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Pokemon RP 4: Pokemon Fusion #2 Alpha Edition

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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#391
:) Yay Xevent is back!
Official Team Miror (subdiv. of miror infinity) Leader
Shadow pokemon: flygon

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#392
willingmess posted...
:) Yay Xevent is back!

In the vein of a running gag in my school that puts a smile on my face every time I hear it, "Roleplay is life."

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#393
Let me re-iterate, I didn't know who exactly was within the prison.
But now I do, and am currently editing out a conversation within my upcoming post.

User Info: DeltaRayquaza

4 years ago#394
Sol: Well, where should we go now, Selena? I would suggest Mauville.

Selena: Sure! I get to spend more time with Sol! Yay!

Sol: Well, let's get going! She's so lighthearted and happy... I feel the same when I'm near her.

They shifted and flew toward Mauville, ready to fight Wattson.
Official low-ranking Rayquaza!

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#395
And thus, Willingmess body began to make changes again.

Willingmess body: Hmmm.... I really like all this energy... I can do some things with this.... Hmmm... these wings could be improved.. so can these eyes, antenna would be nice... a better tail too would work magnificently and turn all this skin into a nice green color, make him a bit larger... and there we go... a good flygon/human combination.... Though.... eventually... with all this energy.... there's something else I'd like to tackle.... But not yet... I'd need a ton of energy for that.

With that, Willingmess woke up and escaped from his cocoon.

Hyacinth: Oooh! look! He's floating!

Guy: Oh well.... you missed the match. But don't worry, pretty soon the tomorrow's matches are gonna come on. Lets just rest till tomorrow.

Everybody: Ok.... goodnight.

With that, everyone went to sleep, waiting for tommorow's gym battles.
Official Team Miror (subdiv. of miror infinity) Leader
Shadow pokemon: flygon

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#396
Martini, Rhapsody, and Celeste flew as fast as possible. Rhapsody was holding a sack.

"We got 'im!" -Rhapsody.

"Don't you two think we're doing something wrong?" -Celeste.

"Calm yourself, sweetie. We could even move on to phase 2!" -Martini.

"Phase 2? I could've sworn this was improvised." -Rhapsody.

They fly over Dewford Town and see a hooded girl wearing a badge.

"How cute! Hey Rhapsody, you're next!" -Martini.

Rhapsody's tone goes dark.

"I won't let her win. I won't let any of them win." -Rhapsody.

"..." -Awkward silence.

They arrive in Fortree City.

[Too scared to continue because it's hard to clean up the mess that a 500 character limit makes.]

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#397
As Wizard flies back to Yorr's castle,he has another vision.

Father:Okay.It's time.

???:Yes it is.Now step into the machine.You won't remember anything.


He stepped into the machine to see his two sons and one daughter.


He pulls the switch ereasing everyone's memories.


Father:Who am I?

???:You are one of my closest minions,Jordan.You'll become a wizard.


???:Here is your robe and hat.

He hands over the uniform.


"Kid...kid! Are you okay!?"

Son #2:Ugh...

"We need to bring you to a hospital!"

Son #1:...Who am I?

He checks in his pocket and he finds a picture of his family.

Son #1:My name's blurred out...

"Come with me.I'll take you to the hospital."

Son #1:Okay.


Daughter:Father? Mother? Where are you?

Son look familiar.

Daughter:Same here.

She trips over a rock and an amulet falls out.There are 5 people on the picture that the amulet contains.


Son #2:Are you okay? What's this?

He picks up the Amulet and sees the picture.

Son #2:Jordan,Carrie,Jessica,Josh,and...I can't read this...

Daughter:There's a smudge on it...

Son #2:You must be Jessica,and I must be Josh.

They look over to see a mother and her kid,playing in the yard.They walk up to them.

Daughter:Hey kid...what's your name?

Kid:My name's Tableflip.Who are you?

Daughter:I'm Jessica.

Kid:You seem nice.Want to be friends?

Daughter:Sure! By the way,do you know who my parents are?

Mother:You don't know your parents? I'll take care of you until you find them...

Son #2:We might have found our home.

Wizard:Josh? Jessica? Tableflip!?I must be crazy...

He keeps flying to the base.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#398
Rhapsody dumps the contents of the sack onto her bed. A man with white hair, glasses, and a lab coat falls out. Martini is surprised to see him.

"Wait a second... He's a Stranger!" -Martini.

"I know. We met him 10 miuntes ago." -Rhapsody.

"No no no. He's like me." -Martini.

"He... Doesn't exist?" -Rhapsody.

"No. He exists. It's just..." -Martini.

His spirit sign glows and spins from under his fur. A single tentacle comes out of his sign and grabs the scientist.Another tentacle with suction cups comes out of the scientist's head and tries to remove Martini's tentacle.

"Motion in the ocean! None a' that!" -Martini.

His tentacle grabs the scientist's tentacle, zapping it.

"Good game." -Martini.

His tentacle begins to suck in the scientist but stops.

"We should wait a bit for Octy to wake up, though." -Martini.

"What just happened?" -Celeste.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#399
[---Risen Sun---]

After the now powered up Sonya teleported Ycre, Jace, Cassandra, Cress, Luke, and Isaac to the facility, the Prindle, the Graduate, and the Marknam' knew where they had to go. For there was a patch to be found, and a scientist to be talked to.

Graduate 1---"So.. where's this RS?"
Prindle---------"He is currently within.. I do think.. uh.."
Marknam'-----"Just call Fureze! She would know!"
Prindle---------"Fine, just have the small hovercraft ready for us okay?"

