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Pokemon Spirit Signs Part 10(real one)

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#381
Changlini posted...
Bumpity bumpity bump.

Honestly, I'm running on fumes right now. So, maybe if the other participating characters post about the fight, I may get a better feel for it.

I'm on it.

*Starts typing on 3DS*
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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#382
I'm just gonna say that the Jace and Axiom fight never happened.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#383
Poli put his guilt for the pink-hat wearing grunt aside as he stared at the Leventhan. On RS's orders, Poli Shifted into Kyurem-W, and set off for the creature.

The Leventhan, sensing another dragon, stared at Poli.

Join me, fellow dragon. Join me, and we shall crush these barbarians.

Poli ---------- "Not a chance."

Poli charged into the beast, throwing it off course. The dragon expressed anger, and spewed forth enegy from the gaping maw. Poli cancelled it out with his own Dragon Pulse. wish to ally with them? I will consume you as you have done to so many.

The Levanthan turned its focus, and rammed Poli. The ice dragon got hold, and sank his claws into Leventhan. The pained monster shot Poli back as it tore out the grapples.

Poli surveyed the scene. Those grunts who fought accepted their expendability. Poli knew it. He'd unknowingly exploited it...or was he consious of it the whole time?

Poli's stomach churned, and not from the large meal, berries, grrunt and all. Poli felt sick that he allowed himself to take advantage of those that operate within the background, the many nameless that, while unimportant in the grand scheme of things, matter in their own way.

I've done some horrrendous things, yet they forgave...

Time to return the favor.

Poli's eyes flashed the two colors, the Power of Legends giving him energy, and he charged back in, saving the heliplanes from the Leventhan's fury.

Poli noticed Mephistopheles climbing...towards the beast's crown. Poli figured that the crown was key, and Mephy had a role in ensuring this monster doesn't roam and annihilate.

Hmm...ah, there's a plan!

Poli switched to Kyurem-B, activated Overdrive, and valiantly charged Leventhan.

Charged for those who were expendable.
Charged for his friends.
Charged for the future.
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#384
Mephistopheles stopped again to look at his surroundings. It was then that he saw Palkia, Zenon, and Poli joining the fight against Leventhan.

"See? You need not worry," Dusknoir spoke. "Your friends are here. They will support you."

"Well, one of them is here. Good thing he's a particularly tough one."

Poli... When I was all alone, when I had no one to turn to, when every thread of my being was consumed with despair, you showed me kindness. You reached out to me, not fearing the darkness. I knew I could depend on you, when the whole world wanted my head. And that means a lot to me, more than you could ever imagine. All it took was one spark - one tiny little act of forgiveness - and my life was turned around.

He hooked on to the scaly neck of the Leventhan.

Martini... Things may not have worked out between us, but you're still my friend. Your compassion shone through to me - even if much of that compassion stemmed from passion. But even when you started turning weird, you continue to support me, and for that you have my eternal gratitude.

The crown, stuck on the horn of the monster, was in sight.

Pryce... Heh. Perhaps the two of us had the roughest start of all my friends. You came close to killing me a few times. But through our petty squabbles, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and general burning hatred, we somehow forged an unbreakable friendship. I don't know how it happened, but it did. It's just as your father said: Brothers fight. And through the hardships we've faced together, through the moments we've shared, we have indeed become brothers. And you might think it weird that I'm getting so sappy right now, but you're my best friend, and I might not make it out of this alive, so I just wanted to get this out of the way. And whatever battle you're facing, just make sure you have a plan, and not go blindly charging in like you always do. Idiot.

The Seeker-2, now fully loaded, disembarked from the island. Leventhan, however, saw this, and after shaking off the rest of the Heliplanes, dove straight for their source. Mephistopheles gripped the horn, trying not to be cast off by the sudden increase in speed, gritting his teeth against the searing agony of the Light-Energy being emitted from Leventhan's horns.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#385

Prindle, ever the seeking entity he is, was flying through the walls of the library of records.
As he past various rooms containing information on everything that was erased out of existence, he felt like he was at home.

..this place.. it's.. calls for me..
..but.. I feel like.. there is something..

Its eyes ever calmly gazing around the place littered with books, materials, left over vats, and other things of interest, the two eyes saw a strange blue paddle glowing with red, ever so baiting the SoC.

..that ..thing..
.it.. it's mine.. it?

It then disappeared from the room, and the entity followed outside, seeing Seeker-2 rapidly leave the area, while submarines started to pop up all around the sight of the battle that now followed the Seeker.

..I ..should.. I should follow..
..but.. I sense something below..
Maybe.. it could.. tell me..
where that paddle is..

And with that, it calmly went through the air, and phased through the waters, coming to a lone submersible craft deep, deep below the waves. A familiar doctor was staring out the window of the craft.

