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Pokemon RP 4: Pokemon Fusion #2 Alpha Edition

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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#51
Garioshi posted...
willingmess posted...
Garioshi posted...
*instant best friend because Tales of the Abyss* Meh, you make any character have a good personality.

Wait... good as in I give the characters interesting and very fitting personalities? Or good as in I give every single character the same "good" personality.

It's really both, just more one than the other at times.

Ah, ok, thank you for the compliment. I will be sure to expand the personalities I use in the future for characters in order to provide a deeper and more immersive experience in the future. :)
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#52
Geodude curled itself up into a ball, and flung itself at the Ralts. But the Ralts dodged, and countered with a deadly Confusion attack! The attack connects! Is the hit fatal?

No! The Geodude's sturdy rock body endured the attack! It suddenly springs up and chucks a huge rock at the Ralts! Ralts is hit! Will it survive?

It stumbles about, dizzy from the stones hitting its head... Geodude goes for the coup de grace! But it was a trick! Ralts was perfectly fine! Taking advantage of the Rock-type Pokémon's reckless move, Ralts gracefully sidesteps and finishes off Geodude with one more Confusion attack! Geodude is unable to battle!

Mephistopheles was clearly enjoying watching each battle unfold, as the young challenger took the middle route to battle more trainers. But then he noticed the other spectators. Two familiar faces stood out among them.

K...atherine?" he shivered as he thought. "And Poli too?"

"Dusky... There's Katherine and Poli right over there..." Mephistopheles whispered.

"Wow... You're right. It feels like it's been forever since we've last seen them... I wonder how they've been doing over the past few years."

"...I desperately want to just run up to them and say hi and hug them and catch up with them all day."

"Then why don't you?"

Mephistopheles pulled the hood further over his head. "I... I can't. I just can't."

Dusknoir sighed. "Why not?"

"I... I can't bear the thought of them seeing me like this. I don't want to return as a freak, a horrific demon doll. They probably won't even recognize me, and I can't bear the thought of that."

"Of course they'll recognize you. You're their friend."

"What if they don't? I... I don't ever want to live with that possibility. I'm not approaching them until I find a cure for this. Until then... Let's just enjoy the rest of the battles, and try to avoid them as best we can."
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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#53
Where am I?

What happened?

A... a boat?

Yes, I was on a boat. Tied down by ropes. Several ropes. My eyes scurried around the deck, looking for any reason I had been tied down, when I spied a Zangoose up at the crow's nest. I was about to scream, thinking it to be another of those horrible Poke-Human hybrids, but I was relieved to see it to be an ordinary Pokemon. Then what was I doing here, you say?

"I bet you're wondering what you'd be doing ere, lad," says a surprisingly stereotypical voice.

I looked towards the direction of the voice to see a man clad in blue pants and a long red coat. He had an monocle dangling from his collar. I looked down to see a large metal boot. Noticing where I was looking at, the man laughed.

"That right there hasn't been my foot since way back when I was a boy!" he said. "That'd be a solid chunk of metal right there!"

I shuttered. "Then..." I began. "Then... who are you?"

"Eh?" asked the man, raising an eyebrow. "The gangly crew, the ocean blue, the morning dew covering you shoe? Why, yer in none other than the company of Bartemellow, the greatest pirate to ever sail the seven seas!"

"I thought that was Blackbeard?" I ask, only to be broadsided with the flat part of his sword.

"Then you'd be mistaken!" he yells. "And the next time... that'll be the sharp side you'll get hit with."

I shiver, saying, "Well... then why am I here, anyways?"

"Don't you remember what happened the other day?"

The Other Day...

"USE BODY SLAM AGAIN!" I call out to Lyle.

He leaps into the air, only for the Hax Man to grab my Vigeroth at the throat. A blue energy charges at the beast's mouth, and a wave of energy blasts into Lyle, sending my Pokemon to the ground. When Lyle doesn't get back up, I understand that he has fainted.

"Return," is all I am able to manage, calling him back into the Pokeball.