With that, the teacher leaves with the Graduate to the outside of the library, passing the few people still seeking knowledge within the night. And alone within silence, Prindle gets on the phone, awaiting the voice of Furez.

Furez-----"Yes, it's me... hold on a moment."
"Awaiting images from sightseer... and.. it's working!"
Furez-----"Alright, what did you want Prindle?"
Prindle---"Where is RS?"
Furez----"Thought you knew? Oh well, he's currently being held within a prison just inside the region of.. Hoenn? Is it Hoenn?"
"Activating tracking device.. yes, it's Hoenn"
Furez----"Alright, it's Hoenn. Now, Arckson is currently located over there, currently on vacation within Verdanturf Town... but anyways, what did you want?"
Prindle---"Just wanted to make a badge out of that Patch the young girl-"
Furez-----"Lintear, and yes, while RS is still within custody, you can use the patch."

Furez hangs up on the now informed Prindle. And so, after getting into the Hovercraft with the others, they headed off to RS's private place within the black walls that surrounds the land. Meanwhile, Sonya, Ycre, Isaac, Jace, Luke, Cress, and Cassandra re-materialized within a large room inside of the facility.

[---Disaster Prevention Training Facility---]

The group containing a strangely colored Alakazam, Lucario, Deoxys, Seviper, and Blaziken was disoriented when they first came to from the teleporation. After a few minutes of resting, a pokedoted Lucario stood up.

Luke----"Ugh.. did we make it?"
Cress--"Looks like it, why you spotted though?"
Luke----"What, spotted? "

He looks down to his body covered in white dots.

Luke-----"I'm spotted! Am I sick!? What did that-"
Sonya---"I knew I felt something wrong before Marknam' sprayed me!"
Luke-----"Whoa, did the spray turned you into a winter candy cane?!"
Sonya---"It wasn't the spra-oh my, what used to be blue is now bright white.."
Isaac----"Hahaha! You guys look like bad colored curtains!"
Luke-----"Oh yeah, and what do you think you look like?! Mr.Green and furious!?"
Jace-----"Guys! Let's calm-"
Isaac----"Whoa! Your face is colored like a Mime's!"
Jace-----"What?! No it isn't!"

Jace stares at the reflection from one of the two spoons he's holding on each two fingered hand, seeing that his yellow face now is covered in powdery white, and the two large spikes from his forehead now look vibrantly red! But his now pitch black mustache looked the worst, fizzled with hair pointing everywhere like a surprised cartoon!

The strangely colored Pokemon Sign Bearers tried their hardest to keep a strait face, but laughter soon followed from all but the now Rainbow colored Seviper, and the armored Ycre. So, furious at their reactions, Jace stomps forward within the large arena structure they're on now, and stares directly through Isaac.

Jace---"Isaac, I have a bone to pick with you now!"
Isaac--"Bring, it, on!"

The side effects wear off after the battle. Also, did I do fine with them?

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#400
Sadie... Sadie hears in her sleep. ...Sadie...

She decides to get up and look around, since no one else seems to hear it. She checks that the magazines in both her handguns are loaded, and checks outside. No one there. She walks to the beach wondering what that voice was. Wondering why she still hears it...

Selena walks out to check on her friend. "What's wrong? Can't sleep?"

"Yeah... it's weird. I seem to be hearing this voice calling out to me. Think I'm going nuts?"

"How is nuts different from our circumstances? We were just sleeping in a cave with a demon, a Pokémon-human hybrid, a shaman, and a business CEO that could probably kill an entire army by himself."

"Yeah, heh heh, good point." She looks out at the ocean. "Think I should go and follow those voices?"

"Hey, when I was lost, I went looking for your father on a feeling. Sometimes you just gotta listen to your gut."

"Yeah... but I can't exactly swim as well as, say, a Samurott and a Milotic."

"Quite right. However..." Selena then shifts into a Zapdos. "Do those voices say anything about bringing friends? Don't worry, I promise I'll hold back on the storms."

"Selena... thanks."

"No problem. Now let's go. Sooner we leave, sooner we can come back to your parents."

And with that, Sadie boarded Selena, and they flew off in the direction of the voices. Eventually they arrived at their destination, which was a considerable distance from Dewford.

"The Whirl Islands?" Sadie asks. "Isn't that Lugia's home?"

"It was," Selena explains. "but I remember hearing long ago that a boy named Tableflip killed the legendary Pokémon."

"Why would he do that? Why would anyone?"

"I don't know. Anyway, let's land. I think I've found a good place."

As they landed, Selena shifted back into one of her human forms, and she and Sadie headed deep into the caves. They encounter many wild Pokémon, but Ralts grows stronger with each battle. After one battle...

"Nice job, Ralts!" Sadie says to her Pokémon. But before Ralts can turn to smile at her Trainer, showing her appreciation, she starts to glow.

"Whoa!" Sadie says. "I think I've heard of this. Ralts is... evolving, right?"

Actually, it's not Ralts. a voice says inside Sadie's head, not the same one that Sadie heard in the cave.

When Ralts has evolved, she turns to Sadie to show the smile she couldn't show earlier. Now it's Kirlia.

"Good to see that you've evolved, Kirlia." Sadie said, able to tell that this new voice was coming from Kirlia. "But since when can you..."

I was caught in an area called the dream world. As such, I have abilities most of my kind don't have. In this case, Telepathy.

"Pretty incredible." Selena remarks.

Any more incredible than much else we've dealt with? Kirlia retorts.

"I suppose that's a good point. Sadie, was this the voice you heard?"

"No, it's further in."

Then let's press on.

"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu
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