Monicle----"Where are you?"

He looked at his void key.

Huh, never really got to introduce you to the true Kyogre...

Captain---"Alright, picking up a large signal coming from that trench leading strait to a large cave below."
Monicle---"Continue then."

And so, they did, all while Prindle's eyes followed them.


"That THING is chasing us!"
Anna----"And we have one of the best pilots to ever grace this planet flying the craft, what you gonna do-"

The massive black ship was rammed by the Leviathan, flinging many unprepared for that strike across the room.

Norah----"Never, compliment me, again."
Anna-----"Sheesh, harsh much?"

"..and the main cargo doors have been damaged."
Anna---"How bad?"

"Another good ram from that thing, and the vats start entering the waters."
Anna-----"Alright, get at least a good 10% of those vats tightly held by the wall straps, I'm not going to lose all of them just because Mr.I am the end here wants to drink some!"

"On it, also.."

"It's Monicle, he just reported finding Corsaw, but she's wounded considerably."
Anna----"At least Octillery isn't there, I'd never trust her with saving a shiny."

The grunt left the room to order the crew within the cargo area to tightly strap up at least ten of the vats down, while Anna continued to observe the situation from the control room.

[---The Deck---]

The grunts on the main deck stood in horror as the gigantic leviathan slithered around within the air, ever so nimble as it fended off most of its attackers. But through the crowd that rapidly move into positions, a woman with white hair stood next to a woman with the Sword of old.

Ms.Octillery---"Alright, that shiny has annoyed me enough!"
Woman---------"Misses, what are you going to do about it?"
Ms.Octillery---"Simple, do we still have that tranquilizer riffle?"
Woman---------"Look around, there are at least a dozen within those unbroken glass cases."
Ms.Octillery---"Good, I've been testing something with the data we got from the Unown, and I do think I figured out something real special."
Woman---------"Alright, I'll be with Arckson readying up a support attack."

They both split up, the one with the sword heads for the lady with the rotting left arm, and doctor goes to get a special serum. All the while, RS readied a Draco meteor from a rift that Palkia opened.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#386
[---The Trench---]

It was an interesting scene, the sub that Monicle was inside of had its lights on the large Pink Kyogre, seeing its fins severely cut, and small streams of blood seeping out into the water around her.

Within the sub, Monicle continued to think on how he could help the impure one. While the white entity stood watch from around the recovery sub.

I should .. help..?
..Yes.. I.. need to.. help..

Monicle------"Captain, do you feel anything.. strange?''
Captain------"..not right now.. no.. but-"
Monicle------"but what?"
Captain------"I thought I saw a pair of white eyes for a second.."
Monicle------"Wait, you may be right, look at Corsaw."

They both watched as the wounds started to close up, and the beast began to feel rejuvenated. As it looked towards the familiar doctor inside the ship, it could only let out a content sigh of relief.

Monicle came on the horn of the small sub.

Monicle------"Corsaw, please follow us."
Corsaw-------" you wish.."

They left in the direction of Seeker-2, all the while the entity followed them from all around.

[---Around Seeker-2---]

The battle intensified as Poli charged at the leviathan with his activated overdrive! That blow he dealt showed his determination to protect his friends, to guide us all into a bright future, to even remember those who are expendable that gave their lives for those that are not.

The large flying serpent quickly regained its heading, and started to ready up another attack towards Seeker-2. RS, having just a little more trouble with summoning a meteor from the Rift Palkia opened, was interested in why the Leviathan cared so much about attacking the ship.

What if.. it's that contaminated Mio that it's after?
..but, why would it be in the first place?

Palkia----"Come on with that meteor! We don't have all day!"
RS--------"Heh, it's not like you're the one that has aim these large rocks!"
Palkia----"Such predictable response from a human."

With that, RS had the meteors speed out of the rift and towards the Leviathan that was halfway there to ramming the massive cargo bay doors of the ship again. As the meteors were ready to be thrown, RS shouted another plan to the kyurem-B and Staraptor that were combating the beast.

RS--------"Poli! Combine a Freeze Shock with these draco meteors!"
Poli-------"Got it! Throw it at me when you're ready!
RS--------"And Zane! Use your quick attack on these two meteors to boost their speed for impact!"
Zade-----"Will do!"

RS then had the two draco meteors speed towards the Dracid, and Staraptor. All the while, he could see a person holding on for dear life on top of the serpent's head, just inches away from the crown!

But back on the ship, Marknam readied her team to defend the cargo bay, all of them loaded with Lighter Class Bazookas, while Ms.Octillery was on her way back to the main deck, carrying a tranquilizing riffle filled with special darts encasing small doses of unown energy.

She took aim at the shiny Dracid.

