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Pokemon Spirit Signs 10: Electric Bungaloo Edition!

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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#1
Pokémon Spirit Signs 10!

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Coming soon: Who's who in the OP.


They get hunted down by a Fabulous sinner killer! Tyler and Erika fight Love Maiden Chocolate and win! Unfortunately, she steals their sexuality! They try to break the "Chosen Ones Only" wall!

Martini creates a mosh-pit in his mind! A large amount of spirits/gods/demons live in his mental rose garden now! He makes Marknam very, very angry!

Land of the (Setting/Rising) Sun-
They launch Project Bleeding Legends and hunt for Giratina! Muter and Sonya go in space with a bunch of other people!

Jabba and Mary go mad with love due to an unknown force! The group trains at Charles' Dojo!


Fortuna blesses a berry mound! Ocorona finds a wonder berry! A mysterious entity almost kills her and her team!

He builds a house! Then he starts a fire! He then leaves to train!

Collateral Damage Man-
Coming soon!

What the heck?! I've been moving like Jabba for FIVE days now and I ain't learned nuthin'! :(
Official Galactic Pretty Boy of GameFAQs. <>u<>
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