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Pokemon Spirit Signs Part 10(real one)

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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#431
XEvent-HorizonX posted...
OcarinaofToast posted...
I wanna get 500. :`c

Go for it.

I will try my hardest. ;-;
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#432
XEvent-HorizonX posted...

The rush for 500 will be fierce. I got 500 in the first topic of the sequel and I made the second topic so I'm fine now.

I'll try to finish the rap tomorrow.

Indeed it will.
And I'll will gladly wait to see you finish that rap too!
Good luck with it, tomorrow!

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#433
Pryce and Katherine were rushing through the woods, and couldn't believe what they found. A gigantic three-headed skeletal monster, moving in the direction of the city.

"Well," Pryce said. "Looks like now we can show off our skills, no holding back." He then brought out his Keyblade, and was shocked to hear the monster speak.

"You will not be able to harm me, you puny things. Step aside, and witness the power of King Gallon, the power I will use on this settlement."

"Even if we really couldn't harm you," Pryce said. "It doesn't mean we won't try, not if you plan to murder our loved ones."

"Such proud fury, in the face of overwhelming odds."

"Yeah, he does that." Katherine said.

"Very well. Before I touch upon this city, I will show you two your places!" The monster then attempted to stomp on Pryce and Katherine, who ran out of the way just in time.

"Pryce, I think we're a little out of our league here. How are we supposed to hurt this thing?"

"I've fought Will, Poli, and Mel. Two of them were fused with legendaries, both of them gods, one of them was a demon. You know what that tells me? Anything can be made to bleed." He then looked at his Keyblade, and activated the Hado.

"Pryce, no! Not even one of those spells can take something that size down!"

"Who said anything about spells?" He then threw his Keyblade at the beast's foot, holding onto the chain as it extended. He then prepared for the tug as the force of Gallon lifting his foot flung Pryce into the air, dispelled and re-summoned his Keyblade in midair, and repeated the process, all while slashing away at wherever there was flesh whenever possible.

Katherine, watching all this unfold, brought out a cape, stretched it across her body, making sure that it created a sail in the gaps between limbs, and flew up.

"Let me guess! Another one of your shaman tricks?"

"Yeah. It controls the wind so that it'll carry me wherever I need to be." She then brings out her chakrams, and slashes at the beast's flesh along with Pryce. Gallon takes much damage, until...

"Such fury. I may need to recover!" It then opens it's ribcage, and draws in spirits. The more spirits rush into Gallon, the more his flesh regrows.

"He appears to be absorbing souls to regenerate!" Katherine said.

"Keep attacking! He's exposed his weak point!" Sure enough, the beast's beating heart was exposed. Pryce swung from where the Keyblade was attached so that he was right in front of the beast's heart. He then dispelled his Keyblade, re-summoned it, pointed it at the beast, and shouted as loud as he could "SHAKUNETSU FLARE!!!"

The Japanese character that appears on his back had appeared in front of his Keyblade, and a giant fireball erupted from the symbol. The fireball struck the heart of the beast, and exploded in a sphere of fire that completely consumed and eradicated all the flesh that made up it's heart. And an unconscious Pryce dispelled his Keyblade, turned off his Hado, and plummeted towards the earth.

"Pryce!" Katherine screamed, flying as fast as she could to catch her love. When she did, she hovered down to the ground with him in her arms, and checked his vitals. Immediately after, she sighed with relief. But King Gallon was staggering, about to fall face first on top of the two.

"We'll never get clear in time." Katherine said. She tried thinking of all the spells and tricks she could that would get them out of there, but there was only one. One that she really didn't want to use.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#434
Poli and Nightmare saw the Seeker-2 off, as they headed back for the LotRS.

Poli ---------- "Seems everything is peaceful again."
Nightmare --- "Well, baring that burning monster over there."

The two saw the burning body of Gallon in the distance.

Nightmare --- "Looks covered already."
Poli ---------- "Ye-"

Suddenly Poli was sucked down into a purple vortex.

