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Pokemon RP 4! Pokemon Fusion.

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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#91
Slowly we see a large figure running, running through a forest. Slowly, however, The figure begins to tire. Eventually, she comes to rest on a log.

Selena: Wh-What's wrong with me!? My parents are dead and it's all my fault. I can remember what happened as though it were yesterday.

I was out for a nice stroll, admiring all the different flora and fauna. My parents were worried for me, but I wasn't, I knew my way around nature, I knew it wouldn't harm me. I had always been precocious. About as mature as an adult in my behaviour... But I was still a young kid... And so I was journeying along, when suddenly a large thunderstorm blew up. Any normal person would have headed inside, Heck I should have headed inside! But something felt different... good infact. I liked it out in that storm, it made me feel alive. And so, I continued walking along, oblivious to the danger that may have existed. I frolicked through the meadow wondering at the majestic sight the thunderstorm had laid before me, when suddenly a huge thunderbolt crashed in front of me. Lying there, was a beautiful black and yellow bird. Always interested in bird pokemon, I struck up a conversation with it.

Selena: Howdy there, What's your name?

Zapdos: Hello there little mistress! My name is zapdos. I see you're looking dapper today!

Selena: Mistress? What are you talking about?

Zapdos: Oohh I see... No one's told you yet. I don't quite think I should be the one to tell you, but you should know one thing. You, and me, We are connected. Your lineage dictates that you gain control of my domain, Storms...

Selena: Well then... I must ask you what do we do?

Zapdos: Well, we need to fuse.

Selena: Fuse? Ok...

Quickly a flash of lightning erupts! Selena feels a sudden electric feeling. and zapdos disappears.

Selena: Now that was weird.

After the strange events of the day, I went home, There to greet me was mom.

"Mother": Oh there you are you silly little muggins!

She quickly bends down and pinches Selena's cheek.

Selena: Uggghhh I'm not a silly little muggins anymore... I've been reading Tolstoy and Other classics for a few years now...

Mother: Oh silly little goose! I'll think of you as my little baby even if you grow up to be 18 feet tall!

Selena: Oh well.... I have to go to bed now anyways... I had a weird day and could use the rest.

With that, I quickly headed up the stairs and went to bed, not quite knowing what I was in for.

That night, I had some weird dreams as I went along in them they got weirder and weirder until suddenly I was in the middle of a dream that felt almost horrifyingly real: there I was.... amongst the storm clouds, flying.... electricity crackling off my skin... I felt alive, amazing... the best I ever had in my entire 4 year life. Slowly, I flew along, until I had finally reached my destination.

Selena: What is this place?

Suddenly, I woke up, to a sudden jarring pain. I looked down to see what was causing all this pain... when I looked, I saw my feet were crowded heavily against the far wall. I quickly tried to stand up... But the cieling was so low I had to crouch... With that, I bagan to look at the rest of my body. Slowly, forming over every inch of my body was a matted base of spiky feathers. My arms were slowly elongating and widening turning into what looked like wings... but the strangest part of all, were the two large lumps that grew right on my chest. Fairly soon, the transformation was complete.

Selena: What Happened to me! Aiiiieee

I let out a huge scream! Then, scared for their daughter's life, the couple comes rushing in, but when they lay eyes on her... they vaporize!

Selena: wait! No! Why!?

I then fled the place... running to escape my guilt
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#92
A Dusknoir and an odd boy made of black thread sat in a sewer, observing an old, illegitimately-obtained handheld device. They watched with great interest as the news reports spoke of a mysterious affliction, a disease of sorts that forces its targets to take on the characteristics of seemingly random Pokémon.

"So," the strange boy of thread spoke, "Whatever it is that contaminated me five years ago is finally emerging from the shadows."

"What are you going to do? This is the first solid lead you've had in... Like... Forever," the Dusknoir replied.

"I need to examine one of them. In detail, under syringe and scalpel."

"Heh, you're starting to behave like one of those Acronym I Can't Remember goons."

"Not at all. This is for a noble cause, to find what exactly it is that ails me - and much of the world now."

"How are you so sure that the theirs' wasn't a noble cause?"

"They snatch legends up simply to satisfy their endless curiosity," the Banette-hybrid growled. "They do not seek a cure to a debilitating affliction. Their motives are purely selfish."

"Oh, come now. Being half-Banette is hardly debilitating. After all, you now have all the powers of one."

"It's certainly cool, Banette has always been one of my favorites. But it's certainly socially crippling. As if I weren't repulsive enough as a demon, now I'm an insane-looking demonic puppet with a zipper mouth lined with teeth."

"You need not be in hiding any more, Mephy. Your unfortunate condition has become a bit more mainstream."

