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Give Pokemon without a signature move a signature move

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User Info: noname2lazy

4 years ago#71

Mind F***

Power: N/A

Acc: 50%

PP: 5-8

Effect: Confuses the target and knocks himself out and another random Pokemon in the opponents team switches with one of your Pokemon in your team.

User Info: pokemonzero

4 years ago#72
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User Info: Darkfire_31

4 years ago#73
NessEggman posted...
I want to give Probopass a series of signature moves, kinda how Vespiquen has the "order" moves, but these would be based around the mininoses.

Nose Guard
Type: Rock, Status
Readies the mininoses to brace for impacts, raising Def and Sp Def one stage.

Nose Assault
Type: Rock, Special Attack
Base power: 50
Accuracy: 85
The mininoses use ... some kind of beam... that hits 3 times. (once per mini-nose) I don't know exactly what to make this, but Special rock moves are hard to come by... (Each hit has accuracy 85, so it can potentially only hit one or two times instead of 3)

Nose Build (Stache Build?)
Type: Steel, Status
The mininoses separate from Probopass to collect magnetic filings and return them to 'fluff' Probopass's mustache. Boosts Special Attack by 2 stages.

So I guess it's pretty similar to the "order" moves of vespiquen, except there's no healing move, and they're rock/steel types. I tried to keep magnetics out of it so they wouldn't all be steel types...

Probopass still falls to its double-weakness, though :( And I don't feel like Magnet Rise is really worth a move slot...

However, I mainly only play doubles, which decreases the power of Earthquake in a way, and gives you the option of Wide Guard from a partner.

It would be rare/unwise to use all three of these in a moveset, but I think they're decent options for the big lug.

I realize the Nose Assault thing sounds powerful (potential 150 base power + STAB) but Probopass has so many weaknesses already... 4x weak to fight and ground, bad speed and a pretty low Sp Att anyway. The chance of actually succeeding in getting a Nose Build off before a Nose Assault and it hitting 3 times is pretty low...

In principle I like these moves but honestly I’d just give it.

Nose pull
Type: Rock, Status
User Builds magnetic energy in its nose Sharply increasing its Attack and Special Attack.
(Boosts attack and special attack 2 stages)

The Nose/Probopass family already has a great move pool and decent defensive stats so this gives its naturaly poor attacking stats a boost without fixing its weaknesses. In double battles it makes the Pass family a great Psych Up target and a beast in a Trick Room.
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