Nightmare --- "Poli!"


Darkness. Poli saw a realm of darkness. As he looked, a red eye bored into him.

Poli ---------- "Akuro."
Akuro -------- "The Light Frost. I shall extinguish you, and the sun shall set."
Poli ---------- "You don't even have your 5th vessel. I can take you."
Akuro ------- "And you are alone. I will wipe you out now, so you can't defeat me when the Prophecy is underway."

Two red, mechanical hands appeared, and Akuro shrouded the two in an arena of raw evil.

Akuro ------- "With you out of the picture, the ones you are destined to lead shall fall! Even that fellow with the Hado, an energy created from MY powers, cannot stop ME!"

Poli summoned the AZ Glave, ready to slice up his old foe.
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#435
"Teleportation." Katherine said. "Not my best subject." She knew that if she tried, they could end up in a volcano, inside a Wailord, or even in orbit. But she also knew that there wasn't a choice. She couldn't run fast enough, or even fly fast enough, to get clear of the beast. Not while carrying Pryce.

Luckily, teleportation wasn't a spell that required fancy powders. She just had to focus her aura, and the process would happen naturally. She also had to keep her mind focused on the destination. The trick was doing both at once.

Thinking that this could be the end, she pressed her lips against the unconscious Pryce, and teleported them both away, just in time to avoid the corpse of King Gallon.

A month passes, and Pryce was slowly waking up, finding himself in a hospital bed, and Katherine waiting by his side.

"I figured out teleporting." Katherine said with an awkward smile on her face. "You've been out for a month, but that might be partially my fault. We found ourselves on the roof."

"Ugh... how much did I...?"

"We did it, Pryce. That monster's gone. The people here are safe. Your family is safe."

"...good... what's that...?" Pryce was having trouble starting up his mind after all he had been through, but he notices the plastic container that Katherine is holding.

"Went back for it when I made sure you were going to be all right. Microwaved it before I came back here. We never got around to it." She opened the container, revealing the special chicken from their first date. She held it out for Pryce to take a piece, then took one herself. Meanwhile, in the lobby...

"Excuse me, miss." Mr. Payne said, talking to a nurse along with the rest of his family. "We're here to check on the condition of our son. Payne comma Pryce."

"Oh, he's just awoken from his coma, but uh..." She looks back at the two sign bearers, sharing chicken. "I'd put off the family reunion for a bit."

The nurse then walks off, leaving Mr. Payne very confused, until he notices Pryce in a room, sharing chicken with Katherine.

"Honey, what is it?" Mrs. Payne asks her husband, before looking where he's looking, and noticing the couple. "...oh. about we go... see if there's a good place nearby?"

"Yeah, let's give these two their moment."

And with that, the Payne clan left their former runaway child alone to enjoy his time with Katherine. Eventually, they do meet again in a happy, yet somewhat embarrassing, family reunion. Pryce catches them up on what happened, from Shaka to King Gallon, and they catch him up on what happened, from the latest slumber party to... Mephistopheles. Another month passes, and...

"What do you mean your moving away?" Mr. Payne asks his son.

"It has been... absolutely wonderful seeing you all again," Pryce says. "but there comes a time when we all have to move on..." He then looks at Katherine. "And start our own lives." He then looks back at his dad. "This isn't me running, this is me settling down."

"So, where are you moving?"

"Hoenn. Lots of water, should be good for me and Katherine. Plus, I've heard that they've recently discovered some hazardous explosive material in Rusturf Tunnel." He then brings out his micro bombs to show to his father. "Someone's gonna have to get it out of there, for the safety of the Pokémon, and the nearby cities."

"Heh, something does need to be done about that. Just know that whenever you run into trouble, you can always come home."

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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#436
"I'll keep in touch." Pryce said to his dad. "You won't have to worry about me this time."

"Oh, Pryce." Mr. Payne said. "You'll find this out when you have kids of your own with her," He points at Katherine. "But I'll always worry about you."

