"Alright, let's combine are attacks again."
Poli-----"Alright, what will you use?"
RS------"I'll summon two of the meteors that are floating around this room down to that Powered up Legendary, and I'd want you to try and unleash your full power unto that legendary."
Poli-----"But, what if I kill-''
RS------"Trust me, it won't be killed, it's already being overpowered by the rush of energy around us."

With that, the second half of the fight began with Palkia unleashing a powerful spacial rend that as it past the two, showed millions of unknown through its reflection. RS knew that they both just got a glimpse at the Unown dimension.

But all the while, Monicle, Octillery, and a lot of other grunts were just outside of that unown barrier, taking in valuable data with their special equipment.

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#343
"Don't worry." Pryce said as he was walking to Katherine, who was waiting by the lakeside. "Mel's a little too... preoccupied to interrupt us again. Now, shall we begin?"

Katherine responded by bringing out her chakrams. "Try and keep up, detective."

Pryce then summoned his Keyblade, and the two charged for each other.

Pryce knew better than to start swinging immediately, and so did Katherine. So they both wound up passing each other, striking each others weapons as they did.

Katherine responded by throwing a chakram towards Pryce's leg, which he promptly blocked with his Keyblade. This didn't stop the chakram, though, as it glanced off, and returned to it's owner.

"Something you ought to know about battle, Pryce. When your opponent loses their weapon, you probably don't wanna give it back."

"At least I didn't throw mine away."

The two made another charge for each other, this time locking weapons. They both then pushed away from each other, and rushed back towards each other. This time, Katherine's chakrams were at Pryce's neck.

"Guess we know who wins."

"Might wanna take another look. Here's a lesson about battle for you: fighting isn't just done with weapons."

Pryce then used his left leg to pull Katherine's right leg put from under her, tripping her up. But before she could regain herself, Pryce had the teeth of the Keyblade at her neck.

"You did well." Pryce said. "I'm happy to know your fighting by my side."

"I'd say the same thing, but..." Katherine glanced at the Keyblade that was holding her down. "No point in stating the obvious."

Pryce then dispelled his Keyblade, and helped Katherine up. "You still have our... 'gift' back home in the bag?"

"Yeah. I was thinking we could eat it here."

Suddenly, they both hear gigantic thuds heading for the city. "That sounds great and all, but I think we're needed elsewhere. Still up for a fight?"

Katherine responded by smiling, and holding up her chakrams. They both then rushed towards the source of the thuds.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#344
[Akuro's Realm]

Akuro ------- "I'm quite intrigued by this Cauldron. I'll observe it."

Akuro turned his sights upon the events dealing with the Cauldron, But in his mind, he thought of the Prophecy.

That Dracid and the 4 he will lead against me will be bothersome...

But I don't plan to go on the offensive until I find my 5th Vessel. If I must wait 5 years, 50 years, a millenium, I do not care. For the most successful villains are those who can wait for the opportune moment to strike!
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#345
[---Activity post---]


The operating room was lit with a bleeding patient, the creature was Pink, it was large, and two doctors were noticeably examining the creature through a large incision.

!!!-------"Oh Lass, how I missed doing this!"
!?!------"Are you sure that's not the hatred to shinies talking?"
!!!-------"Shut it, and rip out that-- actually, I have something better planned."

The woman starts poking around the red insides with a sharp metal object, the beast that they were operating on started to scream from the pain.

!?!------"Alright, I've set it-stop screaming!"
!!!-------"Oh, hold on."

She stabs a certain part of the creature's open brain, stopping the screams entirely.

!!!-------"There, its nerve system is currently a wreck"
!?!------"I've seen you do that before, on special children no less."
!!!-------"Hey, it's not like we are going to hear this thing scream through the torture-."
!?!------"Examination. Torture, is back on that Giratina, infecting it with part of the berry virus just to see if it would kill, and refusing to give it that numbing agent."
!!!-------"At least we were able to make it permane-well, Ycre and the mister was able to make it feel all warm and bubbly at the end, making it forget what it was placed through."
!?!------"Which reminded me, Goodman has yet to tell me about what that.. Department did back then."

The two doctors are surprised at the question from the half alive shiny.