The Hax Man turns to me.

"I warned you," calls out the Eevee girl. She charges at me, and...

Back to the Present

My vision returns to the sight of Bart the Pirate, as my memory suddenly hits a halt.

"Do ya remember?" he asks.

"Uh... sure," I uneasily reply.

"Well, till we get to our destination, you're workin for ME now," says who is now my captor.

"Whatever you say," says I.

As Bart cuts my ropes, I glance around the ship. Whatever happened to me in the lot... I'm going to figure that out, no matter what it takes. He hands me a mop and barks out his first orders. I begin to clean the deck, plotting my timely escape.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#54
Poli grinned as Sadie made her way through the Gym Trainers, Ralts at side.

Poli ---------- "Your gal there is a real natural."
Katherine ---- "She is. Pryce would be even more proud."

Poli returned to observing the aspiring Sadie and her challenge.

Natural talent indeed. If she was a Sign Bearer, I'd bet all the scales on my skin she'd be eligible to be a Sign Fuser.

As Poli watched, suddenly he had an itch on his right forearm. As he looked at the offending skin, he saw scales flaking off.

Wha? Am I...molting? I know reptilian Pokemon molt, but I?

As Poli was occupied momentarily with this new fact, he saw a hooded figure in the corner of his eye.

Poli ---------- "May I be excused for a bit? Two things I need to handle."
Katherine ---- "Go ahead, just don't leave. And try to be back for Sadie's battle with Roxanne! Hopefully Pryce gets here to see that."

Poli got up, and headed for the hooded being. He sat next to him.

Poli ---------- "Why are you sitting away from everyone? Come sit with me and Katherine over there."

The figure was silent. Poli wrapped his arm around the being's shoulders, but the figure pushed the arm away.

Poli ---------- "Fine then. I'll be in the men's restroom dealing with this little molting issue I have, if you wish to speak."

Poli left for the restroom. Inside, he was checking himself. The patch of molting scales grew, leaving a medium-sized dry patch of scales stretching up his arm. A similar-sized patch was on his left shoulder, and ran up his neck.

Well this is just dandy. Hopefully it doesn't take long.

As Poli realized the very real possibility that he'd have to remove his pants to deal with the scales on his lower half, he thought of that hooded figure.

Wonder what his beef is. I felt a ghostly presence by him...surely that wasn't....

Wait...could that have been Mephy? He's the only one that has a ghost following him everywhere.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#55

The sun was falling.

Marknam' lay down within the white tent that was on a hill, inside a clearing overlooking most of the Marsh area. As the Seviper was scrunched up outside, ever waiting for her friend to com back again, the sound of an announcer was heard.

"Sightseer is now ready"
"Awaiting the evacuation of all workers"
"That is all."

...Anna would love to see this.. Too bad this would only make her remember that one guy on Victory-1 that she took a liking to..

In the distance, around the launch site. Uka-6 stood as white as ever, waiting for Sendoff to give the signal. But before that would happen, a countdown had to be said.

"Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six,"
"White Lady,"
"White Lady."

Within Uka-6, Lugand has a guest Sendoff Sightseer.


The wind stopped, as if to show its respects to the achievement that would be going up, and up, never to stop. Until, it reaches space, where then; detachment will separate the Brain of the machine, from the body that lifts it.

The thrusters ignited, and the crowd saw it lift.
The exhaust were not of flames, but of a strange energy.
The Pokemon with the marsh, stood watch as it pierced through the sky.
The Sun gleamed a bright orange, signifying that it will set.
The reporters took in the sight, ever glorifying the spectacle.
Even the eyes that stood watching, ever present, calmly stared on.

As Sightseer's tail of energy brightly glowed, leaving a stream of visibly energetic dots filled with hidden power, Marknam' lay within her white tent, ever hoping that Anna could wait, that Arckson could heal, that Octillery could be fixed, that even Petite could enjoy again, to clean.

Everyone within the Land was able to see the bright glow from the rocket, as it ever approached space, carrying another unmanned satellite that would float within the crowded orbit around Poke'planet.