Yet another month later, a ferry for Hoenn is boarding, and Pryce is saying goodbye to his family.

"Now, you be sure to..." Mrs. Payne then starts listing off things for Pryce to make sure to do, as if he was heading for summer camp. Eventually, he has to stop his mom so that he can say goodbye to the others.

"Mom. Mom! I'll remember."

"Oh, I just worry about you, is all." She then hugged Pryce, and then he hugged back.

"So I've been told. I will miss you terribly."

"And I'll miss you. Now go say good bye to the others before we both tear up."

Pryce rolls his eyes a little, breaks away from his mom, and kneels to his sister's level.

"It's been nice getting to see how much you've grown. Just take care of yourself."

"Oh, don't worry about me. After all, I've got Pryce."

Pryce looks a little puzzled. "Uh..."

"Oh, right. You two haven't met." She then brings out a Pokéball. "Come on out, Pryce!" The Pokéball opens, sending out an Oshawott. "Professor Fennel gave him to me a couple of months ago. Strangely, she desperately tried to get me to change the nickname."

"Huh, can't imagine why." Pryce says as quickly as possible, and rapidly moves on to his father. "...I'll... try and remember what you said."

" do that, and you'll be all right."

They then hug until they hear Katherine. "Pryce! The boat's about to leave!"

"Go get 'em. We'll be here."

"All right. 'til the next reunion!"

And with that, Pryce boarded the ferry, stood next to Katherine, waved his family goodbye, and sailed off to his new life with Katherine.
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#437
Akuro began by launching a dark bolt. Poli evaded it, then closed in and slashed at Akuro.

Akuro floated about, avoiding Poli's Ice Beams and punching the Dracid with his hands.

Akuro ------- "Weak."

Poli got up, sidestepped a fireball, and struck Akuro's eye.

Akuro recoiled, then thrust his hands out. Magnetic Fields reversed, sending the Glave to the floor. Poli desummoned it, and leapt to strike with his own claws.

Akuro ------- "Hmmph. Time to end it."

Akuro's mouth opened wider, as he concentrated energy. The area shook with shockwaves.

If that hits, I'm finished!

Poli picked up AZ, for the magnetism faded, and went hyper-offensive on Akuro. The entity lost focus, and was stunned.

Akuro floated up, and faded.

Akuro ------- "Gah...let's see how you can handle my abilities from my vessels."

Poli heard screehing, and 6 mechanical beasts walked in, surrounding Poli. Each one wielded a staff, and each a different color. Their snake-like heads cried out, their back spines bristling.

Red Fear... White Anger... Black Hunger... Blue Disintegration... Green Poison... Brown Destruction...

As Poli was occupied with these sons of the shadows, one word echoed.

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#438
[---Within the Veil of Goodman---]

Inside a dark icy room of despair within a trench within the antarctic plains, a tanned lady, impaled by an ice spear, lay half frozen within an icy demonic thrown room. The black figure approached the bleeding Evalia, who was frozen from the waist down.

Evalia--"Anyone, help-what am I saying?! I can easily get out of this."

Evalia kept trying to thaw out of the ice, and take out the spear impaling her lower body, but as it approached the helpless woman, the room remained the same, ever the freezing block of ice it is. As it continued to move ever so slowly towards the impaled woman, the lady of luck and fortune started to see the problem.

That being, it's starting to emit forces of great disparity.. but, that impaled lady.. she holds great defiance..

The figure was now at breathing range of the tanned lady, ever causing great fear to come out from her. As she stood still, frozen in fright at the pitch black figure blocking her entire view of the front, it started to touch her.


Her screams of sheer agony could be heard from deep within the icy cave, but the dark figure continued to force its dark hands to grasp the icy spear spilling blood, pulling it out as if it were nothing! Evalia lets out another scream of pain, but then sees the black figure start to turn the light blue see through spear into a pitch black silhouette, ever aiming it back to the lady.