!?!------"It's still conscious?!"
!!!-------"..we-we should close her up."
!?!------"How the-"
!!!-------"What? You didn't think I'd get to know it? She even told me how she became an impure one."
!?!------"Alright, I'm not going through my first guilt trip, because of this rotten shiny!"

She looks at the rest of the team, and the male doctor.

!?!------"Alright mister good conscious, start the closing procedures."
!!!-------"Since it's an odd day, you get the honors."
!?!------"Really?! Awesome!"

She delightedly continued to torture the water pokemon, and it continued to scream, not out of pain, but out of disgust on it knowing what was going through its organs. Until...

!!!-------"Alright, I wouldn't ever forgive myself for making it remember that pain, so I'll just.. there, the memory of the past ten hours are blocked."
???----"..thank.. you.."
!?!------"I thought you said-"
!!!-------"I guess I accidentally only poked the part where the pain from the memory is stored within."
???----"..what's ..your... name?"
!!!-------"Alright, I'm out."
!?!------"Look who's talking, anyways, Corsaw.. My name is.."
!!!-------"We're losing it-I mean her! Get me that syringe!"

They continued to operate on the Kyogre.

Also, I actually want Polimario to finish the Palkia fight.
And no, that's not the worse the two have done.

Now that I actually posted that, I'm thinking of doing a part on Ms.Octillery enjoying torturing Poli back when they first examined him.

Alright, I wouldn't want myself to be stuck in the same position like back in TWG CIP, so.. I'll start getting on the end of the fight, if I deem it necessary to prevent another series of awkward moments..
*Continues to refresh page.*

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#346
As Palkia grew increasingly more powerful, the space around began to distort. RS summoned two meteors as planned, but Palkia's rampage was making it hard to aim.

RS --------- "Keep it still!"
Poli -------- "On it!"

Poli grabbed hold of Palkia, keeping it still. The Legendary, clearly not liking this, began to struggle. Poli had immense physical strength as Kyurem-B, but that didn't mean he had a rock-solid grip, Poli and Palkia tumbled about as Palkia attempted escape.

Poli's eyes twinkled, and Poli prepared a Light/Dark infused Blizzard. When he was ready, he gave the word.

Poli ---------- "Fire!"
RS ----------- "You'll be caught in the blas-"
Poli ---------- "I'll be fine! Just do it!"

RS took no more, and fired the Draco Meteor. Poli tightened his grip on Palkia, and launched the Blizzard at the Meteor, as the icy energy melded with the draconic meteors.


The Meteors hit, and exploded. RS was temporarily blinded as smoke enveloped the realm. As it faded, they were back inside the chamber.

On the ground lay Palkia and Poli. Poli deShifted.

Palkia ------- "The power...I feel it! I felt it!"
Poli ----------- "Urgh...good for you."

Poli slowly got up, wincing from the pain. The light the Unown were emitting faded, and the Pokemon calmed down.

RS ------------ "You sure you'll be alright? You took that pretty hard."
Poli ----------- "I'll be fi- GAAAACK!:

Poli tumbled as a sharp pain rippled through his body, he tried getting up, but as he moved, the pain pierced him yet again.

Poli ----------- "O...Ok, I'm NOT fine. Someone mind carrying me until I can walk again?"

The two grunts, pleased with their data, handed it to RS and lifted up the Dracid. It took the two of them to lift him up, as they made way out to regroup with Arckson's group.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#347
Pokemon Bump Version and Pokemon Nudge Version.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#348
Polimario posted...
Pokemon Bump Version and Pokemon Nudge Version.

On it.

Also, are you okay with me just continuing the launch?
I mean, is there anything you want me to stay away from during the space scene?

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#349
Changlini posted...
Polimario posted...
Pokemon Bump Version and Pokemon Nudge Version.

On it.

Also, are you okay with me just continuing the launch?

Official Miror Admin. Shadow Pokemon: Feraligatr.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#350
Polimario posted...
Changlini posted...
Polimario posted...
Pokemon Bump Version and Pokemon Nudge Version.

On it.

Also, are you okay with me just continuing the launch?


Okay, I'll get on it now then.
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