[Did I do it right?]
[And this will be my last post before I got to sleep.]
[Giving you guys full control on what happens next.]
[And that serum boosts power btw.]

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#387
Leventhan flailed its head about wildly, desperately trying to get the demon off. It was fully aware of the importance of the crown it bore. It then started emitting Light-energy from its crown again, corroding Mephistopheles's demonic flesh. He couldn't hold on any longer.

He went tumbling off the great dragon's head, just as Poli, Zade, RS and Palkia made a massive combined attack on Leventhan. The Seeker-2 caught Mephistopheles, the demon making a rather rough landing as Leventhan reeled from the powerful attack.


"What was that?!" Arckson questioned.

"That was the demon landing on the roof of the Seeker-2," one of the Heliplane pilots answered via radio communication.

The smoke from the powerful combined attack drifted through the air, obscuring the massive serpent. Then its gaping maw shot through the smoke, ramming the Seeker-2 once again. The vats of the mysterious liquid were tied together securely, but they still slid about the cargo hold as the ship tipped over.

"Before you say anything, I'm doing my best to stabilize the ship!" Norah shouted. "But those giant tanks of... Stuff aren't making it any easier!"

On the deck, the Ms. Octillery, Arckson, and countless grunts struggled to keep their balance as the ship tipped about wildly.

"I... can't get... a clear shot!" Ms. Octillery spat, failing to aim steadily at the Kyurem overhead, making ineffective attacks against Leventhan. Every time Poli tried to go for the crown, Leventhan would react quickly, snapping at him with its frightful jaws or sending a blast of Light-energy his way.

"Our combined attack just made it get angrier!" Zade yelled. "What do we do?!"

"We just attract the monster's attention until Mephistopheles can reach the crown!" Poli answered.

"But look!" Zade replied, tilting his head toward the direction of the Seeker-2. On its roof, Mephistopheles clung on, much of his flesh burnt away by the Light-energy. But he still held on, his resolve the only thing keeping him going.

"Crap," Poli cursed. He saw Palkia move to the demon to assist him, but the legend of Space moved away once it saw Leventhan fling itself against the Seeker-2 one more time.

This impact tore a hole in the hull of the ship, leading directly into the cargo hold. The Seeker-2 shuddered and tipped once again. The vats of liquid slid towards the direction of the hole, slowly at first, but they grew in speed as the ship tilted farther and farther in that direction.

The vats of mysterious liquid, accompanied by a few unfortunate grunts, plummeted into the ocean below. Ms. Octillery and Arckson stared in horror, the fruits of years of priceless research lost forever.

OoC: Am I rushing this?
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#388
Poli surveyed the scene. Mephy burnt, Seeker-2 damaged, Levanthan furious. The beast went for Poli. Poli looked, and felt a sharp jab in his arm. The tranquilizer dart.

Poli's eyes sparked, and he rammed Levanthan. The beast careening, Poli spotted spacial distortion where he hit. The Power of Legends was active.

Poli flew for Mephy. Seeing the demon, Poli inhaled. Instead of Mephy being sucked in, however, the Light-Energy was taken instead. Mephy started to regenerate.

Poli went back to delay Levanthan, but it was clear even Poli, despite his massive endurance, was steadily succumbing to the beast's fury. Poli located Mephy, now standing. Poli sent a sickening punch into Levanthan, and got to Mephy.

Mephy ------ "I need to grab that crown!"
Poli --------- "You take care of that. I'll siphon off the Light Energy so you don't get fried again.

...But we have to be quick, I can't hold out much longer."

Mustering his final reserves of energy, Poli tossed Mephy on his back, and rocketed the two towards Levanthan...
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#389

"Thanks for healing me, P-"

"If you really want to thank me, kill that monster!" Poli shouted as he flung Mephistopheles on to Leventhan's head. The demon flew forward, arms outstretched as the great dragon was preoccupied by Palkia and Zade. Mephistopheles took hold of the horn bearing the crown...

Almost immediately, Leventhan roared with fury as it started emitting Light-energy from the horn once again. This time, however, Poli was siphoning it up, so that no harm came to Mephistopheles.

Enraged by their strategy, Leventhan shot its head toward Poli, mouth wide open. Palkia, Zade, and RS tried to stop it, but they were mere bugs in comparison, and were flung aside by the serpent's fearsome attack. Poli, focusing on taking in the Light-energy, didn't notice Leventhan come straight for him.

"LOOK OUT!!" Zade screamed, but it was too late. Leventhan's massive maw had already engulfed the Kyurem-fuser.

"POLI!!!" Mephistopheles screamed. "No!..."

Leventhan then dove underwater, in another attempt to dislodge the demon holding on to its horn. But it emerged from the ocean when it realized something was wrong.