All the while, somewhere in an unknown sea, Anna stood within the night, under the stars, and on the deck, ever gazing upwards. For she wanted her wait to end, she wanted to apologies for the terrible last moment she had with the one called Tap..

But most of all,
she wanted to know,
if the crew of Victory,
were still alive.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#56
[---Activity bump---]
(Flashback----2 Years ago)

During Victory 1's journey through the lifeless never ending space around them, the crew at first were gazing through the reinforced windows, and towards the countless bright dots so far away from them. But the countless bright dots scattered around the endless silent black that ever so engulfs the three within, couldn't keep them from getting bored.

Cap--"Alright, it's been exactly one full year since we last saw anything other than bright dots, nothing, and anything other than the front of this ship.."
Led--"Cap, you're forgetting it's also been five months since we ran out anything that can force us to sleep."
Cap--"You don't need to remind-"
Led--"And you don't need to keep track of how long we've been stuck in this...Isolation."

The lady with the orange hair, and wide gray eyes started to become more frantic.

Led----"Great lass! That infernal silence! We're never going to come into contact with any other being that can strike up a conversation! We're going to be stuck within this ship, slowly poisoning ourselves with that infernal Enigma Berry! We're-"

The second man, who's revealed name is Tap, stops pushing and pulling his feet on the small peddle machine in front of his seat, stands up, and forces both of his gloves to tightly squeeze the shoulders of Led's suit. It doesn't calm the frantic Lady, so he goes through the last large berry filled crate, and takes out a pinkish red berry, whose sides are shaped like a pointy M, and the front and back only have one triangle shaped point, making it kinda look like a sticker of a star.

Tap----"This is the last Lansat berry we have... just eat it."

He forces it down the mouth of the frantic lady, calming her down with the small sense of joy. And as the panic within the stale air disappeared, the silence that frightened the lady resumed. But, through the joy that flowed through her, she remembered something from within her past.

She speaks, trying to break the ball of silence.

Led----"..How long exactly have we've been out here?"
Cap----"..about.. or now exactly.. one full year, and three months."

From calculating what that timestamp would mean, the lady calmly responded to the other men endlessly exercising their legs.

Led---"Oh.. then it's my birthday this month.."
Tap---"Then we'll try our best to make you enjoy it, despite being isolated from all life around us."
Cap---"Actually, I think I may have something that could lighten up this trip again.."

Cap stops, and stands up, going for a small camera with a strange lens that seemed like it had layers upon layers of glass infused with a special type of light.. Through the silence, he places it on the control panel just before window, and hooks it up to a small monitor. Pointing to some small cluster of white dots within the never ending black, the group starts to see the hauntingly beautiful sight of a few massive space cloud formations, looking like dark red dust filled pillars with a bright small light blue light being emitted within a dist circle, everything slowly spreading from the center and away into the space around them.

The colors seen were at first lackluster, but when the camera started to actively edit the view, they all started to see the majestic view of the formation that formed from something they thought was dying. Led, her orange hair coming alive with color, and her grey eyes slowly shining from the reflection of the view it's seeing, started to smile.

Led---"It's.. amazing.. but, shouldn't we be paying attention to where Kog is?"
Cap--"Look at that signal on the other monitor, we should be directly on it.."
Tap---"What if, it's not on our axis?"
Led---"Why would it be? There's nothing far below or above!"

Silence came again.

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#57
"Everything's going smooth at the mines," Pryce whispered to Katherine as he took his seat. "and I would've gotten here sooner if that scout from Devon hadn't dragged me into his boss's office. I'll have to call him later. Anyway, how's she doing?"

"How's she doing?" Katherine whispered loudly to Pryce. "You should've seen her. She's already about to face Roxanne."

"Good." Pryce said, but then he noticed that someone was missing from the group. "Where's Poli?"

"He went to the bathroom. Something about his scales molting."

"...I'll go check on him. Don't worry, I'll be right back." Hopefully, I catch him before he finds a snack.