"You are correct, Dusky," Mephistopheles responded. "Now, I begin my search for Answers. Maybe I can save the world again, and maybe my reward will be a little better than being turned into a puppet."

Both Mephistopheles and Dusknoir chuckled at this, then teleported, leaving a ripple in the air.
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#93
Meanwhile, I still wait for Chandler.
What the heck?! I've been moving like Jabba for FIVE days now and I ain't learned nuthin'! :(
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#94
Polimario Draxis, the fabled "Icy Terror" of years since past.

His beginnings weren't the greatest. He was thrown into exile, killed to be saved from insanity, amongst other things. He was the very first hybrid, his transformation occuring when the DNA Splicers genetically fused him and his Spirit Pokemon, Kyurem.

But he didn't care. The news talk about him faded, and, somewhere in the midst of it all, an odd chap by the name of Nightmare moved in.

Nightmare was the same guy who tormented Dream Land of ages long, long gone. He's not quite sure how he came here, but decided to turn a new leaf, using his powers for good (If nightmares can somehow be benefical), and bunked with Poli.

But...this is a new chapter in their story.

"Try and find me!"

It was just an ordinary day in the Land of the Rising Sun, a place that Poli has been involved with ever since his transformation into a Dracid, the term he used to describe a half dragon, half human being.

Poli and Nightmare were about the farmlands, enjoying themselves with "Find the Nightmare!", where Nightmare would warp someplace, and Poli had to find him in 3 Minutes.

Poli would find him, lurking in a bush nearby the farms that grew various Berries trainers use when training Pokemon.

Poli -------- "C'mon, I swear you get more predictable every time."
Nightmare - "You can't exactly travel across the entire region in 3 minutes, can you?"
Poli -------- "I can, if I Shifted. But I promised myself not to, remember?"
Nightmare - "Yeah yeah..."

The two returned to the city, when the news broke. They watched the nearest monitor.

Monitor ---- "Officials have finally coined the unknown chemical said to be turning people into human-Pokemon hybrids as Mio. Stay tuned for more updates.

Poli stood still, almost statue-like. Nightmare tried to knock him out of the trance, to no avail.

Nightmare - "Hello? Frosty, you ok? Poli!"
Poli -------- "Oh...right, sorry. Something came over me."
Nightmare - "Well hurry! I left Tepig Bacon on the stove!"

The two would return home and eat overcooked Tepig bacon and Torchic eggs. Poli couldn't help but smile.

People becoming hybrids? this a dream? Am I actually no longer the only hybrid? It's a wierd, I'm happy to see them experience life as a hybrid, but also sad to see my uniqueness fly out the window...I'll go investigate...

Poli -------- "Nightmare, let's go."
Nightmare - "Where to? The berry parlors? The silos? That funky obelisk?"
Poli -------- "No...out there, on an adventure. To be free."
Nightmare - "Is this because you're no longer the only freak show in the world?"
Poli -------- "Um, last time I've checked, floating cloaked guys with golden helmets and tornado-like bodies aren't exactly 'normal.' You coming or not?"
Nightmare - "Sure. Something to do. Frankly, I'm plum interested to see what lies outside those walls."

Nightmare threw his cloak around him, swirling. spinning, faster and faster...until he was a midnight blue sphere with white stars. Poli left the building, Nightmare floating behind, towards new adventure...
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#95
I'm gonna make a part with ALIENS! Nah, just kidding, it's gonna be with DEOXYS!
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#96
OcarinaofToast posted...
I'm gonna make a part with ALIENS! Nah, just kidding, it's gonna be with DEOXYS!

Which reminds me, gotta get that Space launch done, then the Tanoby Chambers, and then the island.

*Gets to work*

User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#97
Saga: Care to explain this madness, Giratina?

Giratina: Which one, Saga? There's so many you could be talking about.

Saga: The outburst of Pokemon hybrids! They're all over the place! In fact, the only ones who might not be affected are Sign Bearers and Spirit Fusers!

Giratina: Yes, that is certainly a problem. Should we hold a conference with the other legendaries?

Saga: Good idea. I'll go find Darkrai's Spirit Fuser, as he can find anyone we need.

Giratina: Good idea. I shall go find him. Just wait here, Saga.

Saga: Gotcha.
I'm going to school soon, so I can't continue this.
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#98
I just wanted to say, since Ocarina and Jabba are both part Fennekin, I decided to change Ocarina’s Pokemon he’s fused with.

I changed it to Flareon.
Ocarina woke up, he saw… a frightening sight…

Ocarina: *opens eyes slowly*

When he opened his eyes, he was being taken somewhere by two Deoxys.
He looked around to find that he was in a big facility.

Ocarina: Oh, well this is nice.