And I'm going to die now.. great.

As she gets stabbed by the piece, Goodman came in with the Abomasnow and the other explorers that have accompanied them through the many journeys that they have taken. Evalia, coughing up blood now, responded with great disappointment at the timing of Goodman.

Evalia-------"Just get me out of this thing!"
Goodman-"With that in front of you? You mad?!"

Without further adieu, Goodman scanned the room while the Abomasnow started to unleash a volley of ice shards at the figure.

Alright, figure of doom, that lansat berry encased within the icy thrown, and demonic writing on the walls...
Got it!

Goodman----"Abomasnow! Use wood hammer on that blasted wall!"

The large snow beast proceeded to launch its body towards the ice wall with the sheer force of its weight. Upon impact, it caused the entire side to collapse, revealing the demonic writing to towards the fire. But, the figure continued to approach the now unconscious Evalia, ever wanting to do things to her that would scar her for life. So, within the room, Goodman and the adventurers took action, grabbing the small fire, and launching it to the demonic writing, causing it to burst in flames, only to be erased by the melting ice around it. The figure also disappeared, but not without deeply damaging the inside of Evalia's belly.

Everyone looked at her, seeing a dark substance start to seep out.

Goodman------"Don't you just stand there, get her out!"
Adventurer 2--"On it."
Adventurer 1--"I'll go for that lansat berry!"

They all continued, until the lady and the berry were broken out of their icy graves. And as she bled out, the adventurer gave Goodman the berry. All to the Lady of Luck and Fortune's great interest.

It's.. it's somehow emitting an aurora of great fortune!
Even the aurora coming from the lady is being engulfed by it!

Goodman cuts a peace of the berry, and crushes it into a colorful powder with his gloved hands, then combines it with the powder from a few Oran berries within his kit. And then continues to spread it around the damaged lady, giving her a sense of joy. The scene fades out, and Fortuna now knows the why.

She then gets transported back to reality, and sees Ocorono leaving back to her job, the glowing green crystal berry in hand.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#439
Alright, I'm done with that, albeit rushed from outside pressure, cliffhanger now, and will go to sleep.
Have fun you two!

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#440
6 on 1. The odds were not in Poli's favor.

The six Rahkshi menacingly closed in, ready to destroy. The ground exploded and shook with every step Panrahk took. Kuurahk was rage-driven. Vorahk had a vampiric look in its eyes. Death emenated from Leerahk. Turahk was to be feared. Guurahk wanted to dissolve its foes.

Poli Shifted into Kyurem-B, and swung his tail. It caught the angry Kuurahk, but the others evaded.

Now within melee range, They swung. Poli dodged, nimbly, for being an ice dragon, and punched away Guurahk and Vorahk.

Behind him, Turahk sliced Poli with it's staff. Poli crumpled, not off pain, but of unexplainable fear.

Akuro ------- "Turahk's fear is mighty. Nothing can stand up to it and be brave."

The three Rahkshi Poli hit recovered, and they all got in striking position. Poli, crippled by the fear, couldn't get away.

They poised to strike, but when the staves fell, they hit stone. Poli vanished.

Akuro ------- "Lucky him. This isn't over."

The six Rahkshi faded away.


Nightmare --- "Hey! HEY!"
Poli ----------- "Wha..."

Poli looked around. Where was the darkness? The Rahkshi? Akuro?

Nightmare --- "I got you outta that mess. Split second too late, and you'd be deader than that beast earlier."
Poli ---------- "Thanks...what of Akuro?"
Nightmare --- "That entity with the eye in its mouth? Still alive."
Poli ---------- "Figured as much. He should be hindered for a while though; it's time to settle down."
Nightmare --- "I'm sticking with you."
Poli ---------- "No need to do-"
Nightmare --- "Boo hoo, look pal, you're all alone because your sister is up there in space. You need a companion."
Poli ---------- "...Fine, welcome to the club."

The two took off for the LotRS, new life ahead.
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