Pryce rushed to the bathroom, and found Poli scratching off scales with a thoughtful look on his face.

"For your sake," Pryce said. "I hope you haven't eaten recently."

"I haven't." Poli said. "I've been too busy dealing with these." He held up his arm, which was indeed shedding scales.

"...just don't stray too far from the group."

"Yeah, the group that's holding me prisoner."

"I'm trying to help you. If I wasn't, you'd be dead. So stop whining, and let's go back to our seats before Katherine and Sadie take my head off."

"Pryce, wait! I... saw someone on my way over here."

"...let me guess. It looked like a figure in a black cloak from a distance, but upon closer inspection, it turned out to be nothing but cloak?"

"...what? No, I-- it was a hooded hybrid."

"Great. Now let's head back to the seats."

"Listen! The hooded figure had a... ghostly aura about him. Pryce, I think it was... Mephy."

"Mel? Alive? Here?"

"Possibly, but I can't say for sure."

"...I'll confront the figure later and make sure. Right now, Sadie's battling Roxanne, and both me and Katherine are next. Now, let's go."

And with that, Pryce and Poli headed back to their seats, just in time to watch the battle.
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#58
Hyacinth: Ooh! look! That girl made it all the way to Roxanne!

Willingmess: Man, she battled pretty good against those peons earlier... but Roxanne... Roxanne is made of different stuff.... I don't know if that gir'l be able to handle this...

Guy: Oh p'shaw.... She can do it.

Willingmess: Well, I hope you're right. I'd sort of like someone to win today. Ooggghh cookie?

Hyacinth: Here ya go! (Hands over cookie) Ooh ooh the drama is just getting to me! This is too exciting! Who will win? Roxanne, with her learned training and rock hard defenses? Or shall it be the newcomer, Sadie, with her high gambling, high reward gunslinger, Ralts! stay tuned to find out!
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#59
"That was too close, Dusky. Hopefully he's just going to seat himself with Katherine and the child again."

Then he saw Poli return from the restroom, heading straight for the others. The demon exhaled a sigh of relief, but then he saw someone else following the Dracid.

"Pryce," Mephistopheles winced as his old friend glanced in his direction. "This is getting out of hand. I think we should leave now."

"But the battle against gym leader Roxanne is about to start. Look, they're too focused on the battle to worry about you, anyway. Let's just stick around, this'll be the best battle yet!" Dusknoir persuaded.

"...Only for you, Dusky. But we're bailing as soon as we have a winner."

"Thanks, Mephy. Now just relax and enjoy yourself, you can think about hiding afterwards."

"Actually, I think Pryce and Katherine are going to have a go, too. They each have a Pokéball as well."

"Then we can watch them, too. They'll be far too busy battling to pay any attention to you."

"Eh, fair enough." Mephistopheles leaned back in the chair, trying his best to relax. But immediately leaned forward again when he saw Poli trying to peek under his hood from across the room.

He turned his attention to the battle, already underway, to try to take his mind off his friends.

Meanwhile, Hyacinthe took on the role of announcer for Sadie's battle with the Gym Leader.

"Geodude blocks the attack with its rock-hard arms! It goes for a Rock Throw! But what is Ralts doing? Ooh! Its using Mind Reader! It predicts every attack thrown at it before it even happens! It uses Confusion! It's a hit! But Geodude is too tough to be taken down that easily!"

Hyacinthe accentuated every word with dramatic gestures and movements.

"Geodude is using Defense Curl! A rather odd move, considering that Ralts is a Special attacker! Ralts prepares another Confusion! Ooh, but Roxanne has something up her scholarly sleeve!"

"Geodude, use Rollout!" the Gym Leader called out.

"A brilliant move by the Gym Leader! Ralts didn't know what hit it! Oh, but it stands back up! What will happen next? The suspense, the drama, the high-octane action! Stay tuned, folks!"
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#60
Where is Tableflip's group? I wanna make a part with him in it.
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