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Pokemon RP 4! Pokemon Fusion.

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#381
Wow, this thread really sped up in my absence. I'm really sorry for being so inactive, but I really want to finish PSS before I get too involved in this.


One: I, for one, really enjoy your parts. That's what you've contributed to the RP. ^_^ (And if it makes you feel better, I didn't get any awards either :P )

Two: Hyacinthe. I love that you've made him have an infinite supply of cookies. It's a quirky, random thing that really fits his personality. However, you got his personality a little wrong. Upon seeing Will transforming, he wouldn't be scared, he'd be watching in excited anticipation. He'd be thinking about what fun things Will could become, while bouncing excitedly.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#382
As Poli vented his frustration while roaming the city, he spotted the fabulous riding a Serperior.

Poli ---------- "Martini?"

Paying it no heed, Poli headed for the food court, ordered one of everything, and sat down, ingesting it all. As Poli ate, he felt disgusted.

How am I happily munching away here knowing I consumed a man? Yet....argh, why?

Poli would end up eating all of it, even the trays, and continued roaming.

He knew, deep down, he set himself up for this.

Poli ---------- "I should've taken it better. But nope, I had to rage five years ago. I had to eat the grunt with the pink hat. I had to take Arckson's acid comment. I had to continue down that road with the grunt, eating a person every Friday.

I had...I had to have lost control...again."

Poli ignored the sound of his gut trying to process the trays alongside his meal, and headed for the airfields. He booked a flight for Hoenn. As he awaited takeoff, his mind turned towards Arckson.

Poli ---------- "Wonder how she's faring. Especially with that arm of hers.

And...Ms. Octillery. what about her?"

As Poli recalled, his gut gave up on the trays, letting them stew until malleable enough. Poli looked out the window as the plane departed, the skyline ever-shrinking.

[Poli's House; LotRS]

Sonya was on the couch, weeping. Aside her was Nightmare.

Sonya ------- "You think I was too harsh on him?"
Nightmare --- "You could have not tossed him out that window like unwanted garbage."
Sonya ------- "Someone had to knock him with sense. I love him Nightmare, he's my brother. But...sometimes love hurts."

Nightmare placed his hand around Sonya, shadowy cloak embracing her figure.

Nightmare --- "Listen, you did the right thing. It took a pink puff ball with a Star Rod to get me on track. You gave Poli the nudge."
Sonya ------- "But...was it enough? Was it too much?"
Nightmare --- "Hard to say. But I advise we go after him tomorrow. If anyone attracts unwanted attention like no other, it's Poli."
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#383
Martini's a Furret wearing cool shades.
What the heck?! I've been moving like Jabba for FIVE days now and I ain't learned nuthin'! :(
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#384
"Dear Shaymin, it's cold." -Martini, putting his coat on.

Speaking of the cold, I wonder if Poli's still alive.

He turns around and sees Poli.

"Thyme. Do not look back." -Martini, whispering.

They enter the New Guard Institute.
What the heck?! I've been moving like Jabba for FIVE days now and I ain't learned nuthin'! :(
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#385
Poli laid out like a towel on the beach outside Petalburg. His plane arrived on an island not far off, so he swam the rest of the way. Water droplets glistened as the sun shone on in the clear sky.

Poli ---------- "I could be here all day. Sink into the sand, become part of it, sizzle the skin of those kids who trod across barefoot..."

Poli sat up suddenly.

If only it were that easy.

Poli got up, and ran into the water. It warmed him up as the gentle liquid splashed against his scaley chest.

Poli, while floating around, thought of his Spirit Pokemon, Kyurem. He couldn't care less for the outbreak of hybridizations by the water contaminant.

The promise I made to myself, never to Shift again, for everyones' safety.

Maybe I could Shift just once, now perhaps...

Poli decided against it, and left the water. After cleaning off the sand (One thing Poli hated about being a Dracid, sand tended to get stuck in those tiny grooves between scale and skin), and drying off, Poli ventured into Petalburg.

30 minutes later, he fell asleep atop the Petalburg Gym roof, lulled to slumber by the warm sun.
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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#386
I slowly walk to the door, noting the absence of life and wreckage strewn throughout. When I finally reach the elevator, my trembling hand reaches out to the button. Amazingly, the doors open just as normal, and I calmly walk inside. I push the ground floor button, and the trip goes smoothly. The main floor was just more of the same, so I calmly walked out through the doorway into the street.

Although some of the flames had died down since I had looked outside, there were still several buildings engulfed in them. I continued to walk, getting more and more worried with every step. Finally, I stopped to rest in an empty lot, not the smartest decision I had ever made. A figure stood ahead in the distance, who I ran to meet. Dropping my suitcase, I went to embrace the first living human I had met that day.

I saw a girl, no more than eleven, standing still as she stared at me. She had the most adorable Eevee headphones on her head, making it look like as though she had the Pokemon's actual ears.

She laughed at no one in particular, before saying, "It's dangerous to be out here alone, you know."

I stopped, and noticed just how suspicious the situation looked. I took a step back, only for her to take a step forward.

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#387
XEvent-HorizonX posted...
"Dear Shaymin, it's cold." -Martini, putting his coat on.

Speaking of the cold, I wonder if Poli's still alive.

He turns around and sees Poli.

"Thyme. Do not look back." -Martini, whispering.

They enter the New Guard Institute.


