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Some new evolutions I'd like to see.

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User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#21
From: Accrovideogames | #001
Cubone: Split Evolution + New Forme
Cubone should be able to evolve into either Marowak or Kangaskhan. However, since Cubone's base stats are 50HP, 50ATK, 95DEF, 40SATK, 50SDEF and 50SPD and Kangaskhan's are 105HP, 95ATK, 80DEF, 40SATK, 80SDEF and 90SPD (notice that Kangaskhan has a lower Defense stat), it wouldn't work (I'm aware that Scyther and Scizor have the same base stat total and that the former loses speed when evolving into the latter). This is why I suggest a new Forme for Cubone: the Skulless Forme. Normal Forme Cubone can only evolve into Marowak while Skulless Forme Cubone can only evolve into Kangaskhan. The difference between the two Formes is that the Skulless Forme has a base Defense stat of 80 and a base Speed stat of 50 instead of 95 and 35 respectively; the skull's thickness adds protection but its heaviness hinders agility. The baby Kangaskhan is actually a Skulless Forme Cubone. It's impossible to find a Skulless Forme Cubone in the wild because they never leave their Kangaskhan mother until the latter's death, in which case they wear their mother's skull. The only way to get a Skulless Forme Cubone is to breed a Marowak or Kangaskhan (I'm for the removal of incenses). Only female Skulless Forme Cubone can evolve into Kangaskhan. It's impossible to turn a Normal Forme Cubone into a Skulless Forme one but the opposite is possible by using the item Mother's Skull.

From: Accrovideogames | #007
Plusle and Minun: Fusion
The two should be able to fuse together and turn into a bigger green version of the pair with the equal sign all over it and have its name based on the word neutral. Its ability is the same as Plus and Minus but it can get a Special Attack increase of 100% instead of just 50% if it enters a Triple Battle and has allies with both Plus and Minus. For this to work, one ally must have Plus and the other Minus; if they both have the same one, it only gives a 50% increase to Special Attack. Pokémon with the abilities Plus and Minus are not affected by Plusle's and Minun's fusion's ability and do not get a 50% increase in Special Attack from it.

I'm sorry, but both of those ideas are just bad.

Cubone and Kangaskhan are not supposed to be related, and fusing Pokémon together to get an evolution isn't something that should be done (Diglett and Magnemite don't count, since you don't need additional Diglett or Magnemite to get the evolution).

User Info: Thunder_Armor

4 years ago#22
Banette should get an evolution because its counterpart Dusclops got one (Dusknoir)

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#23
*Shakes head*

Farfetch'd shouldn't be prevented an evolution because of an old saying.
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User Info: Accrovideogames

4 years ago#24
jayman7 posted...
Cubone = Ground, Kangaskhan = Normal

Damn, I can't believe I forgot about this detail. I had it in mind when I made my post but forgot to say it. Skulless Forme Cubone is Normal type, the Mother's Skull changes its type to Ground.

Thunder_Armor posted...
Banette should get an evolution because its counterpart Dusclops got one (Dusknoir)

I can't believe that I also forgot this one!

Banette: Evolution
It's supposed to be a parallel to Dusclops so it should get one as well.
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