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Pokemon Spirit Signs Part 10(real one)

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User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#411
Bumpy's Epic Bump.
Official Fan Rotom of the Pokemon X/Y boards.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#412
[---The Depths---]
(Area Water Contamination: 85%)

Within the dark Recovery Submarine, a female doctor was staring at the beast being lifted below them, ever silently, she thought.

Shinies.. all nothing but rejects seeking attention from everyone.
Heh, look at this thing, it comes out of nowhere to put us in a needless fight,
Causing many of us to give our lives for a cause sought by those who abuse us.
But now.. it's my time to abuse the abuser!

The radio comes to life.

Radio----"This is Monicle, it's your time to give that beast the codename. Will you comply?"
Captain--"This is Captain with the Menace, awaiting response."

The doctor with the rising hatred against shinies responded.

Menace--"This is Menace, giving name..."
Monicle--"This can't be that-"
Menace--"I'm thinking!"

They waited, and waited, ever rising through the now increasing current of the deep. The entity looked on, from behind the Pink impure one of the sea.

why.. why do I.. hate you..

His calm stare looks directly to the wounded leviathan.

..hate.. I.. you ..should pay..
..I ..will bring.. I.. will do what is.. needed..
..for you are.. an.. abuser of us all!

The leviathan started to squirm, but the cables holding it were too strong to even be forced to bow to the mighty disaster.

Radio----"And something's.. injuring it?"
"..No, I know that squirm.."
"..Menace, I think you should give the name before it overloads with energy.."

Angry at the sudden change in its condition, the menace speaks.

Menace----"For now, I'll name it a name.. a very uninteresting name.."

The entity stopped staring right through the creature, and gazed upon the recovery subs.
..its name.. what will it.. be?

Menace-----"Subjects name will be, as of this moment.. Lanthorice of Catastrof."

..The silence..
..I.. know.. that name..
but.. it's not the one.. that shouldn't.. be revealed..

The creature stops squirming, and is lifted back to the surface.


Arckson was on the deck, listening to the radio along with RS, and an interested Palkia.

Arckson----"What's the deal with Octillery anyway? She kept going on about it being a shiney."
RS-----------"You don't know?"
Arckson----"About her problem with them? Yes, I do."
Palkia-------"And I thought your group were different from the past."

The woman with the arm stands, and glares at the legend of space that so ever overshadowed her.

Arckson----"We, are, different."
Radio-------"The captive, Lanthorice of Catastrof, is rising."
Arckson----"But what's causing the stor-"

She sees two large pink fins from an even larger pokemon emerge from the stormy waves, as if it rules over them.

Arckson-----"Knew it."

But in the meanwhile, Zenon, Poli, and Zade were deciding where to go now. But, staring at the ship filled storming sea around them, they saw something huge.

Zenon---"Is that the same thing we've faced before?"
Zade-----"I do think it is."
Poli-------"But why are they-"

The lady with the stained starf chained sword comes in.

Woman---"Simple, a beast of that size should be examined, for we should know everything that makes it work.. but for now, it'll be taken to the Sea of Orre, where Uka-6 will be waiting to lift it back to a certain place within Risen Sun."

After a few moments, the beast was set, and seeker-2 blasted off into the horizon.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#413
Alright, that pretty much sets up a times skip.
But, I should do Ocorono now, and maybe explain where my group will take the leviathan.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#414
Changlini posted...

On it.

Now this is a story all about
how my life got U-Turned upside down, and I'd like to take
a year, just sit right there,
I'll tell you how I became the
Fabulous of L-O-T-R-S

In the ruins of a universe, born
and raised, in the
Pantheon was where I spent most of my days.

*Skip most of the story*

But then a dragon guy,
who was up to no good
started causin' trouble in the neighborhood!

I seriously can't do the rest.
What the heck?! I've been moving like Jabba for FIVE days now and I ain't learned nuthin'! :(
Official Galactic Pretty Boy of GameFAQs. <>u<>

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#415
Poli stared as the creature was carried off. He shivered, the thought of himself being devoured fresh in his mind. Poli deShifted.

All those teeth...Karma sure is a b****.

As Poli stared ahead on the main deck, a shadowy figure warped behind him, startling everyone.

??? --------- "Well, I didn't expect our encounter to be like this."
Poli ---------- "Who are you?"

Poli looked at the grinning figure with the shadowy cloak, golden necklace and helmet. He snapped his fingers, as a star shower started overhead, soaring across the sky.