Within a well carpeted room, a two people sat on a soft chair and a couch. While a seviper was seen scrunched up as usual next to the person sitting on the chair, the other on the couch was telling a story of his life. A story that continued to be heard around the room, past the framed pictures of the countless festivals the woman listening participated in, even past a small frame where she stood next to a fabulous man, along with another man dressed in white, staring at the camera with a background of just the majestic view of space behind them! All the while, two eyes were seen calmly looking on from behind the three.

"..then, after I drank that water, I turned into.. this."

He points at his main body, now looking like a combination of thick black meta skin, while his claws were colored in hard sleek white steel. He then continued to look at the unusually unchanged lady, and the seviper.

"Alright, after further examination, you're suffering from depression that you brought on from before the change, then made it worse by stopping whatever you were doing when you found out that you changed into some kind of Poke'mon Hybrid."

The student, as unemotionally as possible, slowly got the black pupils within his large light blue eyes to stare back up at the teacher.

"..and what's the cure?"

The teacher, after searching through her memory, stands up. With the notes she took in hand, and the puffin from the table still staring at her, she responded.

"There are pills for this, but you'd become addicted, so..."

The seviper shares a few remarks to the teacher.

Teacher----"You're indeed correct Cassandra, alright you!"
Teacher----"The best choice of action for you right now, is to take a vacation to Hoenn's Verdanturf town!"
Student----"But.. I don't have any-"
Teacher----"Shut it, from the grades you've been earning, you don't need money."

The Aggron looking student stands up, thanks the teacher, and starts to calmly stomp away from the room. And after he left, a furret looking human scurried around the outside of the door, until placing its eyes on the woman petting the Seviper.

"..Marknam'! There you are!"

The teacher looked at the Human Furret hybrid standing at the door, thinking that she should know it. Before she could ask a question, the seviper quickly ran across the floor with its scrunched up body, and started to look for someone familiar around the Fabulous looking person.

Marknam'----"Cassandra, what are you-wait, that scent.. Martini?"

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#388
XEvent-HorizonX posted...
"Dear Shaymin, it's cold." -Martini, putting his coat on.

Speaking of the cold, I wonder if Poli's still alive.

He turns around and sees Poli.

"Thyme. Do not look back." -Martini, whispering.

They enter the New Guard Institute.

Well shoot.

Does this mean Jabba can't have Shaymin as a Spirit Pokemon? u_____u
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#389
"Yeah, that's right. Rose petals and vodka." -Martini.

"Martini... Where have you been?" -Marknam.

"All over the place. I got in a fight with Chocolate and she threw water at me. I woke up the next morning and I was a Furret." -Martini.

"Who's Chocolate?" -Marknam.

"The girl that beat you up 5 years ago." -Martini.

"Wh-- Oh! I made something for you. It's a special gift that I only gave to those very gifted students when they graduated 9 years ago." -Marknam.

"The dream poffin? Aw, Marknam, you're so sweet!" -Martini.

She takes Martini and Thyme to wherever she has the poffin.

[Was that okay?]
What the heck?! I've been moving like Jabba for FIVE days now and I ain't learned nuthin'! :(
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#390
[You did fine.]

Marknam' takes a glance at the white puffin within the room.

After all these years huh?
Alright, if I remember correctly, probably still have it within that one place within the marsh..

She takes another look at the fabulous behind her, seeing the Seviper and Serperior enjoying their time together again down below.

Marknam----"Okay, I know where it is, follow me."
Martini--------"Lead the way, my dear."

After she closes the door to the room, she escorts the fabulous human Furret Hybrid through the hallways out into the back of the institute, over the fields where both normal and hybrid students are playing sports, strait inside the berry stocks of the colorful farmlands, and finally out into the ever green, blue, and brown marsh. As the two saw both Cassandra and Thyme slither into the sea of tall grass, the fabulous couldn't help but ask a question.

Martini----"So, how come you aren't half pokemon? Don't you drink water?"

As she continues guiding the fabulous over the thin tall grass, Marknam' responds after taking a short break in her search.

Marknam'----"Deals with the effects that orb has on most of us who've come from family lines dating back to the founding community of this land."
Martini--------"Oh, so does that mean you're immune?"

The teacher continues through the marsh, getting ever so closer to that spot she holds dear.

Marknam'----"That's a no, because if we drink or become dipped inside vast quantities of water, that'd be enough to start to change us... and we're here!"

The two look to small clearing where a small stream zigzags its way across, seeing a small tent on part of a hill overlooking a vast portion of the Marsh zone they're within, even the tower, where a rocket carrying an unmanned satellite is placed next to, can be seen within the distance. All the while, the grass around them make the calming sound of air peacefully rushing past through them.

Martini-------"What a lovely place you have here, but where's that dream puffin?"
Marknam'---"Right here, just need to open this latch.."

The teacher stands within the small stream that runs through the clearing, and tries to use her strength to lift up a closed latch. But, as she struggles with opening it, the fabulous comes in, and easily opens the latch like it was nothing at all.

Marknam'----"Oh, well thank you."
Martini--------"No problem!"

Before they could continue, something edible, glowing a bright creamy yellow color came bursting out from below. To the surprise of the teacher, it lands on the head of the fabulous, as if it waited all this time to be eaten by it.

Marknam'---"Heh, guess I really made that thing the right way, it somehow managed to somehow love you after all the years of waiting!"

The Fabulous chuckles, and heads with the teacher to the hill with the view, all the while Cassandra and Thyme slithered into the clearing the two were in, and started to play together.


Now, I'll see what I can do in that other topic.
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