A Deoxys (D) looked down at him, not minding that he was awake.

They soon reached a room full of capsules.

Ocarina: Ok, I’ve seen this in the movies. You’re gonna put me in stasis, and then feed me to your offspring. Am I right?

Deoxys (S): *shrugs*

Ocarina: I gotta find the right moment to break free… NOW!

When the Deoxys least expected it, he hit Deoxys (S) with an ember throwing it off balance, and then he did a backflip over Deoxys (D).

Ocarina: All right Ocarina! You got dem moves!

He ran over to a button on the wall and hit the button.

Ocarina: Let’s hope this releases the people in stasis!

All of the chambers open and the Deoxys begin putting them back in the chambers, as if paying no attention to Ocarina.

Ocarina: Hm… thise two look like Jabba and Mary!

He runs over to the two unconscious Spirit Fusers.

Jabba: Uh… what happened?

Mary: Man… I have a killer headache… where are we?

Ocarina: I believe we’re on an alien space station. I’ll explain once we’re out of here.

The three make a dash for a space ship that was in the station.

They make it to the ship.

Ocarina: I was just following you, how’d you know there’d be a ship here?

Jabba: Because I saw a map…

Mary: *giggles*

The three get inside the ship.

Ocarina: Do you know how to pilot an alien space craft anyone?!

Jabba: Maybe it’s voice activated.

Mary: Space ship, take us to Poke-earth please.

The ship: Yes pilot.

The ship arose and flew out a docking bay of the space station and back to Poke-earth.

They had a surprisingly safe landing in a non-specific part of Hoenn.

Jabba: Everything seems kinda different…

Ocarina: I think that’s because you may have been in stasis for 5 years.

Jabba and Mary: THE HELL?!

Ocarina: Believe it or not, but there were these two people, maybe aliens, disguised as you two, only they looked 18 and not 13…

Jabba: So, what’d we miss?

Ocarina explained to them about the Pokemon/Human hybrids that are happening.

Jabba: Oh great, the world we live in! First the World gets changed into Pokemon! Then people start rampaging the world with Pokemon Spirit Signs! And now what? There are Human and Pokemon Fusions?!

Mary: Well, thanks for saving us.

Some policemen went over to the space craft to examine it, he then used a radio to call some guys in to take it somewhere.

Jabba: Why don’t we get some rest?

Mary: Figures only you could be tired after 5 years of sleeping.

Ocarina chuckled.

The three went to hotel for the night and slept soundly, despite all that had just happened…
OoC: If you’re confused, Jabba and Mary were captured 5 years ago and put in stasis. So they are exactly the same as in PSS. As for the other Jabba and Mary in my last post, they were imposters.
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#99
y no 1 writiing?
Official Toy Zorua of the Pokemon Scramble U board. I AM FENNEKIN!!!
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#100

Poli and Nightmare warped to Slateport, despite Poli's earlier protests.

Nightmare - "See? Teleportation is fine. Magnificent transport me...Poli?"

Poli wasn't listening. He looked around, seeing most people turned into hybrids.

Nightmare - "Go on then. I'll be over here, looking at the waves..."

Poli saw a few sailors that were part Poliwhirl.

Sailor ----- "Aye, ye be a victim of this plague as well?"
Poli ------- "Um, actually..."
Sailor ----- "Well. ye don't have all day!"
Poli ------- "Yes, I am."
Sailor ----- "I see. Lately a ton 'o folks be hybridizin' into these here pogeymanz. Lotz 'o strange stuff's been happenin'."

Poli walked off, as Nightmare popped up behind him.

Nightmare - "I heard, you're not cozy being out like this, are you?"
Poli -------- "I lived in a cave on my own for twelve years, or cooped up in either Starshine or the LotRS for the rest, yeah, public exposure is a little new."
Nightmare - "Well then, where to?"
Poli -------- "Hmm..."

Poli entered the market, which was still bustling despite recent events. He took note of a man fused with Ludicolo.

Marketer -- "Micro Bombs fer sale! Get yer Micro Bombs right here, right now!"
Poli -------- "Excuse me, may I ask who manufactures those bombs?"
Marketer -- "Some mining corporation lead by a guy named Pryce. You want some?"
Poli -------- "I'm fine."

Poli walked north, out of Slateport.

Nightmare - "Who's this 'Pryce'?"
Poli -------- "An old ally."
Nightmare - "Ally? You're not one to fancy working with others."
Poli -------- "I helped those guys at LotRS. You and I are pals."
Nightmare - "Fair point. Ooh, what's that?"

Nightmare pointed at a house up where the Route split.

Poli -------- "Just the abandoned Trick House. You want to see it?"
Nightmare - "Very much so."

The two headed for the Trick House.
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