The serpent's head was no longer desperately flailing about. Instead. it was struggling to swallow the very large and icy dragon it had just attempted to consume.

With the head no longer wildly flinging itself back and forth, Mephistopheles wasted no time. He gave the crown a good strike with his Hookblade. Leventhan choked out a roar as the sound of metal ringing filled the air.


He gave it another whack. The serpent was visibly panicked, as the source of its infinite power was endangered and its throat began to freeze over.

"Dusky! Help me out, would you?!" Mephistopheles screamed.

The demon and Dusknoir both held on tight to the Hookblade and hooked it on to the crown.

"Poli, Pryce, Martini, Mr. and Mrs. Payne! Lend us your strength!!" Dusknoir cried out.

"Do you really think that's going to help? They can't even hear you," Mephistopheles smirked.

"They're no doubt praying for us."

"Or screaming and running around like headless Combuskin. Or getting drunk because they think the world is ending."

"You're ruining the moment, Mephy."

Mephistopheles smiled. "Nah. I'm just telling things as they are!"

"Speaking of telling things as they are, there's a great big dragon here that's trying to swallow Poli, and we're moments away from killing it and saving the world."

"Okay, okay. On the count of three, pull!"


"Ein, zwei, drei--"

"That's not thr--"


The odd pair pulled the Hookblade back with all their might. The crown began to shimmer as pressure quickly built.



At this sound, Leventhan was in shock. It gave up on trying to swallow Poli, and the motionless body of the Dracid tumbled out of its mouth and on to the deck of the Seeker-2.

The serpent's body shuddered, and looked down at the shattered pieces of its crown, plummeting into the waves below. With one last roar, it began its slow descent into the ocean... But not before its horn began to crack.

It shattered, releasing all of its remaining Light-energy at once.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#390
(This post ends before Poli's last post.)


Seeing the vats of strange liquid within the seas, along with a few grunts that tried so hard to latch on to dear life, Arckson grabbed Ms.Ocillery's arm.

Arckson----------"If you're not going to shoot, give me that dart gun!"
Ms.Octillery----"Ugh, just pay attention to that thing, and I'll get a shot."
Arckson----------"Suit yourself then, Petite!"

The woman within white cleaning clothing responded, seeing the Dracid get swallowed inside the massive beast within the distance.

Arckson----"I'm gonna need you to take control of this deck while I go with Ms.Octillery into this Heliplane here for a clearer shot!"
Petite-------"Got it!"

Petite left to meet up with the woman that had the stained sword, and continue to try and spot any of the grunts that fell within the waters.

[--Main Control Room---]

Anna----"Norah, I thought you were driving this thing!"
Norah---"Don't make me turn this around!"

Before Anna continued to argue with the pilot, the grunt previously sent to secure the cargo came back with something to say.


"Nearly all the vats have been thrown into the sea!"
Anna----"What!?, Stop the ship!"
Norah---"Slowing down..."


The ship sideswiped a rogue way that came out of nowhere, and came to a full stop. With the leviathan still slicing through the air with it's body, Seeker-2's radar started to spot something different within the waters.

Radar Grunt----"Ma'am!"
Anna--------------"What now?!"
RGrunt-----------"The team just got something else coming from within the ocean!"
Anna--------------"But first, tell me what's happening within the waters that the large vats were thrown inside of!"
RGrunt-----------"We can't tell for sure, but the readings we're getting from the grunts that fell in are similar to the ones that were recorded during the mass disappearances from long ago!"

Shocked, she responded to the grunt.

Anna-----------"Alright, get the recover subs within the waters to start examining those who fell in, and I'll see if I can get a call to Petite about this."
RGrunt--------"Got it!"

The grunt left to start ordering the recovery sub group within the waters through radio.

[---Above the waters---]

Very interesting...

RS stood above, looking at the strange mix coming off of the vats combining with the water from the sea around it, continued to be interested in seeing what would happen to the grunts that fell into the water.

On one, his skin turned blue.
The other, two large black fins grew out of her head!

Palkia-----"Shouldn't you be caring for your friends that are fighting over there?"
RS---------"Heh, you may be right, I'll care for the results later."

Although week from the overuse of summoning Draco meteors within a short amount of time, RS flew alongside Palkia towards the beast, while within another armored Heli-plane, Ms.Octillery was thinking about what to do.

Alright, I've done this before with much smaller targets.. but who should I aim for?
That impure RS that just lost most of his power?
That Palkia-no, it'd get drunk off of the power..

She stares at the falling Dracid.

..yes.. That infernal shiny that caused nothing but trouble..
...It should pay for being what it is!

After the go signal was given by Arckson, who was standing right next to her from within the Heli-plane, Ms.Octillery fired, the shot stabbing the Dracid, initially causing great pain, but then, power flowed within him.
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