Nightmare --- "I, fine sir, am none other than the master of all spooks, inventer of the common nightmare, founder of NME, I'm the one, the only, Nightmare!"
Poli ---------- "Well...uh, pleasure to make your acquaintance...Nightmare."

Nightmare bowed, then turned to the grunts.

Nightmare --- "Now, before you think of poking and probing me, I assure you that's very much impossible."

Nightmare thrust open his cloak. His body composed of a white tornado of energy. He recloaked.

Nightmare --- "And this cloak is 110% impregnable. You couldn't hurt me cloaked with a nuke if you tried. Anyways, I'm not here to cause trouble."

With the new guest, they resumed watching the sky.
Official Miror Admin. Shadow Pokemon: Feraligatr.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#416
[---Within the Veil of Goodman---]

As Seeker-2 approached the seas of Orre, within the veil of Goodman, the lady of Luck and Fortune will see why the daughter of the berry obsessed entity, the wielder of the crystal wonder berry, shouldn't be alive.
At first, the lady of luck and fortune saw nothing but stars, but then, she saw a a planet form out of the background. Then, as her view increased, she saw a vast frozen sea with the view of an arctic field of hard snowed over ice within the distance.

This icy field of white.. I sense powerful forces of fortune in play..

Now over a large glacier, she saw a small group of adventurers.

That woman.. the tanned woman.. I sense great misfortune heading her way.

?!?--------------"Goodman! We've been traveling for years now!"
Goodman----"And we've discovered the location of the Liechi, saved Dewford town from being drowned from the forces of the abused Ganlon berry! "

The grouped walked on over the hard snowed over glacier, and he continued.

Goodman-----"Through the power of the Salac berry we gained entrance to Rayquaza's private domain to stop that one thing from combining itself with that legend in a plot to rule the skies! Even infusing us with the power of the Petaya berry gained us the ability to confront Arceus! Letting us gained access to its Judgement!"
?!?--------------"Yes, that was one of our greatest moments, but at the cost of destroying all those bright young minds with the Apicot Berry tests."

Goodman stops, and the group follows.

Goodman--"And that's why we can't stop now, there's still the joy bringing Lansat berry to find."
!!!--------------"We got raiders."

The adventurers found themselves in staring at a large convoy in the distance, seeing many suspicious men digging at a place within an abandoned outpost from long ago.

Those beings.. I sense that.. something is in play.. by the forces of fate itself!

The lady of luck and fortune sees the group of adventurers hide within the background, as if they've always been apart of it. Then, the tanned lady did the first strike, ordering an Abamasnow to shoot Ice shards at the drilling equipment.

A large scale battle soon began.

The tanned lady, and the man dressed for adventure,
Fought alongside their crew, even pokemon.
Against the forces that would gain glory,
for finding the lansat, deep within the ground.

The tanned lady gets impaled by an icicle spear.


The harsh Freezing air was soon felt around the field, starting to entrapped the raiders and adventurers within ice.

That... figure in the distance.. what is it?

Fortuna continued to eye the black figure that started to emerge from the dig site. But, it didn't just emerge, it caused a large crack to form all around the area, opening up a large fissure within the glacier, engulfing everyone that were half frozen within the ice.

The view turned black all around the woman of Luck and Fortune.

That spear.. it's embedded with immense hatred for those that bear children..
..could she be the one who.. bears Ocorono?

It was pitch black, only a small man made flame gave light from within the corner of the frozen room. And then, through the powers of sight, the tanned woman with black hair was revealed to be still impaled, and her legs frozen.

Evalia-----" did.. I get here?"

A pitch black figure forms out of the ice thrown stuck within the Iced over wall filled with white demonic scribbles. It approached Evalia, but this time, unlike all the other times we've seen it start to approach its would be victims..

It will not disappear.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#417
Oh and before I forget, Awesome post Event.

*Finishes reading Poli's post*
*Gets on another part.*

Oh, and should I leave what happens to Evalia up in the air, for a future plot point dealing with that figure within the new thread?
Or should I just post what happens, and place Goodman, Fortuna, and Ocorono up for a time skip?

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#418
(Water contamination within area-- 50%)

The crew stared at the stars, twinkling around under the stormy clouds. The woman with the stained sword looked at the stars, but she couldn't help but notice the foreign reporter, Zakladan of York, trying to take in the view.

Within the light rain, she walks towards him. All the while the woman with the rotting left arm drags Anna down to where Petite is waiting with the Pilot from before. Past the countless hybrids of Pokemon and human being treated, and examined by the medical division grunts, they came to a cabin, where Prindle laid ontop of a bed, past out.

Anna--"Alright, I know he was with Petite and the pilot, but what was it you wanted to show me?"
Petite--"You know that white entity that looked like Goodman?"
Anna---"Yeah, but what d-are you impl-"
Arckson-"Yes, they are."
Pilot----"We can't tell RS about this, but what do you want us to do?"
Anna---"Well, he likes reading doesn't he? I can get him to stay at the LoR, there's just too much information in there that we should search for... And I think that's what will stop him from becoming one."

With that, the cabin door was closed, and the four went on their merry way.

[---containment room---]

As the ship started to speed up again, the menace was within her zone, ever examining the beast dubbed Lanthorice of Catastrof. As she saw the enormously leviathan coiled up tightly within the room, she went to the face, its eyes still searching.

Menace--"Do you know who truly owns that name I gave you?"

The long serpent if disaster only stares at the woman, as if to kill her with its eyesight. But no, that stare within the bleeding face was met with the menace tightly holding a scalpel, and continuing to approach its eye.

Menace--"You pathetic shiney, you don't even deserve that name."

She continues to approach it, the scalpel in her hand calling out for blood. She stops infront of the large eye, the mouth ever so wanting to take a bite out of her.

She tilts downwards, up close and personal.

Menace---"Let me tell you, who owns that name."

She tapes the eyelid of that serpent in a way that it prevents it from closing its eyes.

Menace---"Actually, let me tell you my first name, I think you disserve it, being the shiney you are."


She readies her scalpel, after assuring herself that the beast deserves it.


She starts poking the eye, causing it to split and start to bleed out tremendous amounts of blood. The creature started to scream, but its screams were the monstrous kind, not the kind that would make her stop doing it.

The scream continued until they arrived at Orre.

[---Main deck---]

The stars continued to sparkle around, and the grunts were looking over the railings, and into the sea, seeing a large pink legend follow them around, continuing to spread its storm uncontrollably, unknowingly setting the seeds for the spreading of the contaminated water.

Zakladan of York----"Alright, this is Zakladan reporting on scene on the deck of Seeker-2."

"As you can see, this is truly a sight to behold, one, two, even four mystical beings on this ship, its fans roaring after a well fought battle! Oh, there's the head medical staff... Care to share us your thoughts?"

Monicle---"Oh, you interrupted my question."
Zakladan--"and what is the question you were asking the mighty legend of space?!"
Monicle---"Simple, do legendary Pokemon live forever?"
Zakladan--"Of course they do! Read at how long that legend behind was alive for!"
Monicle---"But, I don't think the two grunts ever waiting for an answer, would accept something not said from Palkia itself."

They continued.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#419

Zakladan----"I see, well then, let's ask Palkia now!"
Monicle------"Oh, I'll get back on that later, don't you want to know where we're taking that beast?"
Zakladan----"Which? For there are many."
Monicle------"The one named a name, called Lanthorice of Catastrof."
Zakladan----"Do tell!"
Monicle------"Well, after arriving at Orre, Uka-6 will be there waiting to carry Lanthorice of Catastrof off to the Land of the Setting Sun."
Zakladan----"But why not continue to hold it within this mighty vessel?"
Monicle------"Because from the damage it has done to this ship, we can't really lift off into the air with that much weight, the engines are already overflowing with heat right now!"
Zakladan----"Alright, that's enough for now, thank you."

The woman with the blood stained sword was about to put down the camera, but the reporter with the evil smile stopped her.

Zakladan----"Not yet, let me get a few private interviews with the others, then you can do whatever you want with the tapes."
Woman------"Alright, who's first?"
Zakladan----"We'll work our way up from the Rashiram with that trenchcoat, all the way up to that new guy."
Woman------"Alright, after those parting words are set, we will have to get ready for that final meal you'll have, before you leave back for Kanto|Jhoto."

The reporter continued to smile, the dark storm ever making the stars shine brighter, and he continued on to RS and the others.


Alright, final story post for the day.
And no, unless necessary, the interview Zakladan gets from the cast will not reach out to the public eye.
Also, the roar coming from the leviathan isn't really heard from anyone outside the containment room.

*Goes to sleep*

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#420
Bumpy's Return to Bumpland.
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