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Pokemon RP 4! Pokemon Fusion.

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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#31
Tyler opened his Eyes. He was at a Fell-in Awakening Chamber.
Tyler: What....Happened?
Then Tyler Remembered.
Tyler: We're Alive! But, How?
Tyler turned and Saw Erika, Zora, and Kiera Unconscious.
Tyler: Erika, Zora, Kiera!
Erika: Hum....Hm?
Zora: Ugh....Who's Shouting..?
Kiera: Turn the Voice down...
Tyler: Guys! We're alive!
Erika: Huh?
Zora: What are you-
Zora and the others turned and looked around.
Kiera: We are alive!
Erika: But how?!
Zora: Let's go outside and Find out!
Zora and Tyler ran towards the Blocked exit, and sliced it. The others followed.
Tyler: Gah!
The Place was in Ruins. Human/Pokemon Hybrids were roaming around.
Tyler: What are they?
Kiera: They're weird Hybrids....
Zora: Yeah, But Something feels wrong....
Dragonite: ... (Yes, It does.)
Victini: !!! (It's Creepy here!)
Tyler: Yeah. We need to find someone normal before-
Suddenly a Hybrid ran towards Tyler. Tyler Slashed it away with his sword.
Zora: Who was-
Kiera: AAH!!
Tyler and the others turned around. A Sword was Pierced through Kiera. Her body fell, Blood covering the Ground. She wasn't breathing.
Zora: NO! KIERA!!!
Zora ran towards Kiera. Tyler attempted a healign spell, but it bounced off of her. Kiera was Dead.
Tyler: Zora....
Zora: Kiera....They did this....whatever caused this, I'll find out....Then they'll PAY!
Zora turned towards Tyler.
Tyler: Mine?!
Tyler: Maybe, But-
Zora: You will Rue the day you caused this. YOU HEAR ME?! Your Blood will be Splattered all over the Land, the Ocean. YOU WILL PAY!
Zora Ran off.
Tyler: Zora!
Erika: ...He's gone.
Tyler: Yup. What do we do now?
Erika: find some normal people?
Tyler: Yeah. Over there, maybe?
Tyler pointed towards a Series of Buildings.
Erika: Sure.
Tyler and Erika walked towards the east, where the Buildings were.
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#32
Well now... I guess I'll get started on an intro soon for Willingmess.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#33
I'm tired of waiting.I'll move on.

The group was walking in the fields,when suddenly they get attacked by a gang.

Gang Member:Give us your money!

Jessica:No,you stupid Arbok!

Gang Member:That's it.You're all sleeping with the fishes.


A horse-like figure jumped out of nowhere and used hydro pump on the gang,making them scared.They then ran away.

Tableflip:You saved us...who are you?

???:My name's Chack.I drank the water and turned half keldeo.Who are you people?

Tableflip:We're spirit fusers.We get spirit pokemon.After that,we can be able to shift back and forth from them.As you can see,the reason I look similar to a suicune is because she's my first spirit pokemon.Anyways,I'm Tableflip.My spirit pokemon are Suicune,Eevee,and Salamence.

Emile:My name's Emile.My spirit pokemon are Vaporeon,Lapras,Feraligatr,Milotic,Buizel,and Samurott.

Josh:I'm Josh.I'm the spirit fuser of Zekrom.

Dawn:I'm Dawn.Tableflip and Emile are my mom and dad.My spirit pokemon's sylveon.




She was cuddling with Chack.

Chack:Can you get off of me?


Josh:That's Jessica.She's my little sister,and her spirit pokemon is Reshiram.

Chack:Where's kyurem?

Jessica:We don't know...

Chack:Anyways,nice to meet you.

He stuck out his hoof.Tableflip then shaked his hoof.

Emile:Who were those gang members?

Chack:I don't know,but we need to stop them before they harm anyone else.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#34
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#35
Yeah, I should make a part...
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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#36
Oh, I'm changing something:
Isaac from PSS is back, the one I made for this shall be named Cress instead.

Isaac was meditating on Mount Silver alongside Luke, and Guy. Tear came running up, out of breath.

Tear: Isaac! Luke! Guy! It's terrible! Everyone's turning into half-Pokemon! I think that Sign Bearers might not be affected, though.

Isaac: *facepalm* Oh, great. Another human/Pokemon panic! Wonderful!

Luke: S***.

Guy: What Luke said!

Isaac: Let's just get this over with...


Cress: Augh! What? I'm half-Blaziken!

Fire sprayed from his wrists, as if they were responding to his anger.

Cress: Even though this is cool, why? I'll just run outside, I suppose.

He does that.

Cress: Well, this su-

He runs into Isaac, human form.

Isaac: Hey, what was that for?

Cress: I should be asking you that! You're still a human!
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#37
"Loves me, loves me more..."

"Loves me, loves me more..."

"Loves me, loves me more..."


"Yay! She loves me more!" The human/Mismagius hybrid (Will refer to as a Magius) sprang up from the rock he was seated on and tossed the flower stripped of its petals aside.

"That's the fourth time in a row the flowers have told me she love me more, Lumin," he told the Litwick sitting silently beside him.

"That's a good sign, isn't it? Come on, Lumin! I'm gonna propose to her once and for all!"

Hyacinthe picked up his scythe and happily pranced down the road to Slateport.
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#38
Ocarina was grinding through Zigzagoons and Poochyenas.

Ocarina: I quite like this form!

Jabba: Do you?

Mary: Hello there! You look like Jabba did when we first met!

Ocarina: Who are you?

Jabba: A couple of drifters who wandered into this region looking for adventure.

Ocarina: Your names?

Mary: I’m Mary, and this is Jabba! Yours?

Ocarina: It’s Ocarina, but you can call me Toast if you like.

Jabba: Toast?

Ocarina: I didn’t pick the name…

Jabba: Ok “Toast”, wanna come with us?

Ocarina: My Mom says not to go with strangers to places…

Mary: Ok, have fun in your little town.

Ocarina: Hm… Ok, I’ll come.

Jabba: Then come on.

Mary: We have a BIG boat we’re traveling around Hoenn in.

Ocarina: Cool! But, are you old enough to drive?

Jabba: We’re both 18.

Ocarina: Ok…

The three get in the boat and look for islands in the waters of Hoenn…
Official Toy Zorua of the Pokemon Scramble U board. I AM FENNEKIN!!!
Jabba was entertaining. Can't ask for more than that from an internet user. - Mottman

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#39
We start out, by looking out on a desert... lying there in a little pit is somebody. He's sitting there.... waiting... until suddenly a sandslash comes walking around. It doesn't notice the carefully layed trap until it's to late. It walks up to the edge of the pit and looks over the edge. quickly it tries to jump back, but it was too late, the edges of the pit quickly slipped and the sandslash fell in. Quickly at the bottom, the person subdues the sandslash and quickly begins to cut and cook the meat. Slowly, the figure stops and thinks to itself.

Willingmess: To think... a week ago I didn't have to do this...

It then quickly sets back to work at cooking the tough and gritty sandslash meat.
official team miror admin
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#40
They were walking through the plains.

Chack:So you guys can shift,right?


She shifted into a buizel and hopped onto Tableflip's shoulder.


Tableflip:All sign bearers can do this.

Jessica:I think they're over there!

She pointed to a cave.

Josh:This cave looks familiar...

They walked into a cave.
I don't even know anymore.
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