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What kind of trainer are you?

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User Info: Windyligth

4 years ago#21
wind64a posted...
Kinda in-between Semi-Competitve and Competitive for me.
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User Info: gladwyn101

4 years ago#22
Where's the roleplaying option? I like to roleplay. I nickname my Pokemon whenever possible, I actually feel attached to my Pokemon.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#23
Somewhat casual, but I'm starting to get into semi-competitive.

User Info: Blazekicker27

4 years ago#24
NinjaKitsune posted...
From: Skull_pro | #007
NinjaKitsune posted...
In game only, but I pick up a few traits from the other options when I'm doing something like PWT.

I guess you COULD be considered Casual, then.

Actually if we match in-game stuff to the descriptions, I'd be competitive. I've bred for IVs, looked up movesets, and everything that goes to a post-game thing like PWT is going to be given at least a simple EV spread in the relevant attack and speed.

Same. I've done all of the things considered competitive in this poll, I just don't play multiplayer (I don't have anyone who lives near me that plays Pokemon, and my DS can't connect online). I'll try to check out the simulators once I get the chance, though.
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User Info: MettanAtem

4 years ago#25
It's kinda hard to competitively play online when everyone's using perfectly-trained Legendaries. Yeah, casual's good enough for me.

User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#26
Let's see: I don't care wether I win or lose, I don't spend countless hours (EV) training, breeding for natures and IVs, I use a team that consists of the pokemon I like, I try to make that team at least decent, I battle people for fun (that's why I only do random battles on the simulator), and I generally play for fun.

I